Another Year…Another Resolution?

Do you make a New Year’s Resolution? Do you make the same one every year? Do you rotate through a group of resolutions?

Why do we make resolutions? In the most basic sense it’s because we want to do or not do, whatever we are resolving to make ourselves or those around us better or healthier.

Most resolutions revolve around losing weight and quitting smoking. Only about 2% of people who make resolutions about these 2 subjects ever make any headway in fulfilling them.

Only 5% of all resolutions made ever have steps taken to fulfill them.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “I’ll join a gym”…and they do but then they never go to the gym. Next year the resolution will be to cancel the unused gym membership and save the money and even that won’t get done.

“I want to quit smoking”…I’ll sell my RJ Reynolds stock.

“I will be more organized”…I’ll call Style TV’s Clean House

“I will lose weight”…that means you have to reduce your intake of food.

“I will volunteer time to a worthy cause”…Which cause? “I haven’t decided yet.” Uh huh.

“I want to save more money.”…let me guess, by quitting smoking?

“I’m going to start an IRA.” You’re 75…it’s a little late now.

“I’m going to be a nicer person”…have you heard the adage about a leopard not changing it’s spots?

“I’m going to be more assertive.”…get me a snack…”OK”

“I want to drink less.”…in general or were you thinking about some specific liquid?

“I want to eat more healthy food.”…can you even name a ‘healthy food’?

“I going to stop letting people annoy me when driving.”…stay off the road.

“I want to learn to use the computer.”…you can barely turn the television on and off.

“I want to help others.”…which others?

Do I have a New Year’s resolution? Yes….I want to find a new job because my boss is 1/2 of Beavis and Butthead and he ain’t Beavis.

Do you have a New Year’s Resolution?

Do you have any illusion at all that you’ll achieve it?

Happy 2011!

2 thoughts on “Another Year…Another Resolution?”

  1. ages ago because they’re useless.  Humans are creatures of habit and until we’re determined enough to break our habits New Years is just a chance for wishful thinking.

    One I have kept is not voting Republican.

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