Gun Nuts Targeting “ObamaCare”

Conservative gun nuts are staging an event in Lancaster where invited Gubernatorial and U.S. Senate candidates can fire at targets representing “ObamaCare” and other liberal ideals.  I suppose this is their warped idea of changing progress and turning the country back to regressive social policies where white men reigned supreme, women were subjugated and Blacks “knew their place.”  All four Republicans are expected to be there (no surprise).  Maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll turn on one another.

The Commonwealth Foundation said Tuesday it invited 10 Republican and Democratic candidates to the May 8 event at a Lancaster County shooting range.

The Harrisburg-based group says attendees can “pump a few rounds or fire a cannon into a beat-up car” bearing icons or conservative nicknames of liberal policy ideas, such as “Obamacare.”

13 thoughts on “Gun Nuts Targeting “ObamaCare””

  1. Jack Wagner will not be at that shoot! The Wagner campaign never called to confirm or unconfirm and the group put on the site that he was coming.

    In fact I just got another Facebook message from someone in the campaign today and they said that they have called and asked them to take his name off of the site but they have not done that yet.  

  2. Conceding for the moment (but not after that) that all of the gun rights sought are granted to gun owners, don’t they realize that there are fringe lunatics in every group? Even the NRA promotes RESPONSIBLE gun ownership. How is this event responsible? How can the promoters not realize that shooting at politcal targets easily could encourage some of those fringe lunatics to act out their deranged fantasies of actually using their weapons on live political targets?

    Unless you believe that advertising doesn’t encourage consumers to spend money, you can’t possiby ignore the fact that events such as this create or enhance the danger that guns will be used against human political opponents. How can any rational person believe that this is RESPONSIBLE gun ownership and use?  

  3. a target with Obama’s picture on it?  How do we infiltrate the event and get video? (without getting shot)

  4. Can’t wait to see your coverage of the Philly Inquirer’s endorsement today of Jack Wagner for Governor.  

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