Well Looky here…

The Military’s internal survey regarding DADT was released today and guess what.

Like African American integration, like integrating women in the military, the Pentagon’s study has determined that overturning DADT and allowing gays and lesbians to serve openly “might cause some disruption at first but would not create widespread or long-lasting problems”.

Seems the young people serving in today’s military are more tolerate the the older folks running the country.

The biggest issue is with the Marines, and while I have a great deal of respect for the Marines as a fighting force, that mindset doesn’t surprise me. Although I must say that from my time in the military I can say for a fact that what a Marine says publicly and what he does privately behind a closed door are, very often, 2 entirely different things. ‘Nuff said.

So there it is, the military says DADT is, for the most part, a non-issue. Gates says DADT should be repealed. The only thing standing in the way are uber-conservative oldies in the GOP who just can’t stomach the gays (unless they are in airport bathrooms or pursuing Congressional pages…oooo did I say that out loud?  I am sorry.)

Come on guys…time to realize that your prejudice  against gays comes from an old mindset. The world has moved on and while you may be conservative, conservative doesn’t have to mean stuck in the past or unchanging.

Repeal DADT and allow patriotic gay men and women to proudly serve their country with honor and without having to lie.

DADT is unAmerican and now we all know it’s a non-issue.

7 thoughts on “Well Looky here…”

  1. How many times will we see the video of McCain in about 2007 saying that, if the leaders of the military recommended doing away with DADT (as they did today ), then we should seriously consider doing so. My, how the McCain winds have changed since then. I can hardly recognize the former Straight Talk Express passenger anymore. He’s gone completely over to the Dark Side.  

  2. One needs to always respect him for his military service and time served as a POW as well as to some extent, for his former willingness to work across the aisle on meaningful legislation.

    Nevertheless, John McCain has earned no further respect from the day he was willing to accept Sarah Palin for a running mate.

    Assuming that the Republican ticket had even the slightest chance of prevailing in 2008, his readiness to place this unschooled, unread and irresponsible neophyte a heart beat away from the most powerful office on the planet begs the question as to whether he knows what John McCain once stood for or even who he was.

    Matt Thomas

  3. Kirk,

    I too read those stories about his record as a less than expert pilot but there are many failings experienced in any one’s lifetime.

    Why disparage his military service of 40 years ago?

    The man served honorably and suffered years of captivity in a North Vietnamese prison hole.

    McCain’s real screw-ups took place these past few years.

    This latter experience alone is sad enough without going further into his past.

    Matt Thomas  

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