News & Notes July 23, 2010

Tomorrow Kirk and I are going to Stockbridge Massachusetts for our annual summer stock trek.  This year the Berkshire Theater Festival is staging Samuel Beckett’s “Endgame.”

Congress got some work done this week after West Virginia replaced the late Sen. Byrd.  Unemployment for the long term unemployed finally passed saving many people from the streets.  Joe Pitts, among Republicans, voted against providing a safety net for working people after voting for the failed policies which threw them out of work.  Is that “compassionate conservatism?

Congress also passed Wall Street reform and some are critical because you may not be able to use your debit card to pay for your lattes any longer?  Who doesn’t carry enough cash to pay for a cup of coffee?  How lazy have we gotten?  Use cash anyway as a method for screwing the banks and helping your small business people.  Every time you swipe a card it costs them money and raises prices for everyone.  Only banks profit from this activity.

A friend in Iran is having trouble getting a visa for academic travel.  This is a consequence of sanctions because of that regime’s pursuit of nuclear weapons.  While unfortunate the people there do have a choice:  obey their oppressive government or change it.

NPR journalist Daniel Schorr passed away this morning at age 93.  He continued broadcasting well into his golden years and his voice and insights will be missed.

Netroots Nation is in Las Vegas this week.  I’m not there again, its too expensive.

Some folks are talking about Andrew Breitbart’s slander and libel against Blacks and Black organizations possibly being criminal.  We already know the people he used to destroy ACORN are criminals:  James O’Keefe not only violated Maryland’s wiretapping law he perpetrated a fraud.

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