News & Notes August 28, 2010

Glenn Beck and his Tea Party anarchists are on the mall in DC again today.  Which historic photo will they alter this time to make it appear more people attended than did?  I sure hope it isn’t of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech which was given on this day at that location.  It is an abomination that these racists would desecrate that memory with today’s rally.  Beck claims he didn’t know the importance of the date.  Sure, just like he says he isn’t a neo Nazi too.

Pat Toomey claims he never supported privatization of Social Security.  Doesn’t the former Congressman understand we live in an age where videos, transcripts and interviews live on in archives?  Does he think no one can find those?  It is time Pat Toomey stopped lying to Pennsylvania voters.

Meanwhile Chuck Hagel, a Republican from Nebraska endorsed Joe Sestak for the Senate.  This comes on the heels of independent Mike Bloomberg’s support.  Toomey is so far right that even fellow Republicans can’t tolerate his extremist views.

Speaking of extremist views Beaver County Blue reports a Tea Party candidate who thinks sending poor people to newly created poor houses is the solution to society’s woes.  I suppose this is better than simply killing them in concentration camps?  Carl Paladino, Tea Party candidate for Governor of New York, says the poor should be sent to state prisons where they can work on improving themselves (including their personal hygiene).  I certainly smell something but it isn’t from someone’s personal hygiene.  Can you say “Heil Paladino?”

Sen. Bob Casey met with families in Dimock recently to discuss the water well poisoning done by Marcellus Shale energy companies.  He is sponsoring the FRAC Act in Congress to protect our water supplies from unregulated drilling.  The gas companies create a toxic, poisonous fluid which is forced over a mile underground to shatter the shale formations to produce natural gas.  About a quarter of this fluid comes back up where it is radioactive and being dumped into rivers, streams and public sanitation facilities ill equipped to clean heavy metals and other toxins from the water.  The remainder stays in the ground where it can poison our water supplies.

Sarah Palin returned to our fair state to further pollute our political discourse.  The event in Hershey was billed as non partisan but we know better than that.  Reps Reichley and Gordon were in attendance while Mama Grizzley beared down on a host of Democrats.  According to Tweets from the event she praised parental notification for minors wanting abortions.  Has she ever heard of something called incest?  Sure, those dads always want the authorities to know they impregnated their daughters…  She condemned the deficits at the same time she supports massive tax cuts for the rich.  Typical nonsensical Tea Party bologna.  The rally should have been in Lebanon instead.

Meanwhile Big Brother gets bigger as the western U.S. can now use police GPS tracking devices to see where you go without obtaining search warrants.  I thought we got rid of George W. Bush?  Of course every time you use a cell phone, EZ Pass, a store buyer’s card or other anti-privacy methods you’re voluntarily doing so.

Must reading for your weekend is this New Yorker article on the Koch brothers.  These two men are responsible for the Tea Party and all the right wing propaganda being produced.  They are extremely dangerous to democracy and a healthy civilization and world.  You must know and understand who they are and what they do.  They are the principle financiers behind the Tea Party.

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  1. John, there is no need to sully that fine tradition, anarchism, (I mean real anarchism, not the bearded, bomb-throwing stereotype) by linking it to the teabaggers. Otherwise, great post as always.  

  2. Beck had the gall to adopt a theme of “restoring honor” for today’s rally in DC. Yet he is about the most dishonorable human imaginable. He has no qualms whatsoever speaking fasley if it promotes his profit or his extremist intolerant rightwing agenda.

    By claiming the mantle of Martin Luther King as a champion of civil rights in this country, he hypocritically belies the reality that it was his direct ideological and partisan predecessors who opposed King and all that he stood for, in particular all of the civil rights legislation that was passed in the 1960s over their active opposition. If he had been prominent in the 60s, there is no doubt that Beck would have stood with George “Segregation Forever” Wallace.  

    As Shakespheare wrote: “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. And Beck’s words, principles and actions, no matter what lofty terms he may call them, smell like the manure they are.

  3. This is a post to a site I visited earlier today, but the topic was religion, so I felt it tied into Johns post.

    Here goes, by the way it’s my first post John, so If I’m breaking any rules please let me know. I’m tired and I should just go to bed, but I couldn’t rest without venting a bit. Your site was suggested by an admirer and I’m glad I found it.

    We will never have freedom of religion until we have freedom FROM religion. The “corporate” media will never, ever call out the zealots that insist on this archaic belief. Do you honestly believe we will ever have a President of the United States, Nominee for the Supreme court, or even a candidate for dog catcher that doesn’t have to pass the religious litmus test? Think again…

    For crying out loud, if someone sneezes and you don’t say “god bless you” you get that “look”.

    I need to stop before I burst a blood vessel. I may be a bit fired up because I just found out that Sister Sarah brought her”Real America” revival style shindig to Hershey, Pa last night. And yes the local media, blood red section of a blue state, bow down to her every word, 11,000 people attended with only a handful of protesters, yeah right… The only way I even knew about it was because Jon Stewart is off on Fridays and MSNBC reverts to “Lockdown” at 10:00 pm est. time. That’ll teach me NOT to stay home on a Friday night!  

  4. over 50% of americans (not just conservatives) are against obamacare in various forms.  And have been called racists because of it by the left and alot of the talking heads in the media

    over 60% of americans (again, not just conservatives) are against the building of a mosque near Ground Zero. And have been called Islamophobic by the left and talking heads in the media.

    Over 60% of americans (again, not just conservatives)  were for Prop 8 and were against the recent judicial case where it was overturned by a judge. And have been called homophobic by the left and talking heads in the media.

    over 70% of americans (again, not just conservatives) are in favor of the Arizona law that mere enabled the state to enact the already existing (but not enforced) federal law.  And have been called racist by the left and talking heads  in the media.

    Now the question…how can a country made up of so many racists, homophobic, bigoted, and islamophic people ever have voted for a guy named Barack Hussein Obama in overwhelming numbers? Black guy. Islamic name. Huge lefty.  And he still won by a comfortable margin.  How could this have happened in such a racist country? I am confused.

    Isnt it funny that when the independents supported Barry and pushed him over the top in the election…these same people now have suddenly become bigoted racists islamophobes once they disagree on a topic?

    yea, keep tossing out the name calling and keep wondering why barrys poll numbers are doing a Hindenberg

    have a great day :)  

  5. Tyler…we have gone through this repetitive Orwellian “Obama hate week” nonsense before…so many times ho la nausea.

    I hold you no ill will as I have never held the slightest ill feeling toward my own Aunt Betty, an aged spinster whom you remind me of so frequently with your incessant kvetching (a great Yiddish word that describes one’s ability to be an invincible pest to everyone around them). Or failing your being my Aunt Betty, would a Felix Unger descibe youself more precisely?

    Please give mercy…allow us to be in peace for at least another fortnight?

    Matt Thomas


  6. I have volunteered on many protest events and never expected nor recieved a dime.

    Over eight bucks an hour for a pleasant stroll on a bright sunny day…see anyone falling over from heat stroke?

    What is wrong with having unemployed non-members help out on a protest?

    In the future some of these same strollers will join a union and be better members because of this experience.

    Why were the union’s own members not out there?

    Because dummy, this was not a strike picket line but a simple public protest and those same union members were hard at work for their employer.

    In fact, if those union members had quit work and joined the strollers, it would have been deemed an illegal work stoppage and violation of their collective bargaining agreement with that employer, leaving both they and their union subject to legal action and possibly fines and/or other punitive measures.

    All this apparently escaped our own Aunt Betty, the assholes at Fox News and that hired punk with the mike.

    Matt Thomas    

  7. One should at least allow this much in terms of your latest posting:

    I am, once again, truly sorry that you are still not feeling well.

    Do you ever not tire of playing this phoney Don Quixote…this pathetic wannabe who has nothing to say and no worthy goal to defend?

    May I suggest that you re-focus your energies toward more worthy pursuits and causes?

    Perhaps you might volunteer at your area’s SPCA since you do have dogs whom ride around in your Limbaugh-approved gas-guzzling Dodge RAM pickup truck.

    If that won’t work, maybe you could help out at the local food bank?

    Be warned however, that you will then need to mingle with them “lower class” unemployed workers and (horrors of horrors) those terrible homeless people whom your extremely brave hero “elFatso” makes up songs about.

    Matt Thomas

  8. …have nothing to do with me wishing to brand you or any other rightwing ditto-head.

    I am not a cattle baron and was merely describing the “brand” you have already allowed to be burned into your own cattle-like ass.

    I grant you Tyler…it must be a blissfully pleasant experience to surrender oneself to the status of a mere lemming who will never be challenged to be his own unique person…to think for oneself and develop his own arguments.

    I believe it was Karl Marx who once described religion as the “opium of the masses.”

    How ironic that Marx’s comment, made over 150 years ago, now has nothing to do with our religious organizations, but instead perfectly describes the political goose-step religious-like doctrine of the American rightwing.

    Matt Thomas  


  9. By your own McCarthyite flawed rationale, if someone quotes Hitler, he’s a Nazi…if instead he quotes either  Mussolini or J.M. Kariuki, he’s either a fascist or a Mau-Mau and so on…

    O.K. Tyler, we’ll play in your ball park:

    It just occurred to me that I have often quoted yourself.

    Does that then make me an idiot?

    Matt Thomas

    “What a maroon…what an embezzel!” – Bugs Bunny


  10. Once again Tyler, arguing with you is like pissing into the wind…not worth the time.

    If nothing else, you are very prolific…grinding out a surplus of words that taken together amount of little or no substance.

    While no one takes you seriously…take heart, for as a clown-like political crank, you are good for a laugh now and then.

    Beyond that limited role, not much else.

    Here’s another quote for you:

    “Against stupidity the gods themselves contend in vain.”

    – Friedrich von Schiller

    Matt Thomas


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