Toomey Drinks the Tea

Pat Toomey embraced the Tea Party at an event in Doylestown where he accused President Obama of wanting to turn America into France.  Of course France is a pretty nice place to live and, after all, they were right about Iraq weren’t they?  Some folks simply can’t wrap their minds around the fact others are smarter and live nicer, better lives.  After all in France everyone has access to quality (better than ours according to outcomes) health care.  Toomey continues lying to people about Joe Sestak’s health care stance when he says the Congressman is for eliminating private health insurance companies.  The fact is the Joe Sestak does not support single payer and took considerable heat for that position in the primary.

Pat Toomey spoke to the Kitchen Table Patriots in Doylestown and professed to be one of them.  I have no doubt he is.  Toomey was the ultimate corporate Republican in Congress and has spent his time since spreading Wall Street money around to other like minded representatives of corporate America.  The group he spoke with is interesting and very radical.  They profess to uphold the constitution except when it comes to immigration, separation of church and state, regulation of interstate commerce, civil rights or limits on the concept of a unitary executive.  They want small government until they need it to clean up the Gulf.

These idiots don’t even comprehend the basics of political science, the definitions of fascism, socialism, Marxism, conservatism and liberalism.  They lump everything not their own ideology together and accuse their opponents of being all of them which is impossible.  The Bucks County Tea baggers to whom Toomey spoke have embraced a radical named Ana Puig who accuses Obama of being a Marxist.  The President isn’t even a liberal much less a socialist or Marxist.  Their level of knowledge and sophistication is scary if it isn’t simply purposeful in trying to confuse and scare their supporters out of their money.

Since Pat Toomey has embraced the Kitchen Table Patriots is he in agreement with them that Barack Obama is a Marxist trying to impose Marxism on America?  It certainly appears so and that should be scary to every voter in Pennsylvania.  Pat Toomey’s history shows he’s as radical as these Tea baggers and Ana Puig.

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