4 thoughts on “Drill, Baby Drill!”

  1. …what bus dude?…

    …at this point, if Obama doesn’t have at least a heavy battle tank to be driving over all the people and things he’s laid waste to since his election, ain’t no bus, short of the magic school bus (for those that watch PBS) that would be able to drive over all that and still have anything left but a busted seat cushion.

  2. Tell me if I’m wrong; but isn’t Obama making the same error that he made with the healthcare insurance reform bill?

    The asserted justification for authorizing more offshore oil drilling is that it will lead to Republican cooperation on overall energy/climate change legislation. But isn’t that like unilateral disarmament?

    It didn’t help Obama get Republican support of the healthcare bill when he dropped single payer. But it did give him one less item to negotiate away. Perhaps, in the best case scenario, one could accept a trade of more drilling in return for bipartisan support of a meaningful climate control bill. But isn’t he simply handicapping himself by giving it away for free, as he did single payer in the healthcare battle? How did he not learn that lesson?

    I think Obama needs some “art of the deal” lessons from Donald Trump.

  3. Unless he really dose some spectacular stuff from here on out, I will not vote for him again. While this doesn’t mean that I will be voting Republican, at this time I have no desire to see Obama return for a second term. In 2012 I will either vote 3rd party or stay home, something I NEVER thought I would do.  

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