News & Notes April 29, 2011

Somehow I managed to forget to set my alarm so I missed the Royal Wedding.  I did catch the balcony kiss and am wondering why Prince Harry didn’t think to comb his hair…  Of course had he just gone in a speedo no one would have noticed his unkempt hair…

The new Princess looked lovely in what seemed to me to be a very Vera Wang-ish gown though it wasn’t.  I suppose Will decided he needed to wed before he goes completely bald.  The bride managed to stay away from the “royal jewels” while on the balcony.  I’m sure Kirk can provide a blow by blow account of the ceremony if anyone is interested.

Sen. Bob Mensch was cited (you or I would have been arrested) last month for brandishing a gun while driving on Rt 78 in Berks County.  The GOP lawmaker probably is all for the castle doctrine so the next time he encounters an aggressive driver he can simply blow them away.  A reminder:   under the proposed law if he misses and hits you by mistake he has no legal liability.  You cannot sue him for recklessness.

Sen. Joe Scarnati is proposing a local impact fee for Marcellus gas drillers.  The funds wouldn’t go to the state but to local governments affected by fracking.  The PA GOP continues to frack the people.

THE NRA is meeting in Pittsburgh.  I hope they do the right thing and provide generous financial compensation tot he survivors of the cops who were blown away by the insane gun lunatic a few years ago.  The man, convinced Obama was going to come for his guns because of massive propaganda from the gun lobby, shot and killed five policemen.  Having the NRA come to Pittsburgh is an affront to their memory.

Lou Barletta is now having constituents escorted out of his events by police.  Are these the same cops who covered up the Shenandoah murder inspired by Lou’s racist comments about immigrants?  Imagine if a minority senior citizen dared speak up about Lou killing Medicare?

Bethlehem is one step closer to passing an anti-discrimination ordinance and the creation of a Human relations Commission for its enforcement.  If the legislature would simply pass a bill protecting all minorities from housing, employment and public discrimination we wouldn’t need to do this town by town.

A reminder of sorts:  the term “stupid tea bagger” is redundant.

10 thoughts on “News & Notes April 29, 2011”

  1. …was the Royals’ pompous wedding with all its archaic trappings.

    This dysfunctional non-working family have at least earned the Guinness World Record as the most lavish-living multi-generational welfare recipients on the planet.

    However, I did get lucky…tuned in for 5 minutes about 8:30 this morning and was rewarded with a marvelous fly-over of a WWII Lancaster bomber escorted by two Spitfire fighter planes…a good show!

    Matt Thomas

  2.  “click”wedding. “click”wedding. “click”wedding. “click”wedding…. what the hell are they doing?

  3. And a pretty face

    And a pony tail

    A hangin’ down

    A wiggle in her walk

    And a giggle in her talk

    Lord, makes the world go round round round.

    Ain’t nothin’ in the world

    Like a big eyed girl

    Make me feel so funny

    Make me spend mah money

    Make me feel real loose

    Like a long necked goose

    Ohhh baby, you knooooow what I like.

    The Big Bopper,

      an early prince of rock and roll

  4. The XK-E…early 60s to ? was the most beautiful automobile ever built…albeit, one that I could not afford.

    One also needed a part-time mechanic to keep its 12 cylinder power plant in proper running condition.

    In recent years, my vote for the most beautiful automobile goes to Detroit and the Pontiac Solstice (2006-2010).

    Matt Thomas


  5. Many are unaware of the fact that the rather dowdy-looking Hurricane was the real work horse of the RAF. During the 1940 air war over Britain, this Hawker designed fighter brought down many more of Goering’s raiders than the Spitfire which, nevertheless, got the lion’s share of credit both in the press and in people’s memories.

    Some 40 (or more) years ago, the air show at the Willow Grove Naval Air Station hosted two of the RAF’s first line Vulcan bombers flown in from their base in Britain.

    While the aircrafts’ interiors were off limits, their crews lined up in front of each bomber for the public’s inspection.

    That single fly-in from England made the entire show…and one that I have never seen equaled since.

    Matt Thomas  

  6. You are a poor excuse for an American, John!  Ha!

    If anything, I have gained even more respect for you.  I’m sure you meant to sleep through this dumb event (I won’t tell anyone!).

    I had to go through the pain of having Bloomberg on at work…ugh.  Every other channel had the dumb wedding and was not showing anything resembling news until 9AM or so (CBS, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, HLN, MSNBC, FNC).  Such a travesty.

    Dumb events like this give the organizations a reason to stop doing the jobs they don’t do in the first place :P.

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