AFL-CIO Endorses Specter

In a serious blow to the Sestak campaign the AFL-CIO announced yesterday it is endorsing Sen. Arlen Specter for re-election.  Though they cited his voting record since switching parties a year ago the giant labor organization undermines its credibility be endorsing someone with only a 60% lifetime voting record on labor issues.  Pennsylvania AFL-CIO President Bill George said last year that such a record is good for a Republican but bad for a Democrat.  What has changed?  

I was curious if this was a viability issue due to the current poll numbers but apparently it came down to President Obama pressuring Labor to support his guy.  This is curious since Obama ran workers under the bus in his health insurance reform bill.  I don’t understand why this endorsement came out.

6 thoughts on “AFL-CIO Endorses Specter”

  1. John, viability drove that endorsement without any doubt whatsoever. Labor figures that Toomey is its worst enemy; Sestak isn’t even trying to be elected (evidently he likes being unknown); so why piss off Specter? Specter, mediocre as he is, is Labor’s best bet among the candidates.

  2. the reason the card check bill didn’t pass?

    I can’t believe the union membership will listen to these so called leaders!  

  3. Crap like this is why the AFL-CIO has no credibility. I was in two unions in my life and none of the membership took their endorsements seriously.  

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