Governor Candidates Take Questions

Last evening I watched the Q&A session sponsored by Philadelphia’s Neighborhood Networks.  Attending were Joe Hoeffel, Jack Wagner, Dan Onorato and Republican Sam Rohrer.  Tom Corbett and Anthony Williams didn’t attend.  Watching Rep. Rohrer take questions from a decidedly liberal audience was interesting.  He danced very carefully around questions with his omissions as meaningful as his responses.  When Audrey Ross of Planned Parenthood asked about access to family planning and birth control the virulently anti-choice evangelical dodged it nicely without revealing his true position.

Jack Wagner was bold enough to say he is pro life and anti-gay.  Dan Onorato also said he against same sex marriage.  Joe Hoeffel was the only pro-choice, pro-equality candidate on the stage.  I don’t understand how progressives can support Mr. Wagner.  His positions are directly out of the 19th century.  His response to a question about federal funding of AIDS programs was to pledge to audit it.  A late question about relegating juveniles to the adult corrections system completely went over his head.  He listened as the panelists patiently repeated it for him three times.  He still had no idea of the issue they were presenting.  Duh???  Wagner came off very badly.

Rohrer’s presence at this forum was puzzling.  He says often he doesn’t believe government should serve any purpose outside providing for the common defense.  He kept repeating his mantra of lower taxes except for sales taxes which he would raise.  Interestingly these fall disproportionatley on the poor and this audience reflected many concerns of the urban poor.  Many of the questions had to do with social services of which Rohrer opposes on a deep ideological level.

Joe Hoeffel had good answers and Dan Onorato looked good on several.  I just don’t trust Onorato.  If he and Corbett are the nominees I’ll be voting Green in November as I will if the top of the ticket is Specter/Toomey.  Democrats cannot keep expecting liberals and progressives in Pennsylvania to continue voting Democratic when they keep giving us reactionary candidates.  If the Pennsylvania Green Party were better organized and hid their tin foil hat members they might get competitive.  The opportunity is certainly here.

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  1. but I am assuming that because Jack Wagner wants to keep the definition of marriage as between a man and a woman you perceive that as being anti-gay.

    Well then that means that Barack Obama, Joe Biden, just about all of the Presidential candidates in the 2008 race and the majority of the American people are considered anti-gay as those votes in every state that has put in on the ballot would attest under your reasoning.

    Did you also know that about 10 years ago Mr. Wagner as a state senator was a co-sponsor of a hate crimes bill that had sexual orientation included in it?

    Those politicians and the majority of the American people are not anti-gay just because of that one issue!

    Also Mr. Wagner has stated that Roe vs. Wade is the law of the land and he would abide by it and not change it. He doesn’t like seeing so many abortions personally though as you and your planned parenthood friends do.You and them feel that women can just go out and get pregnant and get an abortion like it’s nothing! After seeing them cheer for abortions at the Progressive summit I realize that that is their position on what should be a delicate issue between a woman and her doctor and her husband if she is married.

    This is not really an issue for a PA Governor as it is the law of the land. Jack is interested in reforming the state government, especially financially and getting rid of fraud, waste and abuse and also promoting green energy independence. Real issues that affect us and will affect our future generations.

    Since when is being a Progressive simply a two-issue ideology?!


  2. Jack Wagner has said he would leave the law as it is. What is so hard to understand about that? That means abortion will remain legal and safe.

    I personally am pro-choice but I don’t think we should have so many abortions.

    If Hoeffel somehow wins the primary you will have a new Governor named Tom Corbett! He won’t have a chance in a state like PA in a general election with his far left views!

    As far as a state constitutional amendment, that is nearly impossible to ever pass and it takes years. I don’t think the bill has even made it out of committee yet.

    These bills must get through the legislature before the Governor even has a say.  

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