The State Senate’s Bigotry

Do you remember last year when State Sen. John Eichelberger debated Sen. Daylin Leach about marriage equality?  He said this about the gay and lesbian citizens of Pennsylvania:  “we allow them to exist.”  No one “allows me to exist.”  The threat implied by those words outraged Pennsylvanians everywhere.  Eichelberger refused to debate Leach again because his real, Final Solution type attitudes slipped out over the public airwaves of WHYY.  He did sponsor legislation however outlawing equal rights in our Commonwealth.  John Eichelberger doesn’t believe that “all men are created equal” or in “equal justice under law.”  He wants to make discrimination in Pennsylvania legal and his actions doing so will encourage violence against GLBT persons.  After all, if these people are second class citizens under the law isn’t it OK to bash them, assault them or even kill them?  Isn’t that what Sen. Eichelberger meant when he said “we allow them to exist?”

This is a huge black eye on Pennsylvania’s reputation.  James Carville is famous for describing us as Philadelphia on one end, Pittsburgh on the other and Alabama in between.  This is an opportunity for Pennsylvanians to show the country that really isn’t true.  Next Tuesday the State Senate votes in committee on SB 707.  I urge all Senators to value every person regardless of sexual orientation, to value equal justice under law, to uphold our federal constitution and the 14th Amendment which guarantees equal justice and vote against Eichelberger’s notorious legislation.

I spend a fair amount of time in Harrisburg.  I know who is closeted.  Any closeted Senator who votes for Eichelberger’s bill will be outed.  I also know a State Senator who is wildly homophobic and is also an alcoholic.  One of her rants will also be made public depending on her vote.  This is fair warning.

4 thoughts on “The State Senate’s Bigotry”

  1. …I very much against, even being a straight person.  I am quite angry and outraged at the allegedly professional conduct of my fellow heterosexuals on this issue, who think they are somehow “protecting us” from the gay people, or other such ridiculous nonsense.  

    What always gets me is, this, point I have often made about gays, lesbians, bisexual, transgendered, or homosexual people in general.  

    If you do not actually make it public that you are part of any one of those groups of people, then how do any of us who are not part of any of those groups know, even if you are a homosexual person, all the while unbeknownst.  

    Then, when you actually “come out” and get public about it, some of us straight people suddenly act as if, someone has committed one of the worst atrocities since the Bataan Death March or that the entire stability of society itself is about to come utterly undone and unglued and worse, forever ruined.  

    If you didn’t have a problem when you didn’t know, then having a problem because you now know, but the person didn’t really change, means you’re a g-damn bigot!  means you have the problem not the person who is homosexual, means you need to be adjusted and stopped from doing harm to someone because your bigotry and personal issues are causing a risk to others personal safety and livelihood, only because you are now aware of homosexuality in your midst.  

    I also plead with the State Senators and the General Asssembly at large, to realize that this Commonwealth faces far more real, true, and perilous threats to our continued prosperity and livelihood as a state, than concerning ourselves with the legalized discrimination of homosexuals and creating 2nd class citizens, when so many of our citizens already feel 2nd class or 3rd world, given the outrageous amount of unemployment we still face.  Vote down this bill and denounce it for the obvious swipe at humanity and freedom it is.

    A side note to those who are paying attention: So, you see, folks, I can be both tolerant and intolerant,  because life requires both to be whole.

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