Corbett is Doing His Best to Lose

Tom Corbett is doing his very best to lose the race for Governor.  Once comfortably ahead in the polls his mouth keeps getting in his way.  His actions aren’t far behind and his own politicization of the AG’s office makes one fearful of the kind of Governor he’d be.  It wasn’t enough he ticked off millions of unemployed Pennsylvanians when he called them fat and lazy.  Then he said there were plenty of jobs around according to want ads.  Ha she actually looked at those sparse help wanted sections?  There’s almost nothing to them these days as he’d know if he’d ever had to actually peruse them looking for work.  Corbett keeps giving legs to a story he needs to kill.

Then there’s the issue of his political lawsuit against hcr.  Keystone Progress has used the Open Records Law to demand his communications with Republican Party operatives behind the effort and he refuses to comply with the law.  You know this will turn into major attack ads come October don’t you?  The Attorney General refusing to abide by the law?  Now KP is appealing Corbett’s stonewalling.  What, exactly, is he hiding?

On top of all that, as if that weren’t enough, Corbett for Governor campaign materials were openly available at an Attorney General’s Office booth at a recent county fair.  PA2010 has the photo.  It is illegal, of course, to mix politics with your government job as Corbett keeps explaining to Judges as he prosecutes Democrats for doing what he himself does.  The proof is in the picture.

If Dan Onorato winds up being our next Governor it will be because Tom Corbett insisted on shooting himself at every opportunity.  He’s working his darndest to lose this race.

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  1. there have been lots of help wanted ads in the last two Sunday Reading Eagle newspapers and some of them are good paying jobs too!

    I will show you specific ads if I must.

    One of the women I work with has a husband who works at one of the places hiring in the paper and he was told by company officials that people actually canceled interviews when the last extension was passed and that they can’t find workers because people are taking the summer off and staying on unemployment.

    I know of three people laid off in this recession – two of them finally went out and got jobs when their unemployment was ready to end and the other is taking the summer off to be with her kids and will start looking when school starts.

    Here is a recent poll taken on WGAL TV in Lancaster

    As you can see 53% of the respondents agree that many people would rather stay on unemployment. This is not necessarily a losing issue for Corbett! During these times a year of unemployment is fine, but now we are at 99 weeks (almost two years). There is no motivation to find a job. Very few people should need more than a year to find a job!

    Of course there are always exceptions and some people really have tried. It is much harder for an older person to be hired than a younger one.

    Many people are merely being too picky-they won’t take a job that pays less. Unfortunately that is generally what happens when you get laid off-you must start as an entry level employee at a new company.

    The jobs are out there!  

  2. I think when the economy recovers, workers should be allowed to opt out of the UC program. I for one don’t appreciate that I am forced to pay a portion of my income to this program when I am working and then when I lose my job because a small handful of Wall Street money changers ruined the economy I’m called lazy by right-wing trust fund Republicans who had everything handed to them on a silver platter. Dave M61…your store is anecdotal. I have an MBA and can’t find a decent job and I have been looking for well over a year. I’m sure there are a small number of people who are ‘taking the summer off’ because they can afford to but to the majority of us, UC is no bargain and we would much rather be working.

  3. In a sense you are supporting Corbett by way of haplessly buying into this lie.

    Are there some unemployed people who might rather collect UC benefits than accept work at a meaningful wage?

    Of course there are always a few people (very few) who are dumb enough to throw away a decent job opportunity.

    There are also unemployed persons who are smart enough not to be trapped into a dead-end job with lously wages and no health benefits.

    I use the term “trapped” because if he takes that job and is later laid off, his new U.C. rate may be based on that same lower wage, leaving him much worse off than before.

    Let’s face it, there are always plenty of bottom feeder employers out there looking for help because their compensation is such that after their employees pay the landlord and their utilities, buy groceries and gas, there’s no money left for anything else…not even clothing.

    As for WGAL…they are centered in Lancaster County and service the south central PA TV market…the entire region known best for its legions of half-witted goose-stepping rightwing assholes.

    In fact, I am surprised that the poll wasn’t much higher than 53 percent.

    Matt Thomas    

  4. covers the Harrisburg and it’s suburbs market and is carried on most if not all cable systems here in Berks county including the city of Reading. Harrisburg and Reading are not exactly bastions of right wing politics!

    Matt I don’t see how you can twist what I said as supporting Corbett. People on the “other side” can be right sometimes or have a good idea sometimes. The partisanship is ruining this country. If a Democrat said the same thing it would be ok, but if a Rep. says it then Dems are against it and vice versa.

    I will agree with someone if they say something I agree with, not taking into account their party. However I  mostly do agree with the Democratic party and their views.

    Also it is NOT a lie! There are substantial amounts of people that are staying on UC rather than take a little lower paying job.I have given you actual real world proof!

    Of course no one should be expected to take a substantially lower paying job!

    @Deciminyan – The stimulous package wasn’t too small-it was plenty of money. The problem is that much of it went towards non job creation such as paying states for teachers, giving money to Indian tribes, giving money to courts, etc.

    If all of the money had been spent on creating jobs that actually “make something” or “build something” like the “new deal” there would have been millions of jobs created!  

  5. Dave…I was not trying to cast blame on you…only suggesting that your position does, indeed, lend credence to Corbett’s charge.

    One unscientific poll does not rise to the level of your claim of “real world proof.”

    Further, I need to take issue with your evaluation of this Lancaster TV station’s regional market.

    Yes, it does include the cities and suburbs of Harrisburg and Reading. At the same time this market takes in rural Dauphin, Lebanon, Cumberland, Perry, Adams and Franklin Counties…all of them rightwing Republican and teaparty bastians.

    Yet further eroding your findings is the fact that Berks County itself is no longer home to an enlightened electorate and hasn’t been for some years…ask anyone…ask John Morgan.

    Finally, I challenge your argument that there are “substantial” numbers of people who want to remain on UC benefits while rejecting gainful employment.

    Employers who claim so are nothing new…and past experience has shown them to be either bottom feeders or those with an anti-worker agenda.

    On the stimulus, our friend Deciminyan’s finding that it was too small is on target as well as in line with that of most economists, including Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman.

    Matt Thomas    


  6. My “real world proof” was in my first post. What one of my co-workers told me about her husband’s work place and the three people I know of who have been laid off in this recession. Go back to my first post here and read it. That’s real world proof!

    Also the employer in my first post is a place called Cyoptics in Breinigsville, PA. They make electronic Integrated chips. They used to have the Agere plant there.

    They pay a good wage, have good benefits and are certainly not bottom feeders!

    Unfortunately those right wing people you refer to are PA citizens and voters, so their opinion does count.

    For every Paul Krugman I could find you another economist that would say the stimulus was wasted! It is only a matter of opinion. It’s disgraceful where some of this money went! Some of it even went to Chinese companies that make parts for windmills!!

    As far as Berks county’s electorate not being enlightened-I would argue that the country’s electorate is not enlightened anymore! Very few people vote or even pay attention anymore.  

  7. @Jim Cyoptics is not exclusively a defense contractor. They do make chips for civilian use too. Those incredible paying jobs like Lucent, AT&T etc. are unfortunately gone. I certainly have never had a job that paid $25 or $30 an hour!

    It is shameful how companies do exploit the American worker. You won’t get an argument here!

    @Matt Well one of the other people I refer to is my nephew and the other is a local political activist and facebook friend. The girl is also an ex co-worker and facebook friend. So I know these people and what I am talking about. It would hold up in court!

    You can’t prove that there are people that are trying to find work either if you want to use the same standards of proof.

    Also of course NO employer would admit to these statements in public! They would be chastised and run out of town by the far left.

    I know Krugman didn’t say the stimulus was wasted but I and many other experts are saying much of it was. Krugman is not the end all or know all authority.

    I’m not blaming Obama for the money going to China, but I am blaming the Congress for not making sure that money didn’t go to China. It should have been in the bill.


  8. who worked at Lucent, in fact they were laid off when it closed and they and most of their co-workers were making $25.00 to $30.00 an hour. They also had a plant at Breinigsville.

    Of course no one is making $70.00. That is a bunch of B.S.  

  9. “…those union shops you hear about where high school dropouts get paid $70 an hour to push buttons? Pure anti-union bullshit propaganda…they don’t exist and never did.”  

    Thank you Jim Keller…for indeed, it is pure bullshit fabricated by those lilly-fingered button-pushing shits in the pay of the Chamber of Commerce…the Commonwealth Foundation…the Manufacturing Association and other organizations united in their opposition to all Pennsylvanians who only ask for just compensation in return for their work, their skill and their sweat.

    And Dave… You say that I “can’t prove that there are people that are trying to find work…”

    Pardon me, but I am not obligated to prove anything.

    Rather, it is up to you to prove your case…indeed, it was your own accusation that unemployed Pennsylvanians are ripping off the U.C. system.

    Sorry Dave, but your unnamed nephew and unknown facebook friends would still fail to meet the most liberal standards of admissible evidence in any court of law.

    As for your finding that “NO employer would admit to these statements in public (as they) would be chastised and run out of town by the far left.”

    Forgive me, but you are being much too kind to these lying bastards…for they simply have not the guts to go public with what now serves as a cowardly attack on our state’s unemployed citizens.

    Allow one to end this on something we might agree on…for I too fully share your outrage over the transfer of “MADE IN USA” wind turbine technology to China.

    Allow me this historical analogy…Just prior to his death in 1924, the Soviet leader, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin boasted that “The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.”

    Five years later in 1929, Berks County’s own Birdsboro Foundry and Machine Company built, delivered and erected in the Soviet Union what was then the largest hydraulic press in the world…designed to stamp out wings for the Soviet’s first modern all metal four engine bomber, some 6 years ahead of our own Boeing B-17.

    This was 81 years ago and apparently America’s successor capitalists have since learned absolutely nothing as they now whore themselves to the whims of the Chinese Communist government.

    Matt Thomas


  10. If this went to court the people I named would be subpoenaed and would have to testify under oath and my point would be proven unequivocally.

    Also I don’t believe all of these companies are lying. There is some truth to it, but you can believe what you want.

    I love your story at the end. Our greedy capitalists will never learn and they will sell out our country for an extra dollar!  

  11. Re the unemployed issue, yes…there are always a few people who will work any government program.

    I just do not see this problem as widespread or systemic as our Republican friends would like us to believe. Keep in mind that these guys have their own agenda which has always been both anti-union and anti-worker. Many among them would be happy to see the end of UC benefits altogether on the selfish premise that hungry and desparate people will always work for less.

    I’ll agree to disagree.

    On the deals with Stalin…

    In 1933, FDR was viciously attacked by U.S. business interests when he extended diplomatic recognition to the Soviet Union (a move that I see as a mistake).

    Nevertheless, these same whores had long been making deals with both Lenin and Stalin that made the giant Birdsboro hydraulic press deal look like small potatoes.

    Henry Ford helped design auto plants in Gorky and Moscow. General Electric and the Arthur McKee firm of Cleveland helped build the great steelworks (third largest in the world) at Magnitogorsk in the Ural Mountains. International Harvester and Caterpillar assisted the Soviets in the manufacture of heavy construction machinery, while Du Pont, RCA and other major U.S. corporations helped Stalin industrialize the Soviet Union as part of his 5 year plan.

    All the while this evil bastard was setting up his gulags and slaughtering millions of his own people.

    …A little bit of U.S. corporate history they do not teach in our school systems.

    These U.S. corporate heros were also doing great business with Hitler and the Nazis but that’s another story.

    Matt Thomas

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