News & Notes February 25, 2011

Thanks again to Berks County Commissioner Kevin Barnhardt for sitting down with Kirk and me last evening for a lengthy conversation.  The County’s Open Records Compliance Officer contacted me today about emailing the requested information.

The President just announced sanctions against Libya for the brutal treatment of its citizens.  Prior to the evacuation of Americans there was little he could do for fear Ghaddafi would seize them to use as human shields.

Fox News Director Roger Ailes was implicated in a legal case where he told a News Corp executive (Judith Regan) to lie about her affair with Bernard Kerik.  George W. Bush was seeking to nominate Kerik (now in federal prison) as Director of Homeland Security.  Meanwhile leaked emails keep exposing Fox for slanting and fabricating the news.  Surprise, surprise…

Generals Stanley McChrystal and David Petraeus has been exposed by The Rolling Stone for using psy ops propaganda against Senators, Members of Congress and other VIP’s visiting his war zones.  Use of such methods against U.S. citizens is expressly forbidden under law.  The magazine remains one of a handful of journalism publications still doing in depth investigative reporting.  Maybe now we know why John McCain went batshit crazy.

The President of Penn Democrats threw a tough question at Newt Gingrich this week:

The Maryland Senate passed a bill yesterday legalizing marriage equality.  Elkton may once again be a marriage mecca.

An attendee at a Congressional town hall in Georgia asked when someone is going to shoot the president.  The Congressman thought it funny and chuckled.  It took him three days to make a statement.  This is the mentality which got Gabrielle Giffords shot and six people killed.

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  1. “Kevin Barnhardt shockingly used his re-election kickoff to announce there will be both a tax increase and a reassessment in the next term. What moron runs on those two issues?”

    – John Morgan February 24, 2011

    “Thanks again to Berks County Commissioner Kevin Barnhardt for sitting down with Kirk and me last evening for a lengthy conversation. The County’s Open Records Compliance Officer contacted me today about emailing the requested information.”

    -John Morgan, February 25, 2011


    As with Judy Schwank, Kevin is a Berks County Democrat running for an elective office. You were obviously troubled by Barnhardt’s position that apparently advocated a county tax increase.

    In line with this same issue, Kevin was willing to sit down with both you and Kirk and discuss his position one-on-one with each of you…face-to-face.

    Forgive me, but is it once again necessary to point out to you (and Lee) that Judy Schwank’s platform (as posted prominently on her own website) almost exclusively focuses on those issues important to business and industry with nary a mention of those many other issues important to the working men and women of Berks County as well as to organized labor.

    Can we not at least hear a murmur from PA Progressive?

    There still remains more than two full weeks until this special state senate election on March 15 and please save us from the excuse that she has no time to explain her positions which remain pretty damn unclear in terms of what she will do for the county’s working people.

    Are we to hear nothing from Schwank or from you as to what will be her commitment to those who actually work for a living and are not privileged to hold membership in the Chamber of Commerce or the Manufacturers Association?

    Matt Thomas


  2. Larry Megdalia’s advocacy of an broadened sales tax will (as Lee indicated) rip off the working poor and even middle class working people.

    While not seeing Megdalia as an idealogue, I feel that we should be troubled by some of the right-wing-bats who are apparently fluttering out from the dark side of fringe politics to oppose Schwank.

    Nonetheless…these are separate issues from my original concerns as posted yesterday.

    Yes, Judy should be the choice of Berks County’s progressive voters, rank and file Democrats and anyone else not afflicted by political hallucinations.

    At the same time, do not both Kirk and John, along with PA Progressive itself, deserve just a mite of recognition for their support of Schwank, as well as the opportunity to some specifics via this candidate’s positions that hopefully can go beyond her website’s meaningless word bites?

    Matt Thomas

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