Grand Jury Investigating State Sen. Orie

During the Supreme Court race this year I wrote about the legal and ethical lapses being performed by Judge Joan Orie Melvin and her sister Sen. Jane Orie.  The Judge campaigned all year with her State Senator sister at her side.  Now the Allegheny County District Attorney’s office has a grand jury probing the Senator, her office and staff for using public resources in the Supreme Court campaign.  A raid resulted in several computers and a server being seized.  Apparently an intern went to the DA the day before the election saying staff and offices were being used illegally in the campaign.

According to news reports Orie’s office was put under surveillance.  Oops, that could be very bad for the Senator and her sister.

Surprise, surprise….  Not.  The Ories crossed legal lines long ago so nothing which is uncovered by the probe will surprise me.  The people of Pennsylvania should be ashamed for electing Joan Orie Melvin and her low ethical standards to our highest court.  It is interesting the intern went to the DA instead of the state Attorney General.  Tom Corbett, infamous for politicizing the office of AG may have been perceived as an unfriendly place to take such a case.

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