Stating a case for the Democrats

I know a lot of the current campaign discussion is about how there may be historic change, come Tuesday November 2nd, 2010 and that many seem quite irked, angry, and ready to launch another round of large change in another attempt to get some kind of instant satisfaction or gratification from putting different people into office, even if those people are quite likely and most certainly going to undermine and undo and cause more trouble than good, if elected.  

The fact is people, government is a continual process of things over time and across terms of elected office and changes of elected officers and representatives.  What was made in the span of 8+ years CANNOT be undone in the short span of 2 years entirely.  What is more, when you have a substantial quantity of people on the opposing side of every issue you wish to change for the better, who drag their feet and stall everything you could do, because they can, then it IS bound to take more time.  It is just that simple, folks, no smoke screens, no mirrors, no double talk, just that simple.  

If you’re a pissed off voter because Change didn’t come fast enough, then you really do need to realize what I’ve laid out and the reality of government as it is set up to work (and yes, I did say is set up to work, because it can) and know that your anger and dissatisfaction is somewhat unfounded and misplaced.  

If you’re a pissed off voter because you want reform of government entirely and feel squeezed by the problems of this country and throw them all at the feet of government, then I’d say you’ve got a point and reform is a good idea and some has already begun, but more needs to be done and better.  Also, I’d say it’s unfair to lay it all at government’s feet, when much of our nation is reliant on jobs and business activity to drive the continued health of our country, and many in business and some in government need to do a better job of realizing that and make changes accordingly.  

The TEA Party candidates who offer alleged solutions to the pissed off and angry voters who want different change, or total reform and now, are really some of the poorest and most dubious and doubtful examples of people who will even remotely come close to answering your prayers in the form of change in political direction for the better.  They’ve said, told, and begged you to believe the worst things about not only Obama but anything that was Democratic or not in line with some of the rather radical and quite bluntly idiotic ideas that have been spouted and recorded by most of these TEA Party candidates.    So, if you’re the pissed off voter whose just hell bent on voting for extreme change and don’t give a damn about what might come of it, but you hope that something else will result and you presume it to be a better thing than we have now, I would NOT be too certain of such assumptions or presumptions, especially in feeling cozy about TEA Party candidates and their media followers.  

If you really want change to continue, to give change a real chance, to let change have more ability to get things done to get us out of this whole mess, then I say to you all, VOTE for Democrats! on November 2nd, 2010 and vote to tear away the blockade, the stall tactics, the wall of obstinate behavior and childish nonsense that has held back real change and a road to better recovery from the mess of current day brought on by the problems of the recently previous elected leadership in Washington DC.  

Give Obama and the Democrats at least half the time that it took George W. Bush and the Republicans to do what they had 8+ years to create, in order to make a real honest dent in removing and modifying the situations that caused so many problems before you vote to end up leading to the creation of even more problems for America.  

If you want solutions and you want to see your hope through to a better conclusion, I urge you to realize that the best choice, the only choice of that happening further right now rests with the Democrats NOT the Republicans.   People, it is that simple, it is that plain to understand and it does mean that much to us all as Americans, if we don’t get that and vote accordingly.

See below the cut for an excellent extended piece to my original diary made by another user here at the blog.  It dovetails well with what I’m trying to get across to people and why it’s so important.

Less We Forget How We Got in this Mess, Here is a Reminder!

Less we Forget:

Excerpt from PlanetWaves.Net

(Conservative public officials spend) “$1 million a year per soldier in (Irag and now) Afghanistan makes the bonuses of Wall Street execs look like a bargain. And we’re doing what? Intervening in the affairs of a foreign country? ”

(The GOP Party want to privatize or reuduce) “Social Security benefits in half — as if they’re not low enough already. People went on and on about entitlements, without noting that companies such as Bank of America and General Electric pay zero corporate taxes and get plenty in corporate welfare.

Candidates pandering to this constituency are promising to eliminate the minimum wage, take away health care, give the Social Security fund to Wall Street. Women voters are leaning Republican this year. They are being manipulated by hundreds of millions of dollars worth of anonymous attack advertising, allowed by a new Supreme Court decision called Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission. I don’t understand this. Lots of conservatives are Christians, and Jesus said we should take care of the poor. And as for those ads, why would you conceal your identity unless you have something to hide?

On a radio show, Sal Russo, the ‘chief strategist’ of the Tea Party Express, a political action committee that funnels money into the campaigns of Teabag candidates. Mr. Russo got his start shining the shoes of Ronald Reagan, who looks like a bleeding heart liberal these days — he raised taxes dozens of times, granted amnesty to illegal immigrants and did quite a bit of deficit spending. Russo rambled on for an hour about how the (Democrat-controlled) government is over-regulating business and therefore creating the recession. All we need to do is get rid of these pesky regulations and the recession will disappear, he said (about 14 times). There used to be an expression for this — putting the fox in charge of the chicken coop.

Respect for individual rights, including privacy and free speech. The United States is based on keeping private things private: including our personal papers and private property. That’s what the law says. In the United States, citizens are sovereigns, not subjects of the crown. A smaller, less invasive government stays out of your private life. It does not have time, resources or authority to monitor every single pregnancy. Family planning is a family matter. Then, as citizens, we mind our own business. What your neighbor does in the privacy of his or her home is none of your business, unless it directly impacts your life in some way.

Non-interventionist military policy. We need to take care of our own country before we conquer or ‘help’ any other country. That might translate to shorter, more efficient wars — or no wars at all. The purpose of the military is to defend our nation, not to randomly attack other countries, or worse, to steal their resources. We have more than enough here in magnificent North America.

Speaking of education, it’s money well spent. We need to invest in the future, and an effective, economical way to do that is to support education. Parents should have a diversity of options for educational philosophies available: different kinds of schools to suit different values and ideas about life. Public higher education needs to go back to majority funding by the state, remembering its primary mission, which is access to all citizens; this in turn will create a prosperous, functioning economy. We have to stop this whole business of student loans and go back to grants.

Help for those in need. The purpose of a society is to take care of all its members. Why bother otherwise? We are a nation based on abundance, and there is plenty to go around, especially if we’re talking about food, shelter, clothing and health care. Many of my fellow conservatives these days say they read the Bible. Remember this part? “Amen I say to you, as long as you did it to one of these my least brethren, you did it to me.”

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Endorsements For Congress

My endorsements for the U.S. House of Representatives are all from eastern Pennsylvania.  All but one are pro choice the exception being Paul Kanjorski.  I endorse him because of the critically important work he is doing on financial reform.  His vast experience and knowledge in these complicated policy areas has never been more important for the economic health of this nation.  His leadership the past two years shepherding Wall Street reforms through his House subcommittee has led to sweeping new controls on bankers.  The Kanjorski Amendment allowing the break up of the “too big to fail” banks could be strategically important in this vast foreclosure/investor fraud litigation beginning to sweep our state court systems.

Chaka Fattah is hero to all Pennsylvania liberals.  Our staunchest and most consistent ally in Washington also has the character to go his own way as his conscience dictates.  He is not part of the Philly machine.

Patrick Murphy is in another tough fight against former Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick.  Veterans and LGBT folks have no stronger friend in Washington.  He has led the fight against Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and his gravitas as an Iraq War veteran has added greatly to those efforts.  

Bryan Lentz is seeking Joe Sestak’s former seat.  Another Iraq War veteran he is solidly progressive and a leader.  In the State House he has forged his own path and bucked Party Leadership to vote his conscience.  That isn’t easy to do but no one picks a fight with such a straight shooter as Lentz.  He will bring much needed character to Washington.

Yet a third Iraq War veteran is running in the 6th CD.  Manan Trivedi is the son of Indian immigrants who went to medical school then plied his trade serving in Iraq as a surgeon.  Now he is running against conservative Jim Gerlach.  Its time for a Democrat and a real progressive in a Democratic District.

The Lehigh Valley hasn’t seen a seriously funded Democrat in ages.  Charlie Dent runs as a moderate though his voting record, like Gerlach’s, is anything but.  John Callahan has raised enough money to give Dent a serious challenge.  In spite of a bad campaign manager with no knowledge of the 15th CD he is coming on stronger in debates and is a solidly pro choice endorsement.

Update:  And Lois Herr in the 16th!

Organized Labor Canvasses Philadelphia

Pennsylvania AFL-CIO President Rick Bloomingdale spoke at a big labor rally this morning to get the hundreds of union members revved up to go out canvassing other union members all day.  He is followed in this video clip by the national President of the American Federation of Teachers Randi Weingarten who fired them up.

Message to Disaffected Progressives: Vote

As I travel across Pennsylvania I keep hearing from disaffected Democrats, liberals and progressives upset with President Obama for abandoning them on some key issues.  They say they won’t vote this fall “to send a message to Obama.”  I asked Governor Rendell this morning what he says to such key voters:

Endorsement for Governor

As Ed Rendell faces term limits it is time to elect a new Governor.  Rendell did a great job expanding funding for education taking pressure off of local school districts who had been having to raise property taxes as legislators in Harrisburg continued constant budget cuts.  He held the line on taxes as much as possible and though we disagreed now and then I always supported his efforts on the whole.  Pennsylvania is going to miss Ed Rendell.

The choices this year are actually three with a write-in campaign being waged by an activist fighting Marcellus shale gas drillers.  As much as I support such efforts one issue candidates rarely make good executives.  I’ve agonized over this endorsement more than any in recent years.  Dan Onorato is facing Tom Corbett in the head to head contest on the ballot.  Corbett is a hypocrite who puts people in jail for the same crimes he commits himself.  He is dangerous on numerous issues dear to me, gay rights, women’s rights, worker’s rights, civil liberties, gas drilling and safe water just to name a few.

I have several issues with Onorato:  women’s right to choose, gay marriage, water safety and single payer health care.  The comparison with the Republican are stark however and the choice here is clear now that I have heard him take a stronger stance on water safety in regard to drilling in shale.  Tom Corbett is someone who thinks the unemployed are fat and lazy and not interested in the multitude of jobs he fantasizes exist.  He would be a total and complete disaster for Pennsylvania.  

I’m said many times I want candidates to vote FOR not against.  All year I saw this race as an example of that mentality, Democrats who put up conservative candidates liberals must hold our noses and vote for.  I stopped doing that around ten years ago and began voting Green or write ins so I can sleep at night knowing I didn’t waste my vote simply voting against the lesser of two evils.  I wasn’t going to endorse in this race but changed my mind after seeing Dan Onorato twice this week.  I hereby endorse him for Governor.