Corbett’s Funding Solution For Colleges: Frack U

Gov. Corbett said that colleges and universities should consider gas drilling on campuses to solve their funding issues.  He really, actually did this.  I suppose we can begin replacing Old Mains with well rigs?  How about if we change the name of Penn State to Frack U?  Better yet how about if we sell the Governor’s Mansion to Range Resources?  They already own the Governor so perhaps simply giving them the Mansion is appropriate.

Maybe we can tear down the Capitol building and drill for gas in the spot.  It might be a better use of the hot air in Harrisburg.

2 thoughts on “Corbett’s Funding Solution For Colleges: Frack U”

  1. College students, because they generally, as yet, have nothing economic to lose, tend to be more liberal and open minded than the general population. The fact that they do not have to work a daily 9 to 5 job allows then more freedom of schedule and movement. And their youth provides them with abundant energy and spirit to take action.

    Not only has Corbett proposed cutting state funding to their school by 50%; he now has rubbed their faces in that manure by mockingly taunting them to put gas well drillers on their campuses. Gas drilling si! Higher education no!

    Although it was a different time (and in a sense a different place), the students of the late 60s, when I was on campus, would have occupied the campus offices, marched on Harrisburg, become politically active in their home districts in state legislative and gubernatorial races, and otherwise made themselvs impossible to ignore.

    I can’t believe that today’s students care any less about their own educations and futures. For those whose college careers would end under this barbarous funding cutback, and for those who care about them and the future of this nation, what do they have to lose by acting out?

    If this generation of college students takes this lying down, there is no hope for this country.  

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