News & Notes December 30, 2010

Three months plus after losing my desktop computer Erie Insurance still hasn’t settled the claim.  If you have auto or homeowners through them my advice is this:  switch.  This company has been dragging its feet for so long…

Joe Miller took his sore loser fight in Alaska to federal court after losing in state courts and got his butt handed to him there also.  It is a fundamental right of each voter to have their clear intention counted.  This Tea bagger is undemocratic.  He’s the biggest sore loser since Norm Coleman.

Speaking of big losers NJ Gov. Chris Christie had his political star snuffed out in this week’s blizzard.  How basic a management decision is it not to have both the Governor and Lt. Governor gone at the same time?  It proved a bonanza for Democrats who were left behind to deal with the storm.  Newark Mayor Corey Booker may ride his storm heroism to the Governor’s mansion.

In New York Mayor Bloomberg also saw his political career go down in flames due tot he storm.  How much snow do you need Mayor before declaring a snow emergency?  Six feet?  That’s how far underground your career just went.  Say hello to Christie when you get there.

Yard sings continue to pollute area roadways almost two months after the election.  If you put them up you can take them down folks.  

In another neighboring state Christine O’Donnell is calling Joe Biden out for what she calls “thug” behavior because the FBI is investigating her campaign finances.  This is a good one.  Former staffers accused her of using campaign money to pay personal expenses including her rent.  The FBI has a duty to investigate legitimate complaints such as this.  What made this so legitimate?  O’Donnell herself admitted using funds for her rent.  She claims it was legit because she was running her campaign out of her home.  That doesn’t make it legal only even more unethical.

How is this different from State Sen. Bob Mellow renting state office space for his office from his own company?  This is crooked politics plain and simple.  Christine should just twitch her nose and turn the FBI agents into bats.

Fox News just keeps getting more and more extreme.  Tucker Carlson thinks Michael Vick should have been executed for killing dogs.  As much as we here at TPP have castigated and criticized Vick and the Eagles let’s get real.  We don’t execute people for animal cruelty.  We shouldn’t take any life much less for such an offense.  As much as we hate Vick and what he did the man did do his time and repaid his debt to society.  He didn’t deserve to be hired by the Beagles after what he did but executed?  Going by that rationale every hunter should be on death row.  Stupid is as stupid says.

Bang…I just killed Tucker’s bow tie.  Now there’s an unpardonable offense, someone call the fashion police!

Happy New Year to everyone!

7 thoughts on “News & Notes December 30, 2010”

  1. Today’s Philadelphia Inquirer actually headlined the execution remark.

    Tucker Carlson, the right’s effete and ersatz intellectual, has no right to the image of that supreme snob he often played to on the old Crossfire program.

    This same commentary on Vick was no more than his inane attempt at dark humor.

    Having said this, I have my own strong opinion about this killer of helpless animals.

    Is one allowed to remind readers of TPP that this guy admitted to taking part in the killing of six to eight dogs by way of hanging and drowning?

    John suggests that Vick (sentenced to 23 months and serving but 18) “repaid his debt to society.”

    Yes, in line with the law, the judge and his 5 months off for good behavior, there is no legal argument to pursue.

    Yet, I would argue that there exists a higher “humane and moral” standard and in line with it, justice was not done.

    This was a heinous crime, for there are few things more monstrous and cowardly than the abuse and destruction of a powerless and trusting animal.

    Added to this injustice and outrage, we have Barrack Obama, who was not moved to fight for the 911 responders. (Without Senator Chuck Schumer and the unions, this rescue bill would have failed for certain).

    Barrack Obama did nothing and said nothing…not a murmur.

    Rather than these many hundreds of desperate families and their sick and dying heros, it instead takes a murderer of dogs to move this president to speak out.

    One needs to wonder if Obama’s two children share this same thoughtful concern over a Michael Vick?

    Matt Thomas


  2. Kirk,

    I confess to at one time being a hunter.

    Later, as a police officer, I was forced to “put down” deer struck by car or truck.

    Lost my taste for killing.

    Hunters typically shoot the blissfully unaware deer from long distance, often thru a scope.

    It is a little different when you need to manage a head shot into an injured animal who is lookig you straight in the eye.

    Is it fair to wonder whether Vick and his friends took pleasure in watching their dogs die by hanging?

    Makes one recall that the Nazis were capable of hanging other helpless innocents…in their case it was children.

    Matt Thomas    

  3. Best laugh of the day, by far, John.

    To turn serious for a moment, I have often wondered whether Christine O’D. is a good actress or is simply out of touch with reality. It’s clear that she’s no genius. But, for her to taunt the FBI, and to accuse Biden of being the instigator of the investigation (long after her own former staffers’ accusations against her became public), it has convinced me that she is living in her own alternate reality.

    The woman is drawn to public attention like a moth to a flame. Without any grounding in reality, someone get the fire extinguisher ready for when she bursts into flame.

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