What is the City of Reading Doing?

We live in a state that has to deal with winter. Some year we have little or no snow and the city COULD bank any funds it has for snow removal for year that we have lots like this year. Do they? Anybody wanna hazard a guess?

Any one other simple question…what is the logic behind paying city employees to run around the city confiscating lawn chairs and other sundry items used to save parking places? Wouldn’t the money be better spent REMOVING THE DAMN SNOW?

“The reason is twofold: Reserving a parking space on a public right of way is illegal, and the city wants to make room to dig out more snow, according to Mayor Tom McMahon and Public Works Director Charles M. Jones.” (Reading Eagle 17 Feb 2010 ‘Reading to confiscate items used to save parking spaces’)

Was snow removed? ANYWHERE? Maybe in the government district (CBD) but not in the residential areas.

I understand that people get upset when they work for hours to clear their car so they can go to work only to have no place to park when they get home. So instead of the city helping their citizens they embrace a policy of trash collection?

When you have large snow storms you need to remove the snow, I know it costs money so you have to plan and planning is something the City consistently fails to do.

So anyway the city declares a state of emergency (ostensible meant to remove vehicles from major arteries for snow removal)…guess what…no snow removal.

Now another storm is coming and the large piles around the city have not been shifted and so if we get another 12 inches where will that go?

And another thing…7 or 8 plows for the 5th largest city in the state? Maybe it’s less now that one burst into flames. Seems like there should be more.

All this from a city whose employees thinks it’s OK to store documents in a recycling bin. Why am I not surprised???

8 thoughts on “What is the City of Reading Doing?”

  1. Kirk, I’m not sure you realize how bad off the city is financially. For years, it has balanced it’s budget with gimmicks, refinancing bond issues, sales of public property, and one time fixes. Obviously unsustainable. To believe the city would save money for a snowy day is unimaginable.

    Reality is that most of those in public office were unwilling to face financial reality and the problem continued to worsen. As much as it makes sense to truck away the snow (like it did when I was a kid growing up in the city), there simply are not enough employees, trucks and loaders, or money in the budget to pay for removing snow.

    I do agree that it’s a waste of money and pointless to collect items placed to save parking spaces. That’s a law which should be changed. At least that is one truck and crew which could be plowing or removing snow. And wouldn’t you prefer to see the cop folowing the truck doing something more useful?

  2. it would have been better to use the truck and crew to remove snow; but how much snow could one truck and one crew actually remove?

    The larger point that I was making, in response to Kirk’s questioning why the city didn’t bank funds to be prepared for the inevitable snowy winter, is that there were no funds to bank. The city has scraped by for too many years (decades?)on gimmicks used to “balance” its budgets to expect it to adopt a fundamentally sound budget plan for future years.  

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