Unions & Supporters to Rally Saturday

Rallies will be held tomorrow in every state capitol supporting workers in Wisconsin.  66 rallies in total will be held with 40 organizations co-sponsoring.  We’re one of the participating blogs.  You’ll be able to follow the events online as we’ll be Tweeting and sending Twitpics of the events.

The Wisconsin Assembly (comparable to our State House) voted for the bill stripping union workers of most of their collective bargaining rights yesterday.  This means if a single Democratic Senator is brought back to Madison they can pass the bill.  The legislation would prevent unions from negotiating anything but wage increases and even those cannot rise above the consumer price index.  This prevents unions and workers from negotiating grievance procedures, workplace safety, productivity issues, local rules, and all the other critical benefits workers gain from being organized.  They have already agreed to wage and benefit reductions in spite of the fact these funding shortfalls are the result of decreased corporate taxes.

Teachers and public employees in Wisconsin have agreed to pay for Gov. Walker’s corporate tax cuts from their own pockets and only want to preserve the rights to collective bargaining.  The Republicans are intransigent in their opposition.  The Governor has sent Wisconsin State Police to their homes to forcibly bring them to the State Capitol.  This is why they have fled the state.  Very reasonable compromises have been agreed to by the unions in the face of stonewalling.  This means the entire purpose of this legislation is union busting.  If they are successful in Wisconsin they attempt this elsewhere perhaps here in Pennsylvania.  We must stop them and we can do that with a massive show of support tomorrow.  Wear Badger red to show your support for our brothers and sisters in Wisconsin.

All the rallies commence at noon.

Philadelphia:  Broad St and JFK Blvd

Harrisburg:  Capitol steps

Trenton, NJ:  125 West State Street

Trenton, NJ 08625

Dover:  Legislative Hall/Legislative Mall, Court St. Dover Delaware

Annapolis:  100 State Circle, MD State House Annapolis, MD 21401  

Is Larry Medaglia Ripping Off the People of Berks County?

There was a note in a comment or an article (I forget which) about Larry Medaglia teaching at RACC. Lest anyone think this is just a course here and there, here is his schedule.

Spring 2011 (current session NOW in progress)

Mon, Tue, Wed & Thur 11:15 a.m. – 1:45 p.m. ANGEL

College Success Strategies Room B406 Berks Hall

Mon, Wed, Fri 1:00 p.m. – 1:50 p.m.

State & Local Government Room B606 Berks Hall

Tue, Thur 7:30 p.m. – 8:45 p.m.

State & Local Government Room B609 Berks Hall

Now you may notice that the first 2 overlap. I suspect the ANGEL (online learning) system is used for the College Success Strategies class on Monday and Wednesday and the class actually meets on Tuesday and Thursday.

Now if we move on to the Summer 2011 8-week session we have this:

Mon, Wed 2:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Macroeconomics Room TBA

Mon, Wed 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

College Success Strategies Room TBA

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

American Government Room TBA

These are a lot of hours for a man being paid $70K+ a year to be our Register of Wills

During the Spring session I see 2.5 hours on Tue & Wed + 50 Min on Mon, Wed & Fri. That’s just about 8 hours a week during the workday. Plus there is a bit of travel time between the service building and the college…so what…10 hours a week?

The summer session is even worse:

2.50 hours on Mon & Wed + 2 hours on Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur. Plus on Mon & Wed I don’t really think he’s running back to the office between 1 and 2, that wouldn’t make sense now would it? So really, on Mon and Wed he’ll be out of his office from 11 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. that’s MOST of the damn day.

All totaled he’ll be out of the office 15 hours a week during the summer session plus travel time back and forth although clearly he’s not going to go back on Mon & Wed so those two days he’s only going to work until 10:40 in the morning then he has to go teach for the rest of the day.

No wonder his budget went up, he probably has to pay extra staff to be at the office while he’s off earning extra money teaching at RACC during the work day.

Must be nice…your tax dollars at work

I can’t really complain about the evening classes because lots of instructors at RACC are adjunct instructors that have regular jobs and they earn a bit of extra cash by teaching at RACC.

But really, do the citizens of Berks think it’s OK for an elected official to leave his full-time $70K+ a year day job to go teach at a local college in the middle of the day to earn extra money?

Is that kind of work ethic considered acceptable today?

Is that the kind of work schedule Larry will keep if he’s elected State Senator?

Is that Larry’s idea of a hard-working public servant?


I think this is a pretty good scam and I call on Larry to withdraw immediately as an educator from RACC during normal daytime working hours and concentrate on his job as Register of Wills.

What he does after the county offices close is his business but during the hours that my taxes are paying his salary I want him doing his elected job…how do you feel?

Ironically, Anti-Union Republicans Need Unions

By Walter Brasch

There are a lot of ironies in the Wisconsin fight between the Republican-dominated legislature and the working class.

           On Tuesday, Feb. 22, the State Senate unanimously passed a resolution to honor the Green Bay Packers for winning the Super Bowl. Every one of the players is a member of a union.

           Of course, only the 19 Republicans in the chamber voted for the resolution; the 14 Democratic senators, co-sponsors of the resolution, were in Illinois. They were in the neighboring state because newly-elected Gov. Scott Walker, supported by Big Business, the Tea Party, and far-right conservatives, had ordered the unionized state police to bring every Democratic senator into the capitol in order to assure a quorum. Needing one more member, the Senate couldn’t pass any fiscal legislation.

           Walker and the legislature thought they could ram through a union-busting measure, disguising it under a cloak of balancing the state budget. All they needed were 20 senators-19 Republicans and, for that elusive quorum, one Democrat, even if he or she voted against the bill. The only reason the state had a deficit, they lied, was because of union wages and benefits.

           The unions had already said they would accept what amounts to an 8 percent cut. But, Walker, acting more like a caricature of a Fat Cat Boss, refused to negotiate. His demands, if put into law, would essentially “gut” public worker unions.

           For two weeks, beginning Feb. 14, thousands of government workers and their supporters came to Madison to defend unions and collective bargaining. At its peak, more than 70,000 were in the streets of the state’s larger cities. One of those protestors was all-pro cornerback Charles Woodson, the Packers’ co-captain, one of those honored by the Legislature. Woodson, strong in his condemnation of the governor and Legislature, said he was honored “to stand together with working families of Wisconsin and organized labor [who were] under an unprecedented attack to take away their basic rights to have a voice and collectively bargain at work.”

           There are more ironies.

           Thousands of anti-union voices have cried out that they don’t need unions. However, even the most rabid anti-union reactionary has benefitted from labor’s push for a 40 hour work week, overtime, better working conditions, the enactment of rigorous child labor laws, and basic benefits, including vacation time and sick leave.

           Unions also led the push to create the National Labor Relations Board, which gives further worker protections, while restricting excesses, both by unions and employers; and the Davis-Bacon Act, which requires all private contractors on federal projects to pay wages equivalent to what union workers would earn, even if their own companies are not unionized. The “prevailing doctrine” has led to better wages and employee training in the construction industry, according to labor historian Rosemary Brasch.

           Unions were primarily responsible for creating the rise of the middle class, thus elevating the poor, marginalized, and disenfranchised. With weaker unions, says economist Richard Freeman, “the U.S. will be slower in developing policies to help the disadvantaged and poor . . . and to protect consumers, workers, and shareholders from business crime and dishonesty.” All social programs, according to writer/activist Harvey Wasserman “can trace their roots to union activism, as can the protection of our civil liberties.” Strong labor unions generally have higher productivity, according to independent research done by Harley Shalen of the University of California, because there is “less turnover, better worker communication, better working conditions, and a better-educated workforce.”  Further, merely the threat of unionization at a company usually leads to improved work conditions as employers, using extraordinary means to impose anti-union bias into their companies, nevertheless, will improve the lives of their workers solely to avoid collective bargaining and union benefits.

           Anti-union rhetoric also leads people to believe that the generous health benefits that governments give to unionized workers has led to the current financial problems, all of which are absorbed by the taxpayers. But, the truth reveals another irony. Better health benefits actually result in lower costs to the taxpayers. Most of the 50 million uninsured are members of working families, and have lower incomes, making them eligible for Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), funded by taxpayers. Unable to pay even the co-insurance costs, low-income workers usually use medical facilities only when there are critical problems, thus jeopardizing their own health, and resulting in less productivity and more long term care, all paid by public programs. Uninsured patients also pay more for health care, and are more likely to stay impoverished because of health costs, according to recent studies by the Kaiser Foundation on Medicaid and the Uninsured. Medicaid payments in 2008 were about $204 billion.

           And in the ultimate irony, Rush Limbaugh, who called union workers “bottom-feeding freeloaders,” Glenn Beck, who miraculously linked trade unionism with Communists, socialists, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the United Nations, and numerous other conservative commentators are all members of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA), an AFL-CIO union.

[Next Week: Lies and the truth in Wisconsin. Walter Brasch, an award-winning journalist, is author of 16 books, including With Just Cause: Unionization of the American Journalist. He has been a member of several unions, including The Newspaper Guild, Communications Workers of America, International Association of Machinists, the United Auto Workers, the Association of State College and University Faculty, and three in the entertainment industry. You may contact Dr. Brasch at walterbrasch@gmail.com]

Thank you Commissioner Barnhardt…Take 2

As promised I went to Drinking Liberally this evening and I must admit much to my surprise I was visited by Commissioner Barnhardt, whom, I’m told, had previous planned to attend tonight’s event so no, I don’t think it was my blog entry that prompted his visit. My ego’s not that big.

We had a very pleasant and civil conversation regarding my main question about tax increases and reassessments.

I’ll preface my comments by saying that if I mis-state anything in this entry Commissioner Barnhardt or his representative is welcome to email me with clarification or correction and I will gladly post their email unedited.

My understanding from our conversation was that the commissioner admits that during his re-election announcement he could have made more clear his thoughts on the subjects in question. No foul there…I think many times politicians cause their own problems because they are not as clear as they could or should be.

There is a surplus of approximately $128 million (not the $16 million we had thought) but there are some rather costly projects coming up over the next few years that may deplete that reserve. Also in order to maintain the county’s AA1 bond rating there needs to be a certain amount in reserve, I believe the amount mentioned was $60 million but it was hard to hear so I may be incorrect.

I’ve reviewed the release by Moody’s on 11 October 2010 in total and I believe the reserve could be lowered so long as the county maintains it’s decline of debt over the medium term. The effect of a higher bond rating is that the county can float debt at a lower interest rate. Of course the rub is that by floating additional debt, the reserve requirement increases and the rating decreases if the reserve is not met or the debt load increases too much. General rule of thumb – debt is sometimes necessary but is always problematic.

Nevertheless the projects he mentioned and the requirement to keep a reserve is what Commissioner Barnhardt believes may necessitate them to look at taxes in the next 4 years which would be within his term if re-elected.

As to the real estate reassessment, he agrees that now is not the time to do that but again as the real estate market stabilizes in the next 3-5 years a reassessment may be looked as the vehicle to a tax increase.

It was the 3-5 year time range of these events where clarification during his announcement may have served him some benefit.

However, increasing property taxes is never popular with those of us who own property (a shrinking population in the city as more and more properties are rentals). In 3-5 years we’ll still be recovering for the current recession and starting to put ourselves back on our feet. To get slapped with a tax increase will not make people happy. Those of us who live in the city and will be stuck with 50% tax increases because of the city’s incompetence resulting in the Act 47 suggestions will really cry foul even though we all know the county has helped the city.

City managers won’t even cut their own salaries by a measly $30K but their sure quick enough to raise taxes on us. That’s a different article though.

Since I was sitting next to John I should mention that Commissioner Barnhardt and John talked and perhaps have a better understanding of one another. I was away for some of the conversation so I’ll depend on John to write what transpired himself but I certainly hope that the Commissioner might see his way clear of assisting John in pursuits which are ultimately meant to assist Judy Schwank in the upcoming special election.

Commissioner Barnhardt, you may recall, filled the commissioner post left vacant by Judy after she retired in 2007.

As I promised, since Commissioner Barnhardt reconsidered his position to talk with me, I’ll reconsider my position to vote for him.

I try really hard to be a pretty fair guy but he had no idea what kind of reception he would get coming over and talking to John and then introducing himself to me this evening. Despite my demeanor it’s possible he may have walked into a hornet’s nest so I must say that he has balls for doing what he did. He gets major points for a taking a risk that could really have backfired. He also gets major points for deciding to talk to me after this morning’s events.

So while it may have been a bit of a rocky start I’m now willing to at least listen to him. However, (and this caveat holds true for anyone or anything I write about), I’m a voter and taxpayer, I don’t take well to sophistry. If I think someone is just blowing smoke I have no problem calling them on it. Finally, I didn’t fall off the turnip truck yesterday which means I don’t believe in coincidence.

That said, I’ll give props to the Commissioner for standing up. Thank you Commissioner for the manner in which you resolved the situation. Well done you. And if you can help us with that other matter to benefit Judy that would be much appreciated as well.

(I’m not really a big bad mean guy trying to trap people…I just like to have my questions answered.)

Am I happy?

Well yes a little.

I share Johns long-term concern over hactivists like Anonymous and Jester but I can’t say I’m sorry to see Fred Phelps’ little gang of hate-mongers website gone from the public internet.

I don’t care who took it down or how. I have to say it’s nice NOT seeing it.

But if it was th3j35t3r…well done mate.

Thank you Commissioner Barnhardt

As some of you may have noticed I sent Berks County Commissioner Kevin Barnhardt two emails regarding questions I had. The day after I had posted my email here on the blog I received an email telling me his email had not been working and that he would be happy to meet with me to answer my questions and I should call his office for an appointment. Some of the more cynical amongst our readers might think the timing of those events was an interesting coincidence but I choose to take the man as his word.

This morning at approximately 6:30 a.m. I did as he requested and left a message on the voicemail of a Ms. Daly (forgive the spelling if it’s not correct please) who I assume is the Commissioner’s assistant. I explained the invitation from the Commissioner and asked for a return call to set up an appointment.

I received a call this morning from the very pleasant Ms. Daly who informed me that the commissioner had “respectfully declined” to meet with me. She went on to explain that this decision was made because of the run in John is alleged to have had with Ms. Gibson and Solicitor Sadler on 23 February 2011.

Now I’m going to have to go off on several tangents here so please bear with me.

First, it’s a little odd that Commissioner Barnhardt simply couldn’t email me his answers to the questions I posed. I’m sure he’s a very busy man and to take time out of his schedule seemed a bit odd. Nevertheless I actually gave him points for wanting to meet with a registered Democratic voter and constituent. I suspected, and this brings me to my second point, that he wanted to put a face to the name. Everybody knows John but not many people actually know me. As proof I offer  my first visit to Drinking Liberally where people were “shocked” to find that I actually exist and presented my driver’s license to prove that I was, in fact, a separate and distinct individual and not a figment of John’s imagination. My second proof was when John and I attended an event where we both stood in front of the late Senator O’Pake. The Senator was shocked to find that I really exist…he thought I was ‘nom de plume’ that John used to write under.

So I suspect his desire to put a face to the name may have been the reason for wanting to meet me. It was suggested to me (not by John let me say) that there could have more sinister reasons for wanting to meet me in his office but I’m not much on conspiracy theories. Whatever the reason, that meeting is now cancelled which gives me an insight into the integrity of the Commissioner.

It is a little immature to cancel a meeting with me over what somebody else may or may not have done but I understand that because I write for this blog he needed to send a message. So okay then, fair enough.

But, while we’re on that topic. Commissioner, or anyone else, if you want to match a name to the face. I’ll be at Drinking Liberally TONIGHT at Canal Street Pub at 7 p.m. so come out to a DEMOCRATIC group and you can put a face to my name. You can even say hello…I promise I don’t bite unless you ask me to (but that’s a different article).

To be fair, unbeknownst to him I was not going to address the contributions to Sheriff Weaknecht as John as taken up that ball and run with it. It made no sense for me to run with that line of questions when the Commissioner has already provided an answer to John and I have subsequently learned that the Commissioner was not the only Democrat to contribute to Sheriff Weaknecht. John, I’m sure, will elaborate more on that story later.

Again, as an aside, (and John you can probably shed more light on this as well), I had heard that Democratic County Committee Chairman Tom Herman was looking to put through some changes to the County Committee Bylaws that would have forbade anyone from being a County Committee person for 3 years if they had donated to a Republican candidate. I find it very odd that it’s not acceptable to be a committee person but the county committee will support Democratic candidates or  office holders running for re-election that contribute to GOP candidates. Who knew committee people were so important.

So where does all this leave me? Well it still leaves me trying to figure out why the Commissioner would suggest a tax increase AND a property re-assessment.

In these economic conditions a tax increase would be a burden on many people. What happened to the $80 million that was in the rainy day fund in 2007 when Judy Schwank left office? My understanding is that there is still $16 million left (if that number is wrong somebody can please correct me).

That surplus saved the current 2 GOP Commissioners and Commissioner Barnhart’s butt over the past 4 years. Because of that fund they haven’t had to raise taxes.

In fact, I kinda sorta recall that Commissioner Leinbach thought the surplus was too much and wanted to return it to the taxpayers. I think he ran on that in his re-election but again, somebody can correct me.

Okay so now that fund is about to run out and Commissioner Barnhardt wants to raise taxes. So why do a re-assessment which, in the current housing climate, is very likely to reduce tax assessments? Some properties would be assessed higher but LOTS would go down. I work in the housing industry…housing prices have not gone up overall.

To me, as an accountant those two things are in opposition and perhaps that strategy should be re-examined. And there is the crux of what it is I wanted to talk to Commissioner Barnhardt about.

As a Democratic voter I wanted to understand how he believes these two, seemingly opposite proposals are going to work to stabilize the county finances. I think that’s a fairly straightforward question. Would it were that I could get an answer.

Unfortunately it appears he has chosen not to answer that inquiry. Perhaps the Commissioner will read this article and choose to reply and if he does I’ll be happy to post his answer because, as a voter and as a writer on this blog, I’d like to understand his position.

Meanwhile, I informed the very pleasant Ms. Daly that John is responsible for John’s actions (alleged or factual) and that as a registered Democratic voter, Commissioner Barnhardt, because of his refusal to answer my questions, will not get my vote. I don’t believe that candidates who don’t answer questions posed to them by a constituent or a reporter should get my vote. If the Commissioner changes his mind I’ll consider changing mine.

Granted, it would not take a rocket scientist to figure out that I was going to write some kind of article about his refusal to meet with me.

So, as my grandmother used to say, you made your bed, now lie in it Commissioner. This could have been a MUCH different article. I’ve heard you called “the 3rd Republican” Commissioner. If that’s true it’s not a very pleasant moniker for a Democrat but because some people call you that, you shouldn’t be trying to prove them right.

I hope to see you this evening at Canal Street Pub Commissioner. 7 p.m. Please don’t be too late I generally go to bed fairly early…I’m not exactly a night owl.

Quick Polling Update

I got a call from a polling group last evening, looking to get my take on who I support for the State Senate 11th district race.  

However, they initially asked me what I thought of Ed Rendell (which is weird because he’s no longer governor), but I said unfavorable (given his stance on natural gas drilling among other things).  Then they asked about my views of Tom Corbett and I said unfavorable again (remember I’m not registered in any party for a reason!).  

Then they asked me about Judy Schwank then Larry Medaglia and I said favorable to Judy & unfavorable to Larry.  Then they gave me some statements about campaign mailers that both Judy & Larry have put around and if I’d still support either Judy or Larry and again I chose Judy and still said no to Larry, because they used the 52% property tax increase line to try and sway me, which is really not accurate to put it nicely.  Then they finally asked me if I’d vote for Judy no matter what, and I said yes.  

Given that Larry is supported by groups like the Berks Patriot Party group and similar ones, I could not possibly vote for someone who’s getting that kind of political support.  It is a clear choice, Berks County, vote for Judy or else be prepared for the type of stuff that is going on in Wisconsin, Ohio, & Indiana right now, if Larry gets elected.  If you want to honor Mike, what he’s done, what his legacy is, then Judy is the person who will deliver on that more than Larry ever could or would.  

What’s That Stench Coming From Reading? Corruption

Allegations surrounding Berks County Sheriff Eric Weaknecht and his deputies are raising questions about corruption in the County courthouse.  I have submitted numerous questions to the Sheriff via email and he refuses to respond.  The allegations against him regard human rights abuses, the sale of sheriffs sale homes at sweetheart prices to deputies before going to sale to the public, guns missing from the armory, firearms being returned to friends of the Sheriff in spite of active PFA’s filed against the person, and other offenses too terrible to detail here as yet.

Why does the Sheriff’s Department own two M-16 automatic machine guns?

Why are guns stored in the armory after being confiscated from people served with PFA orders disappearing?

Why did one such friend of Sheriff Weaknecht’s have his guns personally returned by Eric in spite of having an active PFA against him?

Why are Sheriff’s Deputies allegedly buying homes before they are put up at tax sale auctions?

Why is Eric Weaknecht refusing to answer these questions?

This is the same man who has violated state election law by refusing to disclose the name of a campaign contributor who shares the same street address as his lawyer’s firm?

Why is Democratic County Commissioner Kevin Barnhardt supporting this Republican with several campaign contributions?  I suppose that’s why his nickname among Berks County Dems is “the third Republican.”

I put in a Right to Know request for the budgets of the Register of Wills office mailing it from Fleetwood last Thursday afternoon.  They claim to have just received it late today.  I received an email from Maryjo Gibson, the compliance officer shortly before 5 pm.  She says they will get back to me within 30 days.  Anyone knows first class mail doesn’t take five days to travel ten miles.  I responded and said I expect compliance within the five days provided under state law.  Ms. Gibson responded by calling me and screaming at me for several minutes.  She wouldn’t allow me to say anything until I finally told her I’d simply post the matter to my blog and she can explain it here.  At that point she hung up on me and told others I hung up on her.

Since I was driving at the time it would have required me to drive with no hands to hang up on her with my iPhone.  She hung up on me then lied.  I then got an angry call from Solicitor Christine Sadler, a Republican, accusing me of being abusive.  It was Ms. Gibson who was totally abusive yelling at me and refusing to allow me to even say anything.  Yes, there’s a stench coming from the Berks County Courthouse and its name is corruption.

Meanwhile why has the District Attorney refused to investigate charges and allegations of the torture of shackled prisoners in the central processing unit?  John Adams, the same DA who has chosen not to investigate the torture of animals in Pike County needs to explain why the FBI is doing his job.  All federal funding for Berks County is in jeopardy including community development block grants, the Department of Aging, Children and Youth Services, Head Start, Meals on Wheels, ICE facilities, welfare and numerous other programs all of which are federally funded.  This all comes down on the heads of the Sheriff, the DA and the County Commissioners.

Why are they refusing to answer my questions?

Gullible, Stupid Medaglia Gets Snookered by Website

Larry Medaglia fell right into a trap devised by some clever Democrats.  Stupid enough to announce his candidacy before securing his domain name it appears someone snatched up larrymedaglia.com and denied it to the Republican candidate in the 11th State Senate special election.  Redirecting it to his campaign website seems to have convinced the Register of Wills it was friendly and now he is using the link on his personal facebook page and his YouTube page.

The problem is larrymedaglia.com is now an attack website “Paid for by the Berks County Democratic Committee.”  Larry was too lazy to buy his own domain name, stupid enough to not check into its ownership, then too stupid to stay away from a website he didn’t own or control.  He just looks lazy, stupid and gullible now.  Is this who we want representing us in Harrisburg?  A man who doesn’t do his homework?

Does God send natural disasters as punishment?

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Fitting Orie For a Jumpsuit?

Are they fitting Jane Orie for an orange jumpsuit yet?  Testimony in the corruption trial of the third ranking Republican in the Pennsylvania Senate is ongoing though it all may be anticlimactic after her chief of staff took the stand for the prosecution.  This woman is fried.  Jamie Pavlot, to whom every current and former staffer who testified said directed their campaign and political activities on the taxpayer dime, said it was all micromanaged by Orie herself.

“She was very hands-on, liked to micromanage,” Ms. Pavlot said of Ms. Orie. “She was in control.”

I don’t see how the Republican’s lawyer keeps her out of prison after all this evidence she ran campaigns from her state offices using staffers and taxpayer resources.  I also don’t see how Tom Corbett explains why his AG’s office didn’t prosecute after going after numerous Democrats for the same offenses.  Sister Joan Orie Melvin also looks very badly as a result of this trial.  Two staffers have told how they drove the Justice to campaign appearances on state time.  Jane Orie, following her intern’s visit to the prosecutor, tried covering up her crime by posting a sign on an office saying it was Joan’s campaign office.  Of course simply printing and posting a sign doesn’t make a campaign office when Pennsylvania taxpayers are paying for the space.  What that does do is show consciousness of guilt.

I wonder how orange will go with that blonde mane?  At least Jane will be in close proximity with lots of other women so perhaps not all is lost.