News & Notes December 23, 2010

The census report came out this week and Pennsylvania, again, will lose a Congressional seat.  It seems that every ten years our national influence dwindles by yet another electoral vote.  Speculation has been that the 12th CD will be written out by the Republicans who now control the entire redistricting process.

Gov. elect Corbett is beginning to fill out his cabinet and the Banking Secretary comes from my area.  He was with national Penn Bank which used to be the National Bank of Boyertown or as I affectionately called it the National Bank of Embezzlement.  Lets hope he safeguards us better than he did his customers.

House Democrats announced their Committee Chairs today even though they aren’t Chairs since the GOP controls the House.  Rather they are ranking members.  Rep. Daryl Metcalfe will be Chair of the powerful State Government Committee with Rep. Babette Josephs as ranking member.  By the way her campaign staff really screwed me.  I loaned them some video on an 18 GB flash drive and they returned a 625 MG drive in its place.  Ouch!

With Metcalfe as Chair expect an Arizona type of law to pass soon here.  He sponsored such a bill in the last session but now has the votes to get it through Committee.  With his good buddy John Eichelberger in the Senate this should reach the Governor’s desk and Pennsylvania will be the latest state to get sued.  I know if any cop demands to see my proof of citizenship I’ll demand to see their ICE ID.  Without that they’ll be the lead defendant in a federal civil rights case.  Just sayin…

Gov. Rendell is hosting a party for his supporters headlining The Beach Boys.  With all his weight loss Fast Eddie may show up in a speedo.  No, no just kidding folks.  I’m sorry I gave you that visual just after lunch.  For some odd reason (maybe my disagreements with him over the years) my invitation must have gotten lost in the mail.

The Turnpike Commission got into hot water when they printed new toll tickets without fares.  I suppose this was really so they could raise fares any time but they claim otherwise.  Now they’ve capitulated and are printing new ones.  There’s another 4120,000 down the drain.  I wouldn’t mind paying Turnpike tolls if everyone in the Commonwealth paid their fair share but they don’t.  Why should my dollars go to fix roads in northern PA when those folks refuse to pay?  I’m sorry but this is patently unfair.  Toll I-80 people!

While municipalities across our state are passing laws protecting members of the LGBT community the legislature is still refusing to.  Housing and employment discrimination occurs all the time but there are no legal protections in place.  Lancaster County recently disbanded its enforcement agency against discrimination.  If you hate the Amish head to Lancaster County and throw some eggs at the buggies, no one can investigate you now that their Human Relations Commission is gone.  Gee, I guess the County Commissioners never considered that possibility…

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