Corbett Lied to Voters

Gov. Tom Corbett rode to victory last year by telling voters he’d change how things were done in Harrisburg.  He vowed to begin sweeping reforms on his first day in office and promised openness and transparency.  From what little transparency he has offered what we see is quite different.  Tom Corbett is as corrupt a politician as any.  Instead of taking the initiative on his first day and proposing serious, real campaign finance, lobbying and legislative reforms he spent his first week without any plan for reform.  He then tried hiring his former campaign manager as his Chief of Staff and when that didn’t work he hired his father for a patronage job.

His reform plan took a week and I have yet to see any serious efforts.  Campaign finance reform remains the biggest single problem and Corbett is shredding his own vows to change how things are done by rewarding his at the expense of the rest of us.  His outright refusal to impose a gas extraction tax is example #1 but his cuts to education also benefit some of his biggest campaign donors.  Between his massive cuts to public education and his bill for privatizing public schools (vouchers) he is rewarding those charter school minions who gave him $334,000.  This is in direct violation of his promises to voters to change how things are done.  This is the same old Harrisburg corruption.

Add to that his refusal to hold regular press briefings and to close those to credentialed press only.  I can’t get press credentials, for example, because the Capitol application insists on my “boss” authorizing the form.  As a blogger I don’t have a boss.  Isn’t it time Harrisburg woke up and realized traditional media are disappearing and there’s something called new media?  What’s more Corbett is blocking regular Pennsylvanians from THEIR house by restricting attendance at his public events in a public building, something I believe is illegal.

Tom Corbett ran on a much different platform, issues and tone than we’re seeing from him as Governor.  He isn’t answering questions and Pennsylvanians have many questions of him.

5 thoughts on “Corbett Lied to Voters”

  1. Last year’s election for governor was a disappointment all around. Just who is to blame for this guy Corbett being in the governor’s chair?

    Is it Corbett himself for pretending to be a reformer and something other than a tool for those who supported him as a means of feathering their nests?

    Is it the voters who were too lazy and uninterested to spend some time getting to know Corbett, those advising him and those financing him?

    Is it the Dems who nominated a mediocre, at best, candidate (Onorato) with a questionable record in government to oppose Corbett?

    Is it those men and women who are honest, have leadership ability and practice good progressive values who didn’t choose to be candidates?

    Is it just that these are times of apathy, confusion, and selfishness?

    Is the world actually going to end on May 21st?

    I think a strong argument can be made for each of these (except for the facetious one). Frankly, I believe that there always will be useless or malevalent candidates for elective office and the bottom line is that the citizens must be an active and informed electotrate so as to choose candidates who will govern in our (not their or their supporters) best interests. That is, after all, the premise of democracy, is it not?

  2. …other than the near pandemic fallout from what can only be described as a systemic mass ignorance that is pervasive among the voters of both major parties.

    As you put it “…there always will be useless or malevalent candidates for elective office…”

    Allow me to steal from our friend Kirk on his disertation via crooked politicians: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Perhaps a mite inarticulate…but nevertheless, this  


  3. …but I’d be a bigger liar than most of the Republicans who claim that they are going to create jobs in the state or nationally.  

    Sadly, this is the reward being reaped by millions who bought the rhetoric of the TEA party and others, hook, line & sinker!  


    You still have the power to change this reckless course, but FIRST you actually have to realize that your choices are helping create your own destruction, because choices always come with consequences and some of those are NOT bound to be nice ones.  In this case, most of the consequences are GOING TO HURT! BADLY!  

    Continue to ignore the warnings, the news, the insight from people like me and others at your own damn risk!  I could just as easily not say a word anymore, let all of you fools flounder & suffer in your choices, but I actually give a damn about America, about people, silly me I know.  I don’t want glory, I don’t want allegiance.  I want the people of America to wake the hell up and face themselves in the mirror of life & start showing some signs of being alive more than simply medically alive by definition of a pulse & brain activity.  

    Most of you have been made the biggest suckers since Ringling Brothers started their Greatest Show on Earth, but you are either too proud, too stupid, too full of yourselves and your favorite news, talk personalities or soundbytes to bother to believe it or see it.  Oh, well, fine, you will, in time, still come to the harsh reality that YOU’VE BEEN HAD!  My condolences to you and yours for that moment and may it come while you still have a chance to make a correction to stop the destruction and ruination

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