HuffPo and Breitbart

Andrew Breitbart is now writing for The Huffington Post.  This shocking news that a vanguard of the Left has hired a yellow journalist who specializes in publishing fraudulent videos which destroy people’s lives and ruin progressive organizations serving the poor is a disgrace.  Is this a decision which came from HuffPo’s new owners at AOL?  Whatever and whoever this is bad.  I have stopped reading HuffPo and I will no longer write for a publication which has lowered its standards to the gutter.

5 thoughts on “HuffPo and Breitbart”

  1. …this is a move by AO-Smell to actually get progressive writers for HuffPo off their site?  Basically, put a poisoned pill into the water and watch the progressive fish flee kind of trick.

    Ariana Huffington & her cadre of execs at HuffPo in my mind sold the hell out to the enemy of America when they let AO-Smell in the door to rule the roost.  

    The same can be said of what happened when Olbermann got ousted shortly after MSNBC got bought out by another company with less than progressive values.  

    It is an insidious, evil, dastardly attempt to silence people who dare speak truth to these rich, greedy, power-drunk fools, who will do nothing more than ruin America, ruin the world, and for what, a game to see who can haul in the most…crow the tallest in the feed trough…boast the biggest reach in terms of power…yeah, I’d like to see how that works out for them when the whole world is crashing down around them at some point and everyone wants their head on a platter.  

    Keep fucking with peoples’ lives long and hard enough and they will crack and sooner or later the piper shall come a callin’ for even these seemingly “untouchable” bastards.  If they had one ounce of sense they’d stop now before the divine turns around and wipes the floor of the world with them

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