PA GOP BS Machine at it again…

…just got another mailer about Judy Schwank & how she’ll raise your taxes if you vote for her.  

People, sooner or later, taxes will have to be raised, if you really believe the ludicrous and dangerous notion that by simply cutting all the spending in the world, from the point of government that everything will still be ok, you are seriously out of your damn minds!  Do you like having cops, firefighters, emergency services, street maintenance and other basic stuff, like education, if so, you really don’t want to keep hitting the “cut only” button, by voting for people like Larry Medaglia.  

Today’s mailer features a PROMINENT lie!

They note in their mailer, ” NOW Judy Schwank Wants to Increase Our Sales Tax*”  

*Here’s the article that they reference:

“From the President: Time to Give Local Government a Helping Hand”

In the article, she doesn’t say she’d vote to raise the sales tax, but that the bill she references that would give a county an option to offset the need for property tax increases, would increase the current sales tax of 6% to 7%, and that she supports that type of option, after all avenues of merging & sharing costs on services and regionalization of services among counties and municipalities has been exhausted,  because pooling costs for savings can only go so far folks.  

What makes this even more of a crock is that under Medaglia, he’d support ending property taxes by making the sales tax apply to everything, not just what is taxed now.  So, your food bill, your bill for everything will go up!  What is more, if you can’t spend more to have it taxed, then the funds for the sales tax to fund the schools would be in jeopardy of not being fully funded and that might lead to having a sales tax that applies to everything and the reintroduction of property taxes or other taxes to make up for the shortfall, or else the district would just have to keep cutting from year to year to keep up with the variable nature of a sales/consumption based tax structure.  The reason property taxes are somewhat preferable to fund long-term costs like education, is that property values and property occupancy remains relatively stable over time and provides a much more reliable source of funding.  

Larry doesn’t want to really support our schools properly, even though he earns a good bit from at least RACC for teaching there part-time.  I suppose he’d prefer to teach to the undereducated masses than quality educated graduates of public schools.  You gotta wonder, since that’s what would be the likely impact if we got to a formula of school funding riding solely on the rails of sales tax.  

What is more, Judy actually favors doing away with property taxes and instead increasing,but a much lower amount, the income tax rate, which is also more stable, more appropriate based on ability to pay, and would get those who routinely pay thousands a year in property tax a true relief, but trading that for a few extra hundred per year in income tax.  

Of course they also tack on the current resounding whopper about 52% increase in property taxes while she was a commissioner, but don’t mention the need for some of the increases were row offices like Larry Medaglia’s office, running consistently in the RED, a deficit hole the size of Texas.  

So, it is more of the same, one-sided, designed to piss you off and make you mad at Judy, so you don’t consider the facts and don’t look at the whole picture before you vote kind of thing.  It worked last year for the Republicans and look at all the crapola that is going on in this state and elsewhere where the same tactics were used.  Jobs are still NOT increases and even more jobs stand to be LOST because of the Republicans’ actions, and the government is on the verge of a shutdown because of their stubbornness.  We need to STOP voting for people like Larry Medaglia, who’s just another no account Republican looking to deflate Pennsylvania & America, while saying how he’ll bring jobs to Pennsylvania or revive the economy.  Yeah, for who Larry?! The everyday Pennsylvanian, or your rich buddies and special interest cronies who don’t need anymore help.  

See through their BS, Vote Judy Schwank, March 15th and don’t let the legacy of Mike O’Pake turn into a tragic shame.

One thought on “PA GOP BS Machine at it again…”

  1. to 12% on everything.  Uou pay sales tax on virtually everything, legal services, tax preparation, doctor appointments, etc.  Food, clothing and all goods.  It would have to be 12% to cover the lost income from property taxes.  There’s no free lunch folks, cut taxes one place and they go up in another.  Sales taxes are very regressive, the less income you have the more of your income is paid in them.   The rich get off easier and businesses and industry get out of paying property taxes altogether.  

    Medaglia would have you go to the mall and pay sales tax on clothes. Remember the mall owners would now NOT be paying property taxes on all that real estate.  Is that fair?  This is called tax shifting and they’re shifting the tax burden to the poor and working folks.

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