Mark Critz Caught Lying

This time it isn’t “disingenuous.”  Would someone please send clean underwear and toilet tissues to the Critz campaign headquarters?  It’s obvious they are having abdominal disorders over all these revelations so we can, at least, assist them with their hygiene.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette says Critz told them this:

He said he quit in a disagreement over the company’s business practices long before he joined Mr. Murtha’s congressional staff.

Here’s the problem:  Mark Critz’ LinkedIn page says he began working for Congressman Murtha in January 1998 through this past month.  PA2010 reports this:

Critz testified that he worked part-time as both the company’s bookkeeper and business manager from at least late 1997 until early 2000. During that time, the company racked up more than $13,000 worth of state tax violations, and at least one federal tax lien of more than $127,000, according to public records.

That means Mark Critz lied about his two employments overlapping.  They did.

Update:  Critz changed this page too after we exposed the lie.  Unfortunately for him I have the screen shot and his new information changes nothing.  Saying he didn’t work for Murtha until a year later changes nothing.  He still worked at both jobs simultaneously.  For someone who wants to be a Member of Congress he sure makes a lot of mistakes.

7 thoughts on “Mark Critz Caught Lying”

  1. understanding why “the” bookeeper and business manager of a company, part time or otherwise, would not know whether state and federal taxes had been paid. If that wasn’t the job of the bookeeper/business manager, whose job was it?

  2. John…I would suffer serious challenges in the area of courthouse records research and in any event, the county seat is up in Ebensburg and from Johnstown I will be headed south to Somerset County.

    However, I will ask around.

    Matt Thomas

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