Thoughts and Pictures From the Campaign Trail

Tomorrow is election day.  I’ll be out and about reporting on any troubles at polling places for The Huffington Post.  If you see anything please let me know via cell phone or text.  My number is 610-406-8704.  It has a busy two weeks.  Pennsylvania, especially southeastern PA, has been the focus of an intense effort by Democrats.  Bill Clinton all but moved here for the week and we are all indebted to the immense effort he has made for our Congressional delegation.  He literally crisscrossed the state.  In addition Gov. Ed Rendell got his bus out of mothballs and tirelessly campaigned everywhere.  Thankfully the Eagles had a bye week.  President Obama was here twice and this evening the First Lady will be at Penn for a 7 PM rally.

As much as I’d wish I couldn’t be everywhere.  That takes money and time I don’t have in abundance.  Getting sick for three weeks didn’t help but as soon as I could I got out there.  I posted the videos but not all the still photos so I’ll gather them here.  Probably the highlight is this one of the AFL-CIO Labor Walk rally on Saturday.  That’s Christie Brinkley on the left side of the stage.  I’ve never seen Joe Sestak flustered before but when she stepped on the stage he went almost speechless.  She is quite beautiful

Labor Walk Rally

There are more pictures below the fold.

Gov. Rendell at a rally for Rep. Rick Taylor Sunday in Ambler:

Ed Rendell at Rick Taylor Event

The crowd waited patiently at the Clinton/Kanjorski event because the former President’s flight from Chicago was delayed.  It must have been the same one I took a few months ago which was delayed for 90 minutes while they searched for a pilot.

Clinton/Kanjorski Rally

The crowd outside the National Constitution Center for a Sestak/Toomey debate included members of Action United:

Action United

Action United

The Marcellus Shale Political Contributions

Penn Action has renamed Tom Corbett “Tom Corporation” for his million dollars in Marcellus shale energy company contributions.  He is, by far, the leading candidate in accepting payoff money from the energy industry trying to cover our landscape with gas drilling rigs.  As such he has also said he opposes any severance taxes on these companies.  

Drilling in Pennsylvania is costing us money.  The vast field of natural gas covers 2/3 of this state and is a valuable natural resource belonging to every person in the Commonwealth.  The cost of extracting the gas should fall on the shoulders of the energy companies not the taxpayers.  Each well drilled means hundreds of large trucks barreling over country roads, every gas well which explodes means a heavy burden on volunteer emergency crews in rural Pennsylvania.  Every poisoned well means DEP must provide fresh, potable water to hundreds of households.  Every contaminated aquifer means worthless homes and properties.  Extracting this gas is not free but, so far, it has been for these corporations.  A fair gas severance tax shared with local governments is essential for Pennsylvania but politicians taking their money are opposed.  In addition to Tom Corbett here is a list of the guilty parties.

Just because someone has accepted a small amount doesn’t mean they’re selling you out.  The more money involved the more they’ve been bought.  Call your legislator is he/she is on the list and ask where they stand.  It is imperative to know who is corrupted before voting Tuesday.

If it is more change you want…

…then WHY the hell would want to vote to put more Republicans in office tommorow?!  All they want to do is either stand in the way of the change you want to continue, OR bring about changes that will undo the change you want done.  So, how do you think voting for Republicans will somehow give you what you say you want according to this poll:

Voters largely unchanged: want more change from Obama and Democrats

My fellow Americans, if it is more change you want and more change from Obama, then, tomorrow DON’T vote for REPUBLICANS, for you will only be voting FOR more OBSTRUCTION and problems to getting the change you say you want. Why would you want to give control and power to those who only want to keep things from changing or worse changing things in a way that will hurt more people than it will help. Instead, tomorrow, VOTE for DEMOCRATS and allow CHANGE to go FORWARD not backwards!

Expecting more change from something that has no desire to change or change the way you want, is like expecting to buy Pizza at a McDonalds or trying to move a car without wheels on it. You’ve got to elect what you want, not what makes you angry.    

State House/Senate Endorsements

These are my endorsements in contested races for the State House and Senate.


10th  Cynthia Philo

12th  Ruth Damsker

14th  John Yudichak

24th  Bill Wallace

40th  Dan DeMarco (Jane Orie seat)

46th  Tim Solobay    


23rd  Dan Frankel

26th  Fern Kaufman

31st  Steve Santarsiero

41st  Gerald Policoff

61st  Mary Lou Readinger

70th  Matt Bradford

120th Phyllis Mundy

121st Eddie Day Pashinski

124th Jeff Faust

128th Bryan Boughter

136th Bob Freeman

137th Charles Dertinger

146th Mark Painter

149th Tim Briggs

150th Andrea Baptiste

151st Rick Taylor

152nd Tom Murt

153rd Josh Shapiro

156th Barbara McIlvaine Smith

157th Paul Drucker

161st Walter Waite

170th Brendan Boyle

172nd Kevin Boyle

179th Tony Payton Jr.

186th Kenyatta Johnson

187th Richard Stine

189th John Siptroth

194th Hugh Giordano


No matter who you vote for tomorrow I urge all our readers to vote.

Now, do I hope you vote for Progressive candidates…sure but in the end it’s more important that you vote.

I think about the time it took to get into the mess we are in.

I think about the policies that allowed this situation to exist.

I think about whether it’s reasonable that all the problems can be fixed in 2 years.

I think about what has been done.

I think about the economic numbers and the direction in which they are moving.

I think about how the various candidates are presenting themselves (are they trying to win by attacking their opponent or are they speaking to this issues – I think it speaks to their character).

I look at their past performance or lack thereof.

I think about many things beyond party affiliation.

Contrary to what some people may think I do not vote based on one issue.

I urge our readers to stop and really think about who and what you voting for.

I won’t vote for a Republican JUST because I’m upset with Obama.

I won’t vote for a Democrat just because he or she is NOT a Republican.

Don’t be a party clone….think….reason…choose wisely.

Thanks for listening. As always…you are welcome to disagree.