Senate Rejects Public Option

The Senate Finance Committee voted against putting a public option in their Health Insurance Profit Enhancement and Protection Act today by a vote of 8-15.  I can’t believe the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has the balls to actually call people asking for contributions when Senate Democrats are doing horrendous votes like this.  Don’t give a dime folks.  Contribute to your local Senate campaign instead.

Without a public option the Senate health care bill must be defeated.  Forcing every person to buy insurance from corporate murderers is insane.

One thought on “Senate Rejects Public Option”

  1. …SCREW MAX BAUCUS!!!  and while we’re at it, screw Congress!  

    People, big insurance sees the opportunity to permanently place us all on the hook, legally, and basically rig the system to their liking for damn near eternity at this point.  

    DO NOT let what happened in Massachusetts happen to the rest of America.  

    If your Representative or Senator in Congress votes for this bill and allows it to happen, then tell them in no uncertain terms that they need to turn in their resignation letter or face termination at the next election and that you won’t let them forget what they’ve done and how they’ve failed to represent America and the very people who helped put them there.  

    Everyone, on all sides of the aisle and all over the country should be pissed as hell at this ridiculous attempt to basically give the insurance companies the keys to the candy store, the key to the piggy bank, and free run of the town, like maudlin marauders from the old west.  

    Big insurance and even small insurance cannot be trusted to keep their word, because they are driven by profit and market motivations, that don’t include competition or adhering to the actual model of the free market.  They don’t want competition and they don’t want a fair system of opportunity.  They want your money and as much of it as they can get to help keep a relatively minor percentage of the population filthy, f’n, stinkin’ rich and fat with excess.  Well, folks, we need to say HELL NO to that and fast!  

    We’ve already bailed them out, now we’re gonna basically lay down, roll over, spread our behinds and paint a bulls-eye on our collective buttholes and let them fire away and shaft the lot of us.  I can just imagine some big, fat-cat, insurance executives and board members just salivating, even having an orgasmic experience just imaging all the cash and profits and guaranteed future revenues that they’ll get if the Baucus plan is enacted into law.  

    We sit around and bitch about how much we hate government taxing us to death, but we are about to make that experience seem like a drop in the bucket next to what we will be taken for, if the insurance companies have their way in Congress.  Taxes will become mostly the least of your worries under the Baucus plan.  Instead, you’ll have the worry of paying for insurance that ends up giving you coverage that nobody will accept, and terms that leave you still paying shit loads out of pocket for everything.  

    If you think the government plan is not something you want to support, then why let the big insurance companies, who want nothing but your money to fund their investors (not to provide quality care as they claim), have the same monopolistic reign over your healthcare that you fear from the government.  

    People, please! DO NOT fall for the touted notion that you’ll be so much better off with a private sector or non-government, non-public option to solve the healthcare issue.  You can’t solve it with people who only want to profit by your healthcare needs and who come up with tons of complex reasons to deny you care or to limit your benefits, while increasing your costs.  

    Look at what a fiasco the credit card and mortgage companies brought us, with letting them run the show without proper regulation and oversight and how our own oversight of the FEC let Mr. Madoff bring financial ruin to so many people, before eventually being caught.  Do we really want to put insurance in the same position to burn us all, legally and with really no recourse to fall back on at all?!  People! STOP and THINK about this!  

    I don’t know who these supposedly moderate Democrats and Republicans think they are representing in this situation, but it sure as hell ain’t the good people who helped to elect them and support them and who fight everyday in their lives to make a better life for themselves and their families.  I applaud Senator Rockafeller for his proper characterization and condemnation of the Baucus bill.  I’d prefer to call it the Raucus bill, because it should help to raise one hell of a fuss over the ridiculous power grab attempt being put forth by the insurance industry in this case.  

    I used to feel somewhat angry at times with some of the actions taken during the Bush administration of the previous 8 years, when certain policies were being crafted or changed or failed to change, but this issue has me so riled and upset, I will not let it rest until we finally get something of a solution that is not going to add to our misery and put honest healthcare on life support or make it a joke or more of a mockery than it already is for some, who have it and others who don’t, but deeply long for it.  

    Hell, the mafia should be so lucky as to have so many elected officials at the beck and call of their every whim, as big insurance seems to be plying with their interest and money (which you and I and many others have helped to provide through our benefit plans).  Oh yes, did you not realize that our collective insurance money that we’ve paid is going towards the fight to make sure we keep paying higher and higher premiums, get worse and worse quality to our coverage, and have more of us denied care and sent to an early death, when we don’t need to be.  How does that make you feel?  It should make you all feel used, exploited, and like a worthless piece of crap.  Well, then we need to let Congress and the insurance companies know that we are done being their patsies, done being the fatted calves they fleece and butcher at the market, and done being obvious fools about the real business of private healthcare insurance.  

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