Library Part II

You may recall that I wrote a short article about our library officials getting ambushed by Senator O’Pake and a gaggle of Lutheran ministers.

I wanted to follow up on that little article.

Here is what I heard from my source on that matter:

“The young library worker at the SE Branch has not heard from the Senator nor has the President of the Board of Trustees concerning his ambush nor the belittling of library work.  I have had some report that he spoke with a confused staff member who had no knowledge of the incident at the time.

Of note is that there is some small progress in putting together funding to perhaps provide funds to open on a reduced schedule the branch libraries–no thanks to any input from either the Senator or the Lutheran Pastors.”

(Other sources tell me that the City of Reading came through with some money for the library.)

So much for the implication that calls would be made to try to clear up any misunderstanding.

You know it actually bothers me to write this article because Mike has done some good things for Reading and Berks. I don’t understand what was going on here but clearly there is some agenda at play.

As for the Lutheran leaders I have no idea what they are playing at but my feelings on organized religion are well known so perhaps I’ll just stand back with a look of concerned confusion on my face and let that be my only statement on their part in this odd charade.

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