Whores Keep Good Company

(I think people need a reminder of why they shouldn’t vote for Pat Toomey, seeing as how his campaign is on every ad panel of the Reading Eagle among other sites, every damn time I visit those sites. – promoted by Jamoca)

Not since the Valanginian Age has a creature so vile and crooked clawed its way up through the mud and scum to wage war on human intelligence quite like Pat Toomey.  He is evil in a way that only a crustacean can truly understand.  He is a crawler.  He eats shit and piss and his hands are bigger than his brain.

A whore, even at her best, is only as good as her shoes.  The same is true of popes and senators…or, in this case, potential senators.  Pat Toomey stands tall nowhere.  He is a high-heeled loafer with no appreciation for anything that could pass as decent.  He is small and weak and his collar is entirely too tight.

“Es ist ein triump des willens,” the Tea Party people chanted at maximum volume in a frenzied state of anger as they grinned and applauded in between Toomey’s talking points at a campaign stop in northeastern Pennsylvania.

“Pat Toomey eats pieces of shit,” a woman in the back said to her friend.  

It was almost inaudible amongst the raucous crowd, but I heard it and immediately afterward the words that were coming out of his mouth had transmigrated into regurgitated pieces of shit.  The entire crowd, save for me and the two women in the back began crawling around on all fours like wild beasts and began feasting on the shit that had fallen from Pat Toomey’s mouth.  I looked to the women to help make sense of what was going on.  They looked to me to save them from this horrifying situation.  We all three were paralyzed and the beasts had begun their second transmigration.  It had become a shit-show for all ages and soon it would infiltrate the already contaminated water supply.

I awoke in a cold sweat and scanned the room for wild beasts covered in feces.  When the situation seemed safe enough, I immediately logged on to my computer and went directly for the news sites…any one of them that could confirm that this was, in fact, only a nightmare.  

As it turns out, the shit-show was only the personification of a different nightmare.  Toomey is now leading over Sestak in the polls by 40 percent to 31 percent.  

Toomey also (and at long last) weighed in on the Mosque-at-Ground-Zero Debate, as we all hoped he would.  He is all for the First Amendment right of the freedom to practice religion…so long as it isn’t Islam being practiced within an indeterminate radius from a complex of buildings that no longer exist in a state he has never lived in many miles from his home.

I had hoped, though not believed, that the events of 9/11 as they relate to nonsensical, opportunistic, irrelevant, and politically charged rhetorical weaponry would have died with Giuliani’s failed presidential campaign in 2008.  My idealism failed, but my intuition prevailed.  Sooner or later the cockroaches would dig up that old corpse and parade it around the country once more and with the same kind of hypocrisy.  The flag-waving god-fearing good white Christian people who have a two-handed white-knuckled grasp on the ironclad principles of the 2nd Amendment feel the 1st should be loosely applicable within the confines of a racist and bigoted ideology.  

Even Giuliani spoke out against the building of the mosque, although he too is a whore that will take any trick that will get him into a headline…and 9/11 is the one baby he had that he didn’t abandon after it had come of age.  He knew from the start that it was ready for show business and in a way that would appeal to a massive national audience.  Even now, he makes his bread and butter by it.  One could argue, at least Giuliani was there…what right does Toomey have to make these judgments?  A very important one:  the 1st Amendment.  

Of course with freedom, we would hope that responsibility would follow.  It is an infantile hope and Toomey’s viewpoint only fans the flame of a fire that has burned for a thousand years and is burning more brightly these days.  Placing the word “but” at the end of the phrase “I support freedom of religion” isn’t entirely unlike placing the word “except” after the phrase “All men are created equal.”  Even if it weren’t fact that many Muslims were also killed in those attacks, it would remain fact that not all Muslims are terrorists.  

Some bigots and hypocrites attempt to circumvent the rights issue with moral judgment.  Toomey agrees that the backers of the mosque have a legal right to build it, he just feels “that doesn’t make it the right thing to do.”  Toomey, Palin, Giuliani, and every other Democrat or Republican politician seeking to win or retain office is entitled to espouse this position; however, that doesn’t make it any less bigoted, cynical, or opportunistic.  

Toomey also backed the Iraq war, though I doubt he felt it was indecent to build craters on top of innocent peoples’ homes during the wonderfully entertaining television program “Operation Shock and Awe.”  After all, not all Americans are errant cruise missiles dispatched from air sorties during the unprovoked invasion of a country halfway across the world.  Thankfully, however, the people in power understood that it was the necessary sacrifice to make and a good bet to hedge in order to gain more control over the flow of oil in the Middle East.  More importantly, the real God was on our side.

Maybe Toomey really is genuinely against the building of the mosque in a way that affects him emotionally; however, like most opponents of the mosque, there is little doubt that this emotion has anything to do with an intellectual sympathy or empathy for the families of the victims.  If his interest is not entirely disingenuous, then it is purely visceral:  the product of a simple-minded and shortsighted hatred of anything that lies beyond the scope of his knowledge and understanding.

All of this, though, is the trick of a whore-a slight of hand to make you look the other way or to gain the approval of other whores-and I am ashamed that I have followed the distraction as far as I already have.

The second story I latched onto was one from the Philidelphia Inquirer, and it appears Toomey has moved on (for the time being) to the economy.  He and his band of carnies loaded into an RV covered in campaign posters on Tuesday and launched a four-day tour through 21 counties in Pennsylvania.  There was no mention, literal or figurative, of oral defecation in the Inquirer article, but I remain unconvinced.  

“Where is the recovery?” Toomey asked.  

He provided no answers, only the same tired talking points.  Bush tax cuts for the top 1 percent…good.  Federal stimulus…bad.  Healthcare…bad.  After reading this gibberish for the hundred-thousandth time, I have begun to grow tired of the words and voices and pictures and commercials.

I am going back to bed now, and with any bit of luck I will once again find myself in that sweet dream where I am standing in a field full of tall grass and watching these terrible beasts thrust about in the mud while eating one another’s shit.

6 thoughts on “Whores Keep Good Company”

  1. Timmy…the WHORE comment…who are you, Jerry Brown’s wife?

    Ah well, call someone a whore AND the NOW group still gives the blessings…too funny.  Then again, that group lost all credibility after the Monica Lewinsky/Paula Jones/Linda Tripp fiasco.

    Anyway…had someone in the GOP called Hillary or any other female Democrat a whore…then it would be all over for that candidate.  But since its a lefty hurling the insults…the press cant seem to care.


    Have a great day :)

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