Cantor on Social Security: Truth or Misspeaking?

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is under fire today for telling NPR his vision of America doesn’t include Social Security and Medicare.  The Republican from Virginia has 100,000 constituents on the program so he is now claiming he misspoke.  The quote:

I mean, just from the very notion that it said that 50 percent of beneficiaries under the Social Security program use those moneys as their sole source of income.  So we’ve got to protect today’s seniors.  But for the rest of us? For – you know, listen. We’re going to have to come to grips with the fact that these programs cannot exist if we want America to be what we want America to be.

Was it the truth, a Freudian slip or did he screw up and forgot to say what he meant?  It’s tough to figure someone as accomplished as the House Majority Leader would make a statement like this and claim he didn’t mean it.  Which part didn’t he mean?  Let’s take a look at what we’re seeing the Republicans revealing about the “America we want to be.”

President George W. Bush tried privatizing Social Security in 2005.  Then Sen. Rick Santorum went on a tour around Pennsylvania shortly thereafter promoting the plan which would send billions of dollars in investment fees to Wall Street bankers so they could gamble away our retirements.  We caught this video when he entered his town hall at Drexel University back then:

Now and then Republicans screw up and allow their real agenda to appear.  Cantor’s vision of America is obviously one where the elderly are impoverished and dependent upon the largess of their children for survival.   Disabled persons should simply crawl away and perish rather than receive medical care and a stipend to help them survive.  It is an America without child labor laws, unions, teachers and public schools, workplace safety, limits on banker’s salaries, a middle class, regulations for the robber barons of Wall Street, medical care, abortion services, equal pay for women, taxes for the richest Americans, restrictions on oil and gas companies, regulation of greenhouse gases, no renewable energy, no teaching of science in schools, no restrictions on guns and ammunition, no restrictions on fraudulent banking practices and securities, and the suppression of the vote for demographics who vote Democratic.

We are seeing Cantor’s vision for America playing out in Congress and statehouses all across the nation but we’re supposed to believe his statement about Social Security and Medicare were in error?  That he simply misspoke?  I report, you decide.

17 thoughts on “Cantor on Social Security: Truth or Misspeaking?”

  1. He’s a weasly, whiney, mean spirited, phoney, privileged, uncaring, lying punk. And the perpetual smug look on his face, as if he could fool anyone who paid the slightest attention to his words and deeds and gave them some thought, is enough to make me want to shove his face into  a pile of pig shit.

    Did you catch his comment today that the House, on Friday, is going to pass a bill which provides that, if the Senate doesn’t pass a budget bill for the balance of the current fiscal year by a certain (short) date, then the budget passed by the House automatically becomes law. This, evidently, is permitted by the new Cantor Constitution. I must have missed the news on the date that the Cantor Constitution was adopted in place of the original U.S. Consitution, because the constution that I studied in school created a bicameral Congress and a bill had to be approved by both houses AND either signed or allowed to become law by the president’s inaction).

    p.s. Did you know that Cantor is a decendent of native Americans and that his tribal name is Lying Weasel?

    p.s. #2 I am proud of myself for the restraint and reserved language that I have used to describe my feelings about Eric “Lying Weasel” Cantor.  

  2. Lee,

    Would I be remiss to assume that you do not much care for Eric Cantor?

    I have no knowledge of any native American heritage on his part…in fact, he is of Jewish parentage.

    This being the case it makes things all the worse for Mr. Cantor since Jewish Talmudic law and Halacha religious law, as well as the Tanach (Jewish bible) are diametrically opposed to just about everything this little worm stands for.

    The fair treatment of employees:

    Employers are commanded to act justly in the treatment of their hirelings.

    Hirelings shall be free from making up work if falling ill.

    Hirelings shall not be forced to labor unreasonable hours.

    The right to strike:

    If treated unjustly, hirelings have the right to withold their labor.

    Added to this is a time-honored rabbinic finding:

    A worker may not offer his services whenever there is another worker on the job, for he is damaging

    his neighbor’s means of livelihood. (Strike-breaking).

    On government oversight and regulation of business:

    Townspeople are at liberty to fix weights and measures, prices and wages and to inflict penalties for infringement of their rules.

    These are only a few of the ancient Jewish tenets, teachings and Rabbinical judgments that seriously conflict with the professed beliefs and political maneuverings of this Machiavellian runt.

    Note: The above ancient Jewish precepts and principles are sourced from “Labor Rights in the Jewish Tradition”


    Matt Thomas

  3. Lee,

    As Barney Frank once observed, in terms of people like Debra, one might as well debate with the dining room table.

    Did I not already offer a few suggestions as to how this apparent worshiper of Mr. Cantor might find other rewarding work in the Republican mail room that is much less demanding than being a minor nuisance to John’s Pennsyvania Progressive?

    Allow one to offer a host of specific duties for Debra to consider that may be of real value to her Party’s State Committee:

    Chauffeuring Republican big-wigs around town (Wow…the  chance to drive a Cadillac or even a Mercedes!)  

    Answering the telephone.

    Typing letters.

    Folding letters.

    Licking envelopes.

    Running for coffee and donuts.

    Walking the boss’s dog.

    Giving the cleaning lady a hand…working for this outfit, the poor dear is almost certainly working for minimum wages.

    Matt Thomas


  4. Lee,

    In practicing this egalitarianism you are but chasing the tail of the electronic media, by way of paying undue attention to someone who has absolutely nothing worthwhile to contribute to a political discussion. At least the media gains ratings (and in turn enhanced income) by way of hyping a Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachman, while you can only manage to waste your own time as well as valuable space on John’s blog with what is a hopeless cause.

    Take to heart this old English saying:

    “Where ignorance is bliss, ’tis folly to be wise.”

    Or…in plain old American english:

    “When pissing into the wind one can only get his legs wet.”

    Matt Thomas

  5. Lee,

    Are you joking…”intelligent disagreement”…with who and on what foundation?

    Why not pursue a Socratic dialogue with a dozen of Rush Limbaugh’s ditto-heads or, if you will, sponsor an entire symposium on progressive public policies at the Abe Lincoln and invite the whole damn Berks County Tea Party.

    John might even show up outside with his burn barrel.

    Attempting to have a discourse with such people should make any intelligent man’s hair hurt.

    Better for me to engage in a one-to-one with my dog Charlie…but then, I’m not a masochist.

    Well, going ahead with this should, at the very least, earn you some kind of medal.

    Matt Thomas  


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