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I’m fed up with businesses who think I’ll keep returning even when they refuse to thank me for my business.  Do you know why these clerks are so poor?  We don’t demand they greet us and act as if we’re welcome in their stores and businesses.  They don’t even feel the need to thank us when we part with our money in return for their goods and services.

I know I’ve been beating this dead horse for some time but I simply won’t allow some snot nosed kid to abuse me in return for giving them my money.  I ran out to do a few errands today and encountered more incompetent sales clerks.  This is really a fairly simple job.  One stands at a cash register and greets the customer, tallies their purchases using a wand then provides the correct change as their machine instructs.  Then they say “thank you” and go to the next customer (the next person in line as opposed to the next one they choose to take regardless of position in line).  If a person cannot perform this simple task then why would anyone consider them qualified for any other job?

This afternoon I stopped at the Sheetz on N. Fifth Street in Reading for a cold soda.  I got my Diet A&W and paid for it at the register.  The young lady told me to have a good day.  How can I have a good day when its apparent I just gave my money to a company which doesn’t deserve my business?  If they don’t appreciate it they don’t deserve it.  I asked for my money back.  The store made me wait five minutes before a manager came out and refunded my purchase.

I then went to the Giant market up the street for a few items (7 in fact).  My last trip to this store was an unmitigated disaster.  I had a $200 order and was in line at the one register open behind three others.  I waited patiently for some time when another register opened.  Instead of taking the next person in line (and we’d been there for more than a few minutes) she took a couple who were bound and determined to cut in line.  Today I had just seven items and got in the express lane to find a lady with many more than the limit.  She was so slow doing her business I almost left.  Then the young female clerk rung me up and said “have  a nice day.”  I’m sorry but how am I to have a nice day when I just gave my money to someone who doesn’t appreciate it?  I asked her straight out for a thank you.  Guess what this imbecile said?  “Why do I have to thank you?”  Honestly, she had no clue.  I explained it is customary for businesses to thank customers who just handed them their money.  She still had no clue to what I referred.  I mentioned it to a manager on my out and asked why I should ever return to their store.

Wawa convenience stores are the absolute worst offenders in my experience.  Their clerks never consider thanking anyone and rarely even greet you.  I’ve taken to buying my gas anywhere but Wawa now though since they’ve driven most other gas stations out of the market it is difficult.  Fortunately I have a Sunoco nearby run by Indians who never fail to thank me.  I drive by a Redner’s Quick Shop manned by arrogant, racist, ignorant people who fill its bathroom walls with KKK graffiti and cannot greet a customer to save their lives.   We get the service we tolerate folks.  Use the comment thread to spread your bad customer service experiences.  Let us not patronize stores with who don’t appreciate our business!


I saw in our site traffic that three of the aforementioned companies checked the article over the weekend.  All but Redner’s though they were the first to respond to my direct contacts through the stores’ websites.  Here is their response:

Dear John,

   Thank you for writing.  I have shared your letter with Mr. Redner.  As

one of our valued customers, your comments, both positive and negative, are

important to us.  You may be assured that Mr. Redner personally reads every

letter and then passes it on to the appropriate staff person. We will try to

address problems as quickly as possible and we will share all of your

comments with the appropriate employees.

   Please accept our apologies for the negative experience that you had at

our quick shoppe in Fleetwood with regards to the less than desirable level

of service you have experienced from our associates when, through your

transaction dialogue, they did not thank you for your patronage.  Your

satisfaction is paramount to our success and ensuring that we can continue

to be the choice for all your grocery needs.  If this is not occurring we

need to address and rectify the matter before it becomes a persistent issue.

We expect all of our associates to conduct themselves in a professional

manner that reflects upon them and RednerĀ¹s in a positive light so that your

shopping experience is positive and that your patronage of our store is


   The demeanor that you have experienced our associates to have conducted

themselves with is not acceptable and will be addressed on multiple levels.

Our district manager will address this issue with our store director and the

associate involved so that we can bring this matter to a speedy resolution.

We will review the expected service to be given to each customer and also so

that you would not have such an experience in the future.

   I will also share your comments of the condition of our men’s rest room

with our maintenance team.  Our management is to be evaluating the

conditions of our all parts of the store all times throughout the day and

have it cleaned and/or repaired when unsightly and necessary.  If our

management is not following these procedures regularly we will address the

matter.   Our district manager and our risk manager will go over these

procedures with our management and make changes as necessary.

   Should you not be provided with prompt and courteous service from an

associate, please find our store manager Denise Isamoyer and she will

rectify the matter immediately.

   I am confident that with the proper attention to this matter we can work

towards a positive resolution to ensure it does not happen in the future.

We will continue to work hard to provide you with the lowest prices,

freshest product and excellent service we have for over 40 years.  Thank you

again for your comments and shopping with Redner’s.  If you wish to discuss

your concerns further, please feel free to contact me.


Eric B. White

Consumer Communications Specialist

Redner’s Markets, Inc.

Sheetz also responded.  Also recall that Sheetz PAC gave Sen. John Eichelberger $500 to spread his messages of hate in Harrisburg:


I’m writing in regards to your recent email. I’m sorry to hear you had a bad experience with one of our stores, but appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns. I wanted to pass your comments on to the district manager and manager of the store you were referring to so that they could look into this for you. I was hoping you might be able to tell me which store you visited. This would really help me ensure that your message reaches those best equipped to address the situation. Please, feel free to respond to this email at your convenience. I look forward to hearing from you again. Have a great day.


Danielle Finnegan

Sheetz Inc.

CF# 234181

Neither Wawa or Giant have responded as yet.

Update II:  Neither Wawa nor Giant ever responded to my comments.

Redner’s still hasn’t learned its lesson.  I stopped at their Quick Shop yesterday in a test and they failed.  Today they failed once more at their Carsonia Avenue store.

13 thoughts on “Bad Customer Service Thread”

  1. They have a gasoline bonus program: 10 cents off a gallon by the tankful for each $100 in purchases.

    Trying to do the right thing…I drive a high mileage (35 mpg) car with a 12 gallon tank.

    For $100 I would get a discount on 12 gallons, while the jerks driving big pickup trucks or SUVs (all loved by OPEC) who get 15 mpg and have a 30 gallon tank are rewarded by Giant with nearly 3 times the discount given to those with sensible small cars for the very same $100 in groceries.

    We no longer give Giant any business as their gas program favors OPEC over the USA.  

    Matt Thomas

  2. Allow me to add to your list of gripes my own working class wife’s experiences of only a few years ago with pretentious and snobbish sales people.

    Coming from a skilled factory job and still garbed in her work clothes she would occasionally encounter department store sales clerks “dressed to the nines” who made it plain that they were a bit uncomfortable with waiting on a “lower-class” factory worker whom they would sometimes ignore while attending to other customers.

    Their mistake was in not realizing they were snubbing a union shop steward and coalminer’s daughter who then inquires in the manner of a drill sergeant:

    “Do I need to get the store manager down here to get some service out of you?”

    This always causes the most snobbish clerks to instantly jump to for they are fully aware that managers do not like unpleasant scenes in their stores.

    Too often retail store clerks (typically non-union, with many working for peanuts) seem to slavishly ape their bosses’ own condescending attitude toward members of our working class.

    Your right John…call them out every time.

    This only continues on because most retail customers are too often willing to endure this petty nonsense and walk quietly away.

    Matt Thomas

  3. You waited 5 minutes to get your $1.50 back for a pop?

    5 minutes?  Not trying to be mean, but is your time really worth that?  Dont you have better things to do?

    I kinda get your point…but its not like you were shorted $20 at the register, its not like you paid for a product you didnt get..its not like they pulled a gun on you and made you come into the store to buy the pop in the first place.

    You walked into the store, swapped your money for their product…then waited 5 minutes because you didnt get a thank you?

    to each his own…but damn…lighten up a bit. you wasted that time when you could have been enjoying a cold, refreshing rootbeer. But instead, you chose to sulk and pout.  

    have a great day :)

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