Tis the Season to be Merry: Orie Criminal Investigation opens up

Perzel, DeWeese, and Orie… those are not the names of Santa’s reindeer, those are the name of lawmakers in a pot of hot water about to come to a boil.  

This morning breaking news out of Pittsburgh reports that Jane Orie, the third most powerful Republican in the state has had a Allegheny County Grand Jury criminal investigation opened up on her.  To me, as a Democrat and someone that was genuinely disgusted over her sleazy last minute smears on Jack Panella, a good man and an even better Judge, this comes as an early Christmas present.

Here is the link to the story.  It appears that Jane Orie’s office is now under surveillance by detectives and all computers have been seized.


It appears an employee or intern from early reports has apparently come forward to authorities to tell of Orie using her Senate office and staff to perform fundraising and campaign work on behalf of her sister, Joan Orie Melvin.  The investigation started unfortunately for Jane, before the election was over. This poses some interesting questions regarding the late infusion of cash into her campaign, whether her sister knew of it, and just how many are going to be involved in this probe.

Also, it will be interesting to see if Tom Corbett will look the other way on his friends from Pittsburgh.  

This coincides with confidential tales ive heard from a very authoritative and confidential source, that Orie and her sister stumped on the campaign trail… showing up promising to fix cases for people in Erie and Philadelphia

, and pledging to gerrymander the re-districting in favor of Republicans.

Nonetheless, Morgan and I already knew that this whole case smelled foul… next year we’ll have to work on a parody titled “the 12 indictments of Christmas” for everyone…  Nonetheless, it appears that Orie and potential Orie Melvin could be in very deep trouble.  

Yes, Morgan… there is a Santa Claus!

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