Harrisburg Diary

AG Tom Corbett is running into trouble again because of his BonusGate prosecutions.  After losing his initial trial it is now appearing his charges against former Revenue Secretary Steve Stetler may not hold water.  After forcing the former State Representative to resign from Gov. Rendell’s Cabinet due to the recent indictment experts are saying Stetler didn’t personally benefit from any of his activities.  This may make gaining a successful prosecution impossible.  Oops, it seems Corbett’s political ambitions got the best of him again.

Now we’re hearing rumblings about Todd Eachus again.  There seems to be grand jury testimony saying he raised political money from his Capitol offices.  It’s tough to believe the Leaders from either Party didn’t know staffers were running campaigns on tax payer time.  That simply stretches rational credibility.  Still, proving it isn’t easy especially for an AG bent on being Governor.

In a morning press conference Gov. Rendell revealed he has lost 59 pounds thus far on his diet.  This means several cheese steak shops in downtown Harrisburg have likely gone under.  I bet I know how the Guv got motivated to lose all that weight:  he kept seeing those rats scurrying around the Capitol cafeteria.  That’s enough to make anyone lose their appetite.

HUD Announces $1.4 Billion For Homeless

The White House just announced grants totaling $1.4 billion through the Department of Housing and Urban Development to aid the homeless.  The assistance will help keep shelters and food kitchens open during hard times when more and more people are homeless due to the Bush Recession.

“As we move into the coldest time of the year, it’s critical that no program risk running out of money to keep their doors open,” said Donovan. “These grants will make certain that those programs on the front lines of helping the homeless have the resources they need to house and serve persons who might otherwise be forced to turn to the streets.”

Barbara Poppe, Executive Director of the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness, said, “Today we extend the federal partnership with communities to meet demand for homeless assistance and support programs that successfully end homelessness. This public-private partnership has demonstrated tremendous success at ending chronic homelessness and we are now working to build partnerships to end homelessness among veterans and prevent family, youth, and child homelessness.”

HUD’s Continuum of Care Grants provide permanent and transitional housing to homeless persons. In addition, Continuum grants fund important services including job training, health care, mental health counseling, substance abuse treatment and child care. Continuum of Care grants are awarded competitively to local programs to meet the needs of their homeless clients. These grants fund a wide variety of programs from street outreach and assessment programs to transitional and permanent housing for homeless persons and families.

    *  HUD is awarding nearly $1.4 billion to renew funding to 6,445 local programs. HUD awarded $1.2 billion to 5,825 renewal projects last year.

   * More than $738 million is being awarded to 2,997 projects that provide permanent housing solutions for homeless families and individuals, including persons who are chronically homeless.

   * More than 3,200 local projects that serve families with children will receive over $733 million.

The Need to Help Labor Radio Survive

by Stephen Crockett

(Note from John:  I cohost Democratic Talk Radio with Steve and Walt Garvin.)

In these terrible economic times, it is hard to keep the bills paid for most working families. We all are struggling to stay in our homes, keep our old cars on the road and food on the table. Americans are certainly worried with good reason about keeping their jobs and affording healthcare. All of these problems can be traced more or less directly to excessive corporate power in America both economically and politically.

The current healthcare insurance reform debate has highlighted for everyone how much the balance of power has shifted in terms of public debate against the interests of American workers and towards the interests of giant corporations. Corporate media has not given a real voice to labor leaders who represent the millions of American workers most heavily impacted by this issue. Right Wing talk radio has distorted elements of the issue, the process and relevant facts beyond all recognition. Most of the opposition to real change from the American public comes from not hearing the truth. Lack of balance in this debate reveals  the one-sided nature of corporate media.

Why was single-payer, universal healthcare deemed “off the table” when it is the norm in nearly every other industrialized nation in the world? It was corporate power! The corporate media deemed it “radical” and working Americans had no effective voice in framing the debate. We will all suffer as a result.

Corporate power killed the Fairness Doctrine in broadcasting.  This means that the public airwaves are solely being used even in political terms for private profit. Since corporations have huge spending advantages over their workers’ organizations (labor unions), workers have been effectively shut out of the public debate. It has impacted politics, government policy and American working family living standards for decades.

The relative lack of effective working families-oriented media has resulted in awful government policies that have ruined American manufacturing, killed Americans in unjustified wars and by denying healthcare, gutted pensions, legalized predatory lending, polluted our environment, weakened civil liberties, curtailed voting rights and given the wealthiest of the wealthy near veto rights over government policy. Instead of government acting as a check and balance to international corporations it far too often has become a tool of them. The ruination of the American economy has assisted the excessive concentration of wealth in our nation and weakened American democracy.

We cannot reverse this anti-working family, anti-American democracy course without getting our message to the American people. We must create a media network to help offset one-sided corporate media. Labor radio certainly will play a key role if it survives!

Progressive organizations and individuals inside and outside organized labor must find a way to help struggling labor radio programs survive the current economic crisis. Will they? I do not know the answer.

Labor radio heroes, like Rick Smith of the Rick Smith Show and Charles Showalter of The Union Edge, already have given the cause thousands of hours and thousands of dollars personally trying to fill the void. This writer has done the same for 9 years with my own Democratic Talk Radio program (although I would never call myself a hero) by donating tens of thousands of hours and spending around $40,000 personally.

Currently, the Union Edge is taking a short break from the airwaves do to the lack of financial support. Democratic Talk Radio may have to do the same. It is time for those able to assist to step up.

Progressive groups should shift part of their advertising to progressive media outlets instead of channeling nearly all of it into corporate media outlets. Advertising and/or underwriting the right kind of media will multiply many times over the impact of each dollar invested. As a movement and as individuals, we must get smarter in how we use our very limited resources.

Support should go to progressive magazines like the Progressive, the Progressive Populist, the Nation and similar publications. Vitally important blogs and Internet sites like Buzzflash.com and the OpEd News.com will play key roles in creating an alternative non-corporate media.

Labor radio and progressive radio are only going to survive if labor unions, union activists and progressives fund the shows. Some of the best labor radio shows are:

*      Workers Independent News (Live)

http://www.aflcio.org/images/_… Bridges

http://www.aflcio.org/images/_… Rick Smith Show

http://www.aflcio.org/images/_… Workforce

http://www.aflcio.org/images/_… Union Edge

http://www.aflcio.org/images/_… Talk Radio

http://www.aflcio.org/images/_… “Inside Government”

http://www.aflcio.org/images/_… Labor Forum

Anything that you can do to support and build these radio shows, Internet sites and publications will help balance excessive corporate power. Like building the labor movement by joining a union, each individual action is small but working together will help everyone. The game is rigged against us as working people but doing nothing means remaining forever the victims of excessive corporate power.

Each little individual action is a small victory for economic and political justice that makes it easier to win the next one.

Written by Stephen Crockett (host of Democratic Talk Radio http://www.DemocraticTalkRadio… and Editor of Mid-Atlantic Labor.com http://www.mid-atlanticlabor.com ). Mail: 698 Old Baltimore Pike, Newark, Delaware 19702. Phone: 443-907-2367. Email: demlabor@aol.com .

PA AFL-CIO Calls Out Dems on Taxing Health Benefits

The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO held a round table discussion on health insurance reform at noon today in Harrisburg.   Michael Fedor and Jake Long of the Central PA Area Labor Federation called out Democrats who are voting to tax union benefit plans and those Members of Congress for whom Labor supported, for voting against workers.  Citing candidate Barack Obama’s opposition to taxing health care benefits during the presidential campaign Labor is upset that now the Senate bill would tax these plans once their value reaches $23,000/year.  Jake Long cited the benefits at Hershey Foods where he led that union for many years.  The family plans there cost Hershey $17,000 per year.  Assuming no future cost controls (since the bill is sorely lacking them) and a 10% annual increase in premiums they will meet this tax threshold in just four years.  These aren’t “Cadillac” plans being affected but average worker’s plans which were negotiated at the cost of wage increases over many years.

The AFL-CIO sees this as a betrayal by Democrats whom they worked hard to elect.  They told their members to support, vote for and volunteer for Obama because John McCain was going to tax their benefits.  Now it appears President Obama will if he signs this Senate bill.

Remember that candidate Obama campaigned on rolling back the Bush tax cuts for the rich to fund health care reform.  Now all we’re left with is health insurance reform and instead of taxing the rich he would tax working people.  Unions negotiated contracts centered on health care benefits for decades and conceded wage increases in order to gain good plans.  Working families surrendered wages for these benefits and now they face being taxed on their value.  Labor, rightly so, feels betrayed.  “This violates the social pact agreed with over the course of negotiations” said Long.  “Now they are being asked to bear the brunt of health care reform.  Obama is making the wrong choice by making workers pay for this reform.  We won’t be silent on this and we won’t roll over.”  Mr. Fedor said “This is the watershed moment, if you do this on the backs of workers and don’t hold the insurance companies accountable then they’re doing it wrong and we’ll hold them accountable.”

Those are strong statements and officials, especially Democrats, must seriously consider what they’re doing with this legislation.  We already saw an abysmal turnout in November from Democrats angered and frustrated by the gutting of real health care reform.  Now, if Labor opts to withhold support and funds from Democrats there could be very serious consequences come November 2010.

I asked specifically about two Democratic Congressmen from Pennsylvania who voted against the House bill.  They are Tim Holden and Jason Altmire.  Some of that conversation was off the record but suffice it to say the AFL-CIO was instrumental in both Districts and they may opt to sit out those campaigns in 2010.  For Altmire and Holden this could be disastrous.

Another anomaly of the Senate bill which was pointed out by Jake Long was the contradiction of the funds for Nebraska negotiated by Sen. Ben Nelson.  In return for his vote the public option was discarded but he also obtained hundreds of millions in federal funds for his state’s Medicare and Medicaid recipients.  Both are publicly funded government plans.  If Sen. Nelson is so against public plans isn’t this gross hypocrisy?

Real health care reform is at the top of Labor’s legislative agenda along with the Employee Free Choice Act.  If Democrats pass a bill taxing union health benefits it can be assumed that the AFL-CIO will stop supporting their candidates.  If you’ve ever worked on a campaign in Pennsylvania you understand how critical their assistance is for winning.  I asked if Labor would recruit or fund primary opponents to Holden and Altmire.  That’s when the conversation went “off the record.”

I’m calling for the stripping of the mandate from this bill.  Nothing about it is good.  It simply is a massive transfer of public funds to private industry with few safeguards.  Serious health care reform is paramount because we face catastrophic economic paralysis if we do not.  Currently premiums are rising at about a 20% annual clip.  Some are less, many far more.  For now let’s go with the 20% figure.  This means in five years (or so) your health insurance premium will double.  If you are paying $1200/month now (the average) this means in 2014 you’ll be paying $2400.  In another five years (actually more like 3 with compounding) $4800.  These types of increases have been happening all along which is why we are where we are.  Now imagine what happens economically when Americans no longer have any discretionary income.  No money for anything but housing, food, energy, clothing and health care.

Imagine.  No consumer economy, few new cars, no new TV’s, video games, computers, iPods, toys or anything else.  All your discretionary income and, probably, much of your other income, will go towards government mandated health insurance.  Going to private, for profit companies whose consultants and lawyers will continue imagining creative new methods to deny you care.  That’s our future.  Stripping this mandate the same way we stripped the public option and/or Medicare buy in makes this a Patients Bill of Rights bill and then we can begin from scratch on a real solution.

News & Notes December 22, 2009

Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl has finally stepped away from his wildly unpopular tuition tax proposal.  Already infamous for his drink tax the young Mayor was getting close to making Pittsburgh the single most unpopular place for young people to come for college.  Taxing tuition was probably thought of as a method for extracting revenues from untaxed properties.  Why then not also find a way to tax churches?  They are the largest single drain on urban revenues.  Simply document the churches engaged in political activities and advocacy and tax them as any other property.  That’s like shooting fish in a barrel these days.

Elections do have consequences.  Enforcement of laws has returned and new rules protecting consumers are being developed once again after the business owned Republicans have been thrown from office.  Now no airline can keep captive passengers in a plane on the tarmac for more than three hours.  There are few things worse than being stuck on one of these flights.

How many more of our inexperienced and easily distracted teens have to die before we get serious about restricting their driving privileges?  Perhaps if the state legislature could get its act together they could find time to do something in a year besides wrangle over the budget.  While they’re at it they should make it illegal to pass on shoulders, tailgate and a few other of the horrid violations drivers make in the Commonwealth.  Oh, and throw in some traffic enforcement.  What we lose in property losses and medical care should more than make up for the cost of more police.

Cops aren’t the only authority figures who think donning something makes them above the law.  Just as there are rogue cops there are also rogue judges.  Another one is biting the dust.

Congressional candidate Manan Trivedi has received the endorsement of South Asians for Opportunity.  No surprise as Trivedi is the son of Indian immigrants.  The former Navy physician is an Iraq War veteran.  So much for those “worthless” immigrants who don’t do anything for our country.  Yes, we should simply throw them all out.  (channeling Lou Dobbs)

A federal court threw out the Congressional action against ACORN as being a bill of attainder.  Of course Congress was told their action was unconstitutional but heaven help us not allow politics and demagoguery get in the way of good government.  Or bad government in this case.

As the national health insurance bill gets progressively worse and worse (the only progressive thing about this legislation) Joe Hoeffel came out yesterday and condemned the anti-abortion language.  He said “Organizations from Planned Parenthood to NOW are outraged at the prospect that each state could enact a law forbidding any exchange-based insurance plan from providing abortion coverage. I stand with them in hoping this provision is removed from the final bill to be presented to President Obama.

However, should this provision remain and become law as part of our national health care reform, as governor I will preserve a woman’s right to choose in Pennsylvania by vetoing any bill which would prohibit abortion coverage from being offered in plans offered through our state insurance exchange.

As a state representative and US congressman, I have been an outspoken leader defending women’s reproductive freedom, and as governor I will continue the fight to protect and advance a woman’s right to choose.”  Congratulations to the candidate for Governor.  You have my vote Joe.

The Berks County Democratic Committee is considering new by laws which violate the DNC Charter.  How many times do they have to be told you cannot conduct closed door meetings?  This time I may have to insist the DNC revoke their Charter.  The new rules make it extremely easy to throw out any duly elected member they wish.  Whoever heard of a 20% quorum?  Gee, I wonder what prompted Chair Tom Herman to adopt such draconian antidemocratic rules?  Perhaps while they’re at it they can change their name too.  Something like the Berks County National Socialists?

Congratulations to the Penn State women’s volleyball team for its third straight national championship.  This extends their winning streak to 102 matches.

The Reckoning For the Conservative Dems at the Mid-terms pt 2

( – promoted by John Morgan)

Well, that’s on Main St. At Wall Street, It’s a whole another world.The Conservative Senators are laughing in the halls of the Capitol as they talk to each other about how effective they have been at stifling the debate about what the suffering, growingly unemployed middle class can get access to regarding healthcare. They’re cheering about how they scored a win for their corporate campaign contributors in the Big Insurance & Pharmaceutical Drug conglomerates for killing public option, Medicare expansion  

&competition against the corporate monopolies that get richer, more influential &allow numerous people to die to up their bottomlines. Of course, why not celebrate? With the passage of the mostly unuseful, neutered, unaffordable mandated healthcare reform they can look like heros to the poor & middle class while making their corporate bosses happy. However, do they represent us? The Ben Nelsons, the Mary Landrieus, the Joe Leibermans? No. If they’re going to work for private corporations send them packing!  

The Reckoning For the Conservative Dems at the Mid-terms pt 1

( – promoted by John Morgan)

There’s a mother whose just received a memo she’s being permanently laid off from the company she’s worked for15 years. She has to drive home and tell her husband at her humble, suburban home that their last bit of income they had coming in after the husband just lost his a week prior is gone. They come together worried as they look down at their autistic 4 year old son on the floor playing with blocks happily. Their faces look pale, tense and grave as they worry about his oncoming medical bills. They both  

lost their insurance and can’t afford the bitter choice of paying thousands on COBRA coverage when their facing counting dollars for their next meal. They both have high degrees and would have no problem getting another job during a normal economic period. But this is far from a normal economic period. They’re facing the possibly they can lose their beautiful home they worked so hard and saved for the down payment to have. The American Dream may be Deferred right now.  

Ripped from the Headlines: Greed, Corruption, and Hate Crimes in Northeastern Pennsylvania

By Walter Brasch

           Dick Wolf, who created “Law & Order” and its two successful spin-offs, “Law & Order: SVU” and “Law & Order: Criminal Intent,” should probably consider establishing a branch office in Pennsylvania.

           It seems that whenever any of the New York City cops take a road trip to find a fugitive or track down a witness, they go to Pennsylvania. Apparently, New Jersey is only a buffer zone.

           Part of the reason why Pennsylvania routinely figures into the hour-long dramas may be because Wolf, a New Yorker, is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. Another possibility, although much more remote, may be because his first of three wives was named Susan Scranton.

           Nevertheless, Pennsylvania has been the site of sufficient plots the past couple of years as the three TV series have increased their levels of social consciousness.

           Pennsylvania’s attorney general has already issued 25 arrest warrants for state legislators and their aides of both political parties-including former House Speaker John Perzel, a Republican, and Bill DeWeese, the House Democratic majority leader. They are accused of a variety of charges, including theft, conflict of interest, obstruction, and conspiracy.  

           But it is northeastern Pennsylvania that is fertile ground for the writers. Luzerne County, with Wilkes-Barre as the county seat, has provided the background for at least two shows from “Law & Order.” Both had plots set in New York City but featured Pennsylvania misconduct that included an undercurrent of corrupt judges who took kick-backs for sentencing juveniles to privately-run juvenile detention centers. When that plot finally plays out, there are also stories to be developed about corrupt courthouse officials, corrupt school board officials and, just recently, the vice-chair of the county board of commissioners, a former pro football player, who accepted a bribe.

            Nearby Schuylkill County, specifically the people of Shenandoah, played a critical part in an April 2009 “Law & Order” hate crime story about the beating and murder by teens of an undocumented Hispanic worker. In Shenandoah, 25-year-old Luis Eduardo Ramirez Zavala, an undocumented Mexican with no criminal history, was beaten by a gang of high school football players in July 2008. In the “Law & Order” episode, the victim was also an undocumented Hispanic who was targeted by a gang of high school basketball players who had anonymously made a video, “Beaner Hunt: Taking Back America One Street at a Time.” In both the Ramirez Zavala case and the fictional “Law & Order” case, a mother covers up evidence; people in the town spew racial hatred, with many claiming if the victim wasn’t an “illegal,” he would still be alive; a “windbag” TV pundit rants about illegals taking over the country; and a jury refuses to present a guilty verdict on all but the least of the charges against the teens.

The Ramirez Zavala murder is likely to provide seed for several more episodes. This past week, the FBI arrested two teens who had been convicted by an all-White jury only of simple assault, and four police officers, including the chief. Derrick Donchak, 19, and Brandon Piekarski, 18, are charged with federal hate crimes. A third teen, Colin J. Walsh, had accepted a plea bargain and is in federal prison. Among the charges against Chief Matthew Nestor, Lt. William Moyer, and Officer Jason Hayes are conspiracy to obstruct justice for allegedly manipulating and covering up the facts of the murder; Moyer was also charged with witness and evidence tampering and providing false testimony to the FBI. In an unrelated case, Nestor and Capt. James Gennarini are charged with several counts of extortion and civil rights violations in illegal gambling operations. An unindicted coconspirator is Brandon Piekarsky’s mother, Tammy, who was dating Officer Hayes. U.S. District Court judge Malachy Mannion at the arraignment said that the evidence against the officers was “strong,” and that they depict a “vile set of activities.”

           Another “Law & Order” episode could focus upon the death of 18-year-old David Vega, who Shenandoah police claimed hanged himself in the town’s jail in November 2004. The police could have issued a citation to Vega, who was arguing about a Giants-Eagles football game with friends and relatives, all of whom were vocal, none of whom had attacked anyone. But, the police arrested Vega, locked him in the town jail, and then within two hours claimed he had committed suicide by hanging. A more realistic story would be the brutal beating by racist police and a subsequent cover-up, combined with the coroner accepting the police version. No charges were filed against Chief Matthew Nestor, Capt. Raymond Nestor (the chief’s father), or James Gennarini, who are alleged to have beaten Vega. Vega’s parents, however, have filed suit in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania. Attorney John P. Karoly, Allentown, says that based upon an independent investigation and several depositions, there is “significant evidence” to back up charges against the police. The suit charges that an independent second autopsy confirmed that Vega “suffered extensive, massive injuries consistent with a profound beating” and “did not die of hanging.”

           Police neglect and an attack upon David N. Murphy Sr., an Afro-American, who was recovering at home from spinal fusion surgery, could be the base of another episode. In March 2009, according to a civil law suit filed by Karoly in federal court, Chief Matthew Nestor and Officer George Carado, who lied about having a warrant, arrested Murphy on a claim he was selling prescription medicine to his wife, refused to allow him to take needed medication, punched him in his back, and left him alone overnight in the police station. During the night, Murphy had a heart attack and lay on the floor several hours crying out in pain. However, before seeking medical treatment, Shenandoah police took Murphy for arraignment before a district justice. The DJ ordered the police to take Murphy to a hospital. Instead, the police, according to Karoly, who is also Murphy’s attorney, took him to the Schuylkill County prison. Only when the prison wouldn’t admit him because of his medical condition did Shenandoah police take the victim to a hospital.

           In a sworn affidavit, Murphy says Nestor told him that the police “would harass me and put me in jail as soon as I come to Shenandoah if I filed a lawsuit or tried to press charges on him,” and that if Murphy filed suit, “I wouldn’t make it out of the police station’s cells next time.” The complaint further alleges that “Nestor said I could end up like the Mexican that hung himself, that tapes can be erased or edited.” (The Shenandoah police station did not have surveillance cameras at the time of Vega’s death.)

           “Law & Order” writers could also look at a “suicide” in Coaldale, about 20 miles east of Shenandoah. James Hill, 17, was visiting Greg Altenbach and his parents in January 2004. A corrupt police chief performed only a cursory investigation and decided that Hill committed suicide with a .22 semi-automatic rifle. However, Police Chief Shawn Nihen rejected a coroner’s report that concluded Hill couldn’t have killed himself. Nihen, who was friends with the family in whose house Hill died, as well as Altenbach’s mother, stepfather, and a friend who witnessed the accidental shooting, had tried to cover up evidence. Nihen also had known that Shawn Becker, the stepfather, was forbidden by the courts to have a gun in the house. Nihen and Coaldale police officer Michael Weaver were later convicted of planting evidence in several cases. Altenbach later acknowledged he had fired the gun, and is now in prison after conviction for involuntary manslaughter and aggravated assault.

           Future stories of “Law and Order” may continue to be “ripped from the headlines,” but in northeastern Pennsylvania, they are torn from greed and racial and cultural hatred.

[Walter M. Brasch, an award-winning former newspaper reporter and editor, is a syndicated social issues columnist, author, writer-producer, and professor of journalism at Bloomsburg University. His latest books are Sex and the Single Beer Can, a probing and humorous look at the nation’s media; and Sinking the Ship of State: The Presidency of George W. Bush, with a focus upon the shredding of Constitutional protections. Both books are available at amazon.com, and other bookstores. You may contact Dr. Brasch through his website, www.walterbrasch.com.]


The Death of Majority Rule

Once upon a time there was a concept known as “majority rule” in America.  While the Judiciary and constitution protected minority rights laws were passed by majorities of Congress and signed by the President.  The only time super majorities were necessary were when the President vetoed legislation.  Today super majorities are needed on every Senate vote.  Even innocuous procedural votes require two fifths of the members, or 60 votes.  The ideological purity which made the Republican Party a significant minority also has formed a Party which votes (and marches) in lockstep.

The death of majority rule means nothing of any significance can be passed in Washington.  The GOP obstructs every bit of work and this has forced Democrats to weaken every bill tot he extent they aren’t worth passing.  Last night’s cloture vote on health insurance reform is a classic example.  In order to get 60 votes a good bill achieving significant progress was gutted and shredded to the point it is no longer worth passing.  A good bill is now a bad bill.  Forcing every American to buy insurance coverage from criminal enterprises known as corporations with no public option is criminal itself.  While forced to buy insurance these companies can charge whatever they please and public subsidies, your tax dollars, will be funneled to their shareholders as profits.  To make matters even more insulting the GOP reduced the tax rates on these incomes.

Democrats don’t have any balls.  Republicans voted, in lockstep again, against legislation last week funding our troops and providing jobs for some of the 10% of Americans out of work.  When any Democrat voted to cut off funding for the wars they were immediately lambasted in the press and called traitors by the likes of Rush, Hannity, O’Reilly and Coulter.   Now they turn around and do the same thing, vote against the same thing they labeled as treason a few short years ago.  Of course they knew they could because they knew the DNC wouldn’t hold them accountable for their hypocrisy.  No wonder majority rule died in America.

A Year of President Obama’s Missed Opportunities

( – promoted by John Morgan)

 Con’t.. straight to Beelzebub’s lake of fire. And many of us don’t know that when then President Bush made his constant economic addresses with then-Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Federal Reserve head-honcho Ben Bernanke announcing their screw-ups and receding into announcing the beginning of the recession what they didn’t mention was CNN’s immediate announcement afterward that we’ve been in the recession for a year. How’s President Obama involved? If allowed the status quo to continue and played  

 Abraham Lincoln when he needed to play FDR. And because of this missed opportunity to make real progressive and vital change when all games needed to be on deck if didn’t take advantage of his bully pulpit. A void of frustration was formed across the board with all the American people that allowed a warm, moist climate suitable for the growth of the fungi that are the more extreme paranoid, fear-mongering, fascist among us- the Michelle Bachmanns, the Glen Becks, the Teabaggers, the Lou Dobbs, to fester.