Nigerian Faces Federal Terrorism Charges

The Nigerian man who attempted to start a fire inside a Northwest Airlines (Delta) plane on Christmas day has been charged with multiple felonies.  Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab says he was affiliated with Al Qaeda in Yemen but investigation of those connections will have to be done by the FBI.  Al Qaeda is active in Yemen and that is the homeland of many terrorist leaders and operatives.

This is the proper method for countering terrorism:  investigate, arrest and prosecute.  It appears we got lucky this time because he got through airport security in Amsterdam.  Unfortunately we cannot control every aspect of security at every airport.

I wonder if this is revenge for all those of us who refused to suckered into the Nigerian bank scam.  Maybe if a few of us actually had some money left in our bank accounts we could have appeased these bankers (the man’s father works for a Nigerian bank).  Maybe we can use the Nigerian fraud letters as justification for nuking the country off the face of the earth.  After all it doesn’t take much for the U.S. to justify any invasion.  According to Cheney’s 1% doctrine this would be sufficient.  OK< enough of the sarcasm.  Prepare for even worse security nightmares after this debacle.  Soon we’ll all be strip searched at the airport.  

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  1. Minutes ago the New York Times reported that President Obama now finds there was a “systemic failure” in the nation’s security apparatus.

    Just 48 hours ago, Homeland Security head Janet Napolitano insisted that this very same “system worked” while she was fully aware that the only reason that targeted Detroit flight of 250 passengers was not blown out of the sky was a possibly defective bomb and the quick action of a Dutch passenger.

    Even now, Napolitano’s only solution to this terror threat is to further inconvenience the flying public while she and her Department heads reward us with another dog and pony show.

    Apparently, this circus act is all we can expect from a so-called Homeland “Security” Department that is in need of a serious and extensive reorganization starting at the very top.

    Here we have a situation where 90 year-old ladies traveling back home from the grand kids are forced to take off their shoes while a Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab whose own distressed father reported him to U.S. Embassy officials was allowed on a U.S. carrier in flight to the U.S.

    The President has described the 23 year-old Abdulmutallab as “a dangerous extremist who should have been prevented from flying to the United States.” and further says that he will “insist on accountibility at every level”

    In line with this same statement, he should promply remove Napolitano…clearly, she she is inept in this critical post and should be the first to be fired. If for nothing else, because even after this incredible screw up came to light she arrogantly goes on to make this astonishing claim to the U.S. media that somehow, all was working fine.

    This system did not work and neither the President nor the nation can risk another monumental break down of a most critical organization that is plainly now operated by a bunch of bureaucrats desparately trying to cover their shit on a hot tin roof.

    Matt Thomas

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