Where’s Judy?

We’re now over a month since State Senator Mike O’Pake died and the only tangible evidence a special election is happening is Larry Medaglia’s new website.  Remember the children’s game “Where’s Waldo?”  I feel like that is what both candidates are doing in this short time span to March 15th.  Larry and Judy Schwank both do understand the election is then don’t they?  Why have they wasted so much valuable time doing…what???

The selection processes for both parties took agonizingly long costing both of them critical time.  Regardless there was much they both could have done:  organize staff and volunteers, print basic materials, schedule fund raisers and public events and build websites.  I’m dumbfounded Judy didn’t have her campaign ready to roll out on the 22nd.  It isn’t as if she had to raise money, she had $24,000 in the bank.  Where were the volunteer sign up sheets, buttons (not ones someone else made at their expense) and website?

Both Schwank and Medaglia stumbled out of the gate and fumbled the ball.  Luckily for them the other was just as incompetent.  The chance to bury the other under a flurry of initial radio spots defining the opponent was golden but missed.    Larry’s website is awfully basic but at least he is up.  Where’s Judy?  She wasn’t at Drinking Liberally last week and the next one isn’t for several weeks.  In a short campaign window time is of the essence but one wouldn’t know it watching this mess.  Does Judy even have any staff or an office yet?  Why wasn’t she at DL for crying out loud?

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  1. Here is the mailer sent by Dr. Bybel when running for Coroner against Democrat Dennis Hess.  The Berks County Coroner’s office was a cesspool of corruption until Hess took over.  Bybel tried to bust the union and got the county sued.

  2. reasons to vote for, or reasons to vote against, Judy Schwank? I would argue the former.

    I certainly agree that during a short campaign the candidates typically need to get out of the gate fast — and that hasn’t happened. One ramification of that could be that the candidate who was better known/liked before the campaign may have a distinct advantage, or at least the early lead.

    If there has been reliable polling showing one candidate with a significant lead (and I have no idea if there has been), a quiet campaign may be the best strategy, especially if the reliable voter turnout favors that candidate’s party.

    In the end, however, the voters will want to see a candidate make an effort.

    Watch for (at least) one candidate to pose ther question: Who would Mike O’Pake want to succeed him?

  3. From Tony’s Mt Penn GOP Blog @ http://mountpenngop.blogspot.com/2011/02/medaglia-launches-website-for-state.html

    “A party insider tells me Santoni and his supporters are very bitter at the way the party leaders picked a candidate and support for Schwank among active party workers is weak.”

    Interesting if true.  Democrats would have to be really PO’d to be talking to a GOP parrot like Tony.  So far I haven’t seen any signs that support among active party workers is weak.  Then again, I haven’t seen any campaign. So it’s hard to make a real judgement call on the true level of support.

  4. John,

    While not entirely her fault, Judy may be in some difficulty by way of residual bitterness over the ham-fisted and arbitrary selection of her as the Democratic candidate.

    A further handicap is her voting to increase taxes by over one-third prior to leaving county government…certain to be Larry Medaglia’s key issue in this fast-tracked election.

    Medaglia has already cited property tax elimination as his #1 priorty…a sure harbinger of what is to come.

    It is perhaps worthy of note that Mike O’Pake’s very first election to the State Senate in 1972 was by way of his own #1 issue…yes, on taxes:

    An attack on O’Pake’s primary opponent, incumbent State Senator Bob Gerhart for his vote in favor of the state income tax.

    Matt Thomas

    “The only thing new in this world is the history that you don’t know” – Harry Truman

  5. John…A good start would be posting her strong support for these issues on her website without further delay.

    Matt Thomas

  6. On the Walk Bike Berks Blog they have Judy Schwank listed as a celebrity bartender for today’s super bowl event.  Larry Medaglia is NOT listed as a bartender. I have a couple of questions, they are:  1) Was Larry given the opportunity to also be a bartender?

    2) If not, doesn’t promoting Judy as their celebrity bartender violate their 501 c3 status? They appear to be taking sides in the upcoming election.

    I know if I went to the event and only saw candidate Judy as a bartender, I’d have a more favorable opinion of Judy than Larry.  I would also think that Walk Bike Berks was endorsing Judy.  So doesn’t that make Judy’s appearance a de facto political event for Judy by a nonprofit?

    Just asking?

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