News & Notes January 30, 2010

Lehighton lawyer Robert Frycklund has announced his candidacy for retiring Speaker Keith McCall’s State House seat.  He joins Bruce Nalesnik in the Democratic primary.

Pennsylvania Democratic Party Communications Director Abe Amoros has left for another position and yesterday was his final day in that job.  Abe is a good guy and we’ll miss him.

President Obama went to the Republican Congressional Retreat yesterday and blew them away.  Now if he can simply send them somewhere permanently we might something done in Washington.

There are tons of candidates here working the crowd.  Sherrie Cohen, a friend, is running for Philadelphia City Council as an at large candidate.  She’s a wonderful person and a dedicated activist.  Her brother is State Rep. Mark Cohen.  Such a fine pedigree the Cohens have for selfless public service!

Manan Trivedi and Joe Hoeffel both had receptions last night after all the speeches and debates. SEIU’s Eileen Connelly was awarded the first Anna Burger Award for working towards establishing a progressive majority in Pennsylvania.  Sitting there listening to the parameters for the award I was able to think of quite a few deserving people.  We take our hats off to all of them.

Mike Morrill, Executive Director of Keystone Progress, the main sponsor of the Summit, emceed last night’s debate and Eileen Connelly moderated.  Young Ben Morrill collected question cards from the audience and delivered them to his father.  Following the event I queried him about his pay scale (none) and working conditions.  I told Mike I would be organizing his workers.

The panel on blogging which I organized for this morning’s round of workshops will consist of Alan Franklin of ProgressNow, State Representative Mark Cohen, Chris Bowers of  Open Left, myself and Beth Becker.  It’s a great group of experienced, dedicated bloggers.  There’s lots of knowledge so come and learn about blogging and using social networking.  For the first time in my 58 years I may utter the sentence “welcome Tweeters and Tweeps.”  Never imagined that…

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