News & Notes February 26, 2010

The snow finally ended here and the sun is shining.  I began shoveling though most of the snow seems to have blown away.  Some spots are clear while others have a foot.  It all depends on it it blew away or where it wound up.

Sen. Jim Bunning threw another no hitter today.  This time he struck out all the unemployed people whose compensation expires Sunday.  He single handedly killed an extension while complaining he was missing a Kentucky basketball game. When confronted on his obstinacy his reply was “tough shit.”  My guess is that’s what he also expects these jobless folks to eat too.  Considering his support for the failed economic policies which caused their predicament perhaps all the unemployed people out there could mail him some of the waste from their dogs.

Blackwater first tried to hide their horrendous record and reputation by changing names.  Then they created a blind subsidiary to gain government contracts fraudulently.  There is no end to their treachery.  The real problem here isn’t Blackwater though but the privatization of government.  Since when did we decide to privatize national security and make it a “for profit” enterprise?

How low can the Catholic Church go?  In Brazil they are furious over an abortion for a 9 year old girl.  She was raped and impregnated by her step father and instead of being outraged by the molestation and rape the Church is upset about the abortion.  What more do we need to know about their warped priorities?  When I stop and remember how billions of people take their moral guidance from such folks it makes me shudder.

Sen. Bob Casey still hasn’t signed on to Sen. Bennet’s letter supporting the use of reconciliation to pass health insurance reform.  Twenty four Senators have signed on thus far.

The Canadian women’s hockey team got into the Olympic “spirits” a bit too publicly after winning the gold medal.  They celebrated by swigging beer and champagne on the ice while sucking on stogies.  Real class…

Congressman Jason Altmire, an erstwhile Democrat, was rated as right of center in new ratings issued today.  His staff sent a press release bragging about the honor.  Would someone please inform Jason that Democrats aren’t supposed to vote right of center?  That actually makes him a Republican.  There is some consolation, when he gets voted out of office this year he can drive Melissa Hart’s old VW home from the Congressional parking garage where it remains parked since she held the seat.

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  1. It seems to me, that the belligerent and even brazenly cruel conduct by some of our elected leaders in Washington towards the continued strife, problems, and debacles facing America on a daily basis, is begging for the question to be asked.  Are they seeking for America to begin another revolution???  

    For I cannot think that if the current trends of governance continue much longer, or should I say lack of governance, that we will be left with much else of a choice than to begin a new revolt to reshape and return America to a true democracy and a better system of governance.  

    With one party being utterly satisfied to watch in disgusting indifference, the problems, of everyday Americans, while blaming those who would like to fashion some sort of solution to the problem, I see the other party being unable to get out of its own way, for the amount of schism and factions that are rampant in the Democratic party these days.  

    Since both major parties have made the rules so difficult for most any 3rd party to have an honest chance at being part of the governance structure at the highest policy making levels, and the prevalence of 3rd parties that are often splinter, fringe, or exteme in nature, I find that for those of us, who are neither in the major or minor parties, we are left in the lerch at the mercy of fools, idiotis, scoundrels, thieves, and boobs, that continue to receive votes and support from the very people that they then turn around and literally or figuratively crap upon with their indifference, their weakness, and their lunacy.  No amount of coloring in pretty terms or charismatic splendor will make the fact that we are a broken country go away.  Only the bedrock change of truly tossing out all of those now in control, by hopefully non-violent and electoral means will bring about the change that we not only still need, but must have or else prepare to be a dead stick of a country, tattered, and withered in the wind of time.  

    How is it that people like myself and others like myself have become such an apparent minority, in terms of thought and wisdom and understanding of just how grave and how perilous a position we are in, as a country.  It irks me, it frustrates me, and in time, it may motivate me to call for a true, honest revolution in America.  It is a thing that should never be taken lightly and I still hope for the possibility that somehow we will come to a sense of understand at least enough to realize that we as a people, as voters, can and do have the power to effect the changes we need.  Not the changes the media, the special interests, your employer, your religion, or any other group, beyond yourselves as citizens, say that needs to be made.  No, only the changes that will bring some sanity back to America.  

    We’re poisoned, we’re broken, we’re hopelessly adrift, because those that only care about themselves and not us and not this country, want to keep all of us, off balance as long as possible, so that we can fill their pockets and futures with prosperity, while most of us have to suffer and strive for what is left.  There is no glory or propriety in their conduct and it must be stopped or else we are totally lost.  

    Let us bring the change starting this spring and every election thereafter and never give up until the scourge and insanity is put to an end and real understanding, wisdom, liberty and justice is there again for all.  

  2. Buchanan, who is seeking the Republican nomination to oppose Altmire (as you know), is such an extremist buffoon that she makes Altmire look tolerable.  

  3. The real reason the unemployment rate is staying so high is because of these benefits being extended for so long.

    No one should need two years to find a job! I know of 3 or 4 people right off the top of my head who are just sucking up the unemployment and enjoying their time off. They’re not even trying to find work.

    Are we just going to keep extending these benefits forever?

    After the unemployment runs out they can always go on welfare. It’s not like you are going to have people starving.

    Many of the unemployed are unwilling to take a job that pays a little less than their last one. That’s what happens when you have to start a new job. You have to work your way back up.

    This will eventually pass anyway and the unemployment rate will remain high until people HAVE to get a job.


  4. Evidently, you and yours are fortunate enough to be employed. However, while we are “reasoning” by analogy, my daughter-in-law, as energetic and productive a worker as you ever will find, was laid off due to downsizing (due to the economy) last October. Since then, she has been seeking employment as conscientiously and creatively as anyone possibly could do. She literally has sent out 100s of resumes and has networked constantly. She has worked part time and snagged a 10 week consulting contact. Still, her unemployment comp will run out sometime this spring.

    She does not fit your ignorant image of someone who should be forced onto welfare; nor would she qualify because my son is employed. Apparantly, you have no empathy for their 2 young children. I guess you (and your buddy Jim Bunning) would just say “tough shit”.

    Perhaps a beaning with a Bunning fastball to your unhelmeted head would knock some sense into you. I don’t hold out much hope for empathy to your fellow human beings. I only hope that, someday, when you are on the down side of things, those who decide these matters has more humanity than you.

  5. The very last politician to question any unemployed American’s willingness to get a job is Kentucky Republican senator James Bunning.

    Outside of ball-playing, Bunning spent his hard work life as a professional politician…a city councilman, state senator, congressman, U.S. senator…living for many years off the public till.

    Yet one needs to be fair, so let us not forget his other job:

    “Sen. Bunning’s non-profit foundation, the Jim Bunning Foundation, has given less than 25 percent of its proceeds to charity. The charity has taken in $504,000 since 1996, according to Senate and tax records; during that period, Senator Bunning was paid $180,000 in salary by the foundation while working a reported one hour per week.”– Lexington Herald Leader December 18, 2008

    More hard work: Here we have the only U.S. senator to absent himself from the critical vote on health care reform back in December of ’09. That very same December, this guy missed another 20 senate votes…the worst record that month for any member of this august body…even worse than the aged (92) and long ailing Robert Byrd.

    This mean-spirited senate truant serves best as the Republican male counterpart to the bug-wit Sarah Palin: “I don’t watch the national news, and I don’t read the paper…I watch Fox News to get my information.”

    – Cincinnati Enquirer 10/23/04.

    Time magazine rated Bunning as one of “America’s Five Worst Senators.” 04/16/06

    The best news has been Bunning’s July 2009 announcement that he would not run for reelection in 2010.

    Too bad he can’t file for unemployment compensation.

    Matt Thomas

  6. No one is proposing that someone be allowed to collect unemployment comp for more than two years. (BTW, I don’t believe that someone can collect it even that long. My understanding is 15 months.)

    What is being proposed (and held up by one bitter senator, whose own party rejected him from seeking reelection) is to extend the authorization for the EXISTING unemployment comp program.  

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