Bandelier National Monument

I spent Tuesday hiking along trail at the Bandelier National Monument which is just south of the Los Alamos Nuclear Labs.  This is an ancient site where Anasazi Native Americans lived peacefully and communally.  Do you recall those high school history classes about the cave dwellers of the Southwest?  That was Bandelier.  Archeologists continue excavating the kivas where the people lived and various caves where they dwelled.  The site is in a narrow canyon filled with vegetation and wildlife.  It is an ecotone which means several disparate ecosystems join at one place providing a rich variety of plants and animals.  I took over 65 pictures and obviously can’t post them all here.  I will upload all of them to Flickr when I get a chance.  Today will be one spent getting some rest, catching up on email and processing pictures and video.  Tomorrow I go to Taos on the High Road and that will enable many gorgeous pictures of the mountains.  For more information about Bandelier go here, Wikipedia, or here.

For more pictures click below;

In this picture I’m looking down on the central plaza.  Archeological tents are on the left.  These were four story adobe kivas which were homes.  Each family unit had three small rooms.  All that’s left are these foundations.

If you look closely there’s a bee in this flower;

The walls of the cliff are covered with petroglyphs.

On my way to Bandelier I stopped in White Rock which has an overlook to a canyon where the Rio Grande sneaks along.  The river begins in southern Colorado and snakes south through New Mexico before becoming the border.

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