Endorsement for Governor

As Ed Rendell faces term limits it is time to elect a new Governor.  Rendell did a great job expanding funding for education taking pressure off of local school districts who had been having to raise property taxes as legislators in Harrisburg continued constant budget cuts.  He held the line on taxes as much as possible and though we disagreed now and then I always supported his efforts on the whole.  Pennsylvania is going to miss Ed Rendell.

The choices this year are actually three with a write-in campaign being waged by an activist fighting Marcellus shale gas drillers.  As much as I support such efforts one issue candidates rarely make good executives.  I’ve agonized over this endorsement more than any in recent years.  Dan Onorato is facing Tom Corbett in the head to head contest on the ballot.  Corbett is a hypocrite who puts people in jail for the same crimes he commits himself.  He is dangerous on numerous issues dear to me, gay rights, women’s rights, worker’s rights, civil liberties, gas drilling and safe water just to name a few.

I have several issues with Onorato:  women’s right to choose, gay marriage, water safety and single payer health care.  The comparison with the Republican are stark however and the choice here is clear now that I have heard him take a stronger stance on water safety in regard to drilling in shale.  Tom Corbett is someone who thinks the unemployed are fat and lazy and not interested in the multitude of jobs he fantasizes exist.  He would be a total and complete disaster for Pennsylvania.  

I’m said many times I want candidates to vote FOR not against.  All year I saw this race as an example of that mentality, Democrats who put up conservative candidates liberals must hold our noses and vote for.  I stopped doing that around ten years ago and began voting Green or write ins so I can sleep at night knowing I didn’t waste my vote simply voting against the lesser of two evils.  I wasn’t going to endorse in this race but changed my mind after seeing Dan Onorato twice this week.  I hereby endorse him for Governor.

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