Obama Trumps The Donald

President Obama released his official Hawaii birth certificate, the very one reporter after reporter has seen in the official state records, and revealed Donald Trump to be the man with no clothes.  Finally we can all see this issue laid bare, the Birthers for the crazies they are and lay it all to rest.

Of course the hard core conspiracy believers will never be satisfied.  Some folks don’t believe in evolution either, or that the earth is round.  They can never be swayed by facts because they’re lunatics.

I was surprised by the White House action.  They say enough was enough that the country has actual issues with which to deal but this was a huge political advantage for the President.  No sane, intelligent or rational person (Including The Donald) believed this nonsense and the more the Republican field embraced this the more they looked like clowns.  That advantage went to Obama and could have been played for another year before playing the trump card.  Timing is everything in politics and Obama didn’t time this well.  It was a well played hand but could have been used for checkmate. (to mix a metaphor)

Trump couldn’t even get his facts straight about the polls.  He claimed a CNN poll shows him even with Obama.  That poll (not even a CNN poll) was from February and recent polls show him getting thrashed.  The difference?  The general public thinks Birthers are crazy loons and won’t take them seriously.  Bad move The Donald, you’re fired.

6 thoughts on “Obama Trumps The Donald”

  1. Trumpy the Clown is now saying that Obama didn’t deserve to get into Columbia University and Harvard Law?

    A thinly veiled reference to affirmative action (and if it was, it’s a stunning success story for AA), Trump may as well publicly declare his intent to join the KKK. Why would any person in his right mind claim that a student who became president of the Law Review (the top academic honor society in a law school) did not deserve admission to that school?

    Why would anyone who had even a passing respect for the truth assert that someone who became a law school professor did not deserve the opportunity to reach his potential by admission to law school?

    Either Trumpy is revealing his racist side or, more likely, has lowered his standards of honor and morality so as to pander to the racist crowd. I don’t know which of those is worse.

  2. …is just what Trump needs.

    How can anything be more preposterous than that half mile-long comb-over?

    I use the term “lifelike” only because Sam Donaldson’s “plastic helmet” is perhaps the worst example of a bad hair piece….something that looks like it might sell for $3.98 at the Dollar Store.

    My wife wrote this posting since I am unable to be that catty.

    Matt Thomas


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