Corbett to DEP: Stop Gas Regulation

DEP has now been completely defanged by Tom Corbett.  The Governor’s DEP issued orders saying only the top people at the environmental agency can issue permits and allow regulation of gas drillers within Pennsylvania.  Michael Krancer, a former statewide candidate for the appellate judiciary, will oversee all lack of enforcement and regulation of the industry.  Even prior violations will be rescinded under the new policy.

This means there is no longer even a semblance of oversight as gas drillers pepper the state with new gas wells.  Each well requires millions of gallons of water for fracking and much of the toxic fluids are being illegally dumped and more is being shipped to waste water treatment systems unprepared to remove radioactivity and heavy metals.  The poisons are then being dumped directly into our rivers.  Gas well explosions are happening and residents are discovering they can light their tap water on fire.  The contamination of water supplies is making properties worthless.  Welcome to Tom Corbett’s Pennsylvania.  1,500,000 acres of state forest has now been leased for drilling, so much for “clean natural gas.”

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