The War Tax

( – promoted by John Morgan)

President Obama has made his decision: he is going to escalate the invasion of Afghanistan. This is a decision from whose weight falls on the backs of the soldiers forced to do multi-tours into the region. Half of the American troops suffer post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. Who knows how much consideration was truly taken of the families torn apart by the continual drafting of these brave, young men and women in the Armed Forces. What about the level of suicides that happen among these groups

or traumatic injury that many face that change their lives forever? Congress has proposed a ‘war tax’ for the American people to share some of the sacrifice that the troops have to face when an elected official makes a decision to send then into harm’s way for questionable reason. It’s been 8 years that we have been in the quagmire that is the occupation of Afghanistan. The invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan have drained our resources and contributed to our devastating recession. Will the tax pull us out?  

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