Let the chips fall where they may…redux

Like all reasonable people with a mind of my own & the courage to dare to change that mind, I am exercising a change of mind.  

I am still thinking the theme of “Let the chips fall where they may” is a good one to go with, but the context & meaning just got a whole new dose of perspective.

My original context was one of somewhat resignation & passive defiance or implied acceptance of what was going on in the country and the world.  Frustration, along with the general apathy that has pervaded most of America led me to feel that maybe some needed to become shell-shocked out of their stupor before they’d really understand the import of what’s unfolding around them.  

However, I think we’ve reached passed that point, finally & while the din of protest & the outrage against those who are trying to undo this nation is still in its fledgling phases, I know it can and undoubtedly will grow, as more and more the lunatics of the TEA Party and those sympathetic (emphasis on pathetic) to their causes come forth to be counted & publicly recognized for their nonsense & ignorant treachery against our fellow Americans.  

So, in that spirit of not wanting to be too quick to dismiss it all & realizing that things were quite as dead or as asleep as had been thought, I’m back on the beat.  I’m getting off the can so to speak & ready for more.  

It is time for unapologetic villification & verbal or written castigations of those who are hell bent on deconstructing America for their own greedy, seedy & destructive purposes.  We’ve apparently let history lapse in our memories, but sadly we are about to be reminded in new, horrifying ways of the crazy evil that can come from even those who profess to uphold a righteous & upright sense of morality & whose best intentions are not just paving the way to hell, but making it an 8-lane blacktop, complete with express lanes!  

I shall fight these scoundrels with every ounce of my being.  It would be best, if out of what is to come that we could achieve a better sense of true balance & much better understanding of a few things:

1. We are all citizens of our nation, we each make up our government, in some way or another, from the community level to the national level,and that that must never be forgotten by those who we elect to serve as our leaders.

2. Prosperity is the hope & engine that drives a nation to achieve great things, but when prosperity becomes greed, hope dies & success is cut off.

3. Individual liberties should not be abridged but for the protection of others from legitimate harm, injury or death.  However, we must not let individual liberties come between the ability of our nation to function and our communities to thrive.  

4. All points of view should be understood & studied, but so to must the interaction of views so that the need to embrace extreme positions is minimized on a large group scale & perspective is kept in balance.

5. Love, above all other considerations should be behind the motivations of those who are in positions of decision making or legislating, when they carry out their work.  Not the selfish love that is greed or lust, but the love that understands & seeks to make wiser, informed decisions.  

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