Jack Wagner Unveils Government Reform Plan

Gubernatorial candidate Jack Wagner outlined his plan for reforming state government and I’d say it is modest.  He calls for s state constitutional convention but would limit its scope.  We need a full convention.  Some of his steps would simply do what state government is supposed to do:  pass a budget on time, bid state contracts, etc.  Jack calls campaign finance limits the “mother of all reforms.”  It isn’t, enacting public financing of elections would do that because it would remove the corrupting effects of money and end “pay to play” once and for all.

His plan says nothing about lobbying reform or reducing the legislative slush funds which resulted in the BonusGate scandals.  There is nothing from the Auditor General about auditing these accounts either and I find that omission shocking.  The general outline of his plan:

 Hold a constitutional convention to empower citizens to bring fundamental reforms to state government

·         Reduce the size of the General Assembly by 1/3

·         Eliminate bonuses in state government

·         Get state government spending under control

·         Pass state budgets on time

·         Bring competition to every single contract in the state procurement process

·         Ban local governments from attaching risky derivatives/”swaps” to their debt

·         Ensure that taxpayers receive property tax relief promised by gaming

·         Enact campaign finance reform and end pay to play

·         Allow independent voters to participate in Primary Elections

·         Take the politics out of the redistricting process and promote nonpartisan, compact, and contiguous redistricting

One thought on “Jack Wagner Unveils Government Reform Plan”

  1. As you say John, state gov’t is supposed to pass a budget on time and bid state contracts – but it is not doing either of these – so that IS reform. We need to make those happen again.

    Setting limits on state campaign donations would be a BIG change that would reduce all of the political payback that goes on in the state.

    While I agree that public financing is the ultimate answer there is no way the state can currently take out more money and give it to political campaigns twice a year. We just can’t financially do it right now when the budget is so tight.  

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