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It appears Rep. Bob Mensch won yesterday’s State Senate special election.  Republicans made this a special election so as to suppress the turnout for their candidate.  Democrats had difficulty finding someone to run and the results show why.Mensch got 66% of the vote.

CNN is reporting this morning on a Connecticut blogger arrested because authorities didn’t like what he wrote about the Governor.  Their reporting cites “Fusion Centers” gathering intelligence based on the threats to our civil liberties introduced by George W. Bush after 9/11.  Come after me and you’ll get sued too.  This is scary and only a few civil rights lawsuits will get things back to constitutionality.

Numerous people are insisting that film director Roman Polanski be freed after being arrested in Switzerland.  Wake up folks, he raped a 13 year old girl.

RNC Chairman Michael Steele appeared on CNN this morning and answered a question about the scary level of violent rhetoric by slamming the man giving the warning instead of the nu jobs making all the threats.  No wonder voters are tuning out Republicans.  Steele wouldn’t even answer an innocuous question about the Olympics for crying out loud.

There are various videos surfacing on YouTube about the level of police brutality in Pittsburgh during the G20 summit.  This doesn’t bode well for Dan Onorato as these videos will see widespread use on this blog during next year’s Gubernatorial primary.  I heard the police even shot tear gas at residents standing on their own balcony doing nothing more than observing the violence against protesters.

In this video you can hear the police saying “no matter what your purpose is you must disperse.”  As I recall our First Amendment gives these protesters constitutionally guaranteed rights to assemble and speak.  I saw little of this on U.S. mainstream news sources.

In this CNN report their own reporter got gassed.  You can hear the police declaring it “an unlawful assembly.”  

Do we really want Dan Onorato running Pennsylvania after watching how he violated constitutional rights in Pittsburgh last week?

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  1. and the protestors werent too bad in terms of numbers…I was expecting alot worse…and its kinda funny that equal numbers of people showed up to see the protestors square off against the police as showed up for the friday pirates game.  Shows you how bad the pirates stink.

    and I heard on the radio today that except in the case of two people (bike girl and another who’s name escapes me) all of the charges are being dropped against the protestors. Hell, most of those protestors had no idea what they were protesting about…and the ‘anti-capitalism’ crowd were all wearing black jeans bought at the GAP.   Bike girl however, threw her bike at a cop. I dont care who you are, or where you are from…thats not going to go over well. Was their response over the top? Maybe…but she chucked her bike at a cop and that is going to provoke a reaction everytime.

    I was not as surprised as you about them ( the police)telling everyone, regardless of reason to disperse.  Doesnt make it right, but its gone on before and goes on now and will go on in the future. Regardless of which party sits in power.  

    ah well, it really reduced traffic and getting to work was a breeze because alot of people stayed home.  

    have a great day :)

    p.s. Good call on Roman, but I was still surprised at how HOllywood came out in force for him…but I bet they would change their tune if it was THEIR 13 year old daughter…

  2. Unless someone was violating the law?

    Did we miss something…or did the young woman throw her bike at the cop which serves as a non-felonious simple assault, thus making her subject to arrest.

    Nevertheless, these same “brave” cops are somewhat less than heroic for beating the hell out of this slightly-built woman.

    All this so-called security (anyone see a gun in that crowd?) to preserve the peace and “dignity” of a pack of rapacious international bankers who are accountable to no one. Too bad the City’s mayor lacked the guts to tell the G-20 Summit that their rich fat asses were not welcome in his city.

    I agree: There is plenty of video documenting police brutality and there should be a class-action lawsuit.

    Matt Thomas

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Random Thoughts

I’m shocked, shocked, mind you that the major media only covered Congressional town halls which turned into shout fests as described by Ezra Klein of The Washington Post.  Most were polite, civil affairs.  Of course this was the strategy used by the Teabaggers:  focus media attention on them by being crude, obnoxious and loud.  It worked well because they knew their targets:  CNN, Fox and MSNBC.  The networks fell right into their laps.

More shocking is the fact people continue repeating the lies and smears long after they’ve been exposed as such.  Doesn’t anyone read anymore?

Bob Cesca had another good column on The Huffington Post this week about the public option.  This is NOT a left wing program as Pat Toomey and others have argued but a centrist, moderate compromise plan.  That’s why it won’t pass.  Conservatives, both Republican and Democrat are against it and liberals support single payer.  There aren’t enough moderates to pass a moderate bill.  This shows the abject failure of the Democrats’ strategy.  Nancy Pelosi should resign as Speaker for caving in and refusing to conduct a vote on the bill before the August recess.  Another stupid move in a long series of bad Congressional management.

Obama is losing key constituencies and now independents are abandoning their support.  Combine single payer activists with the disheartened gay and lesbian community and he’ll looking like a one term President.  If he bails on health care reform he gets little activist support in 2012.  Of course his campaign position on health care reform was so bad I refused to support him.  The President needs to wake up and realize HE has to lead on this and he has to do it on principle.

Rahm Emmanuel has to go.  The Chief of Staff wrecked numerous Congressional races as head of the DCCC including that of Lois Murphy whose biggest mistake was listening to this screaming moron.  The only advantage to having Obama hire him was that it got him out of Congress.  Now he’s doing far more damage in the White House than in Congress.  He has to go.

The Reading Eagle has egg (or something else) all over its face again today.  The newspaper, recipient of millions of taxpayer dollars for their new press, ran ads for a massage parlor that, surprise, surprise, was a front for prostitution.  Breaking news:  if one of these “massage parlors” only runs ads in the sports pages (targeting men) it isn’t legitimate.  The Eagle runs an entire row of them in their sports section then is shocked to have cover the police raids.   Doesn’t miss make The Eagle a pimping service?

This is Labor Day weekend so get out there and support our unions.  There are parades and picnics all over the state.  

I hate to look like a whiner but getting thrown out of a caucus at Saturday’s state committee meeting still has me fried.  I spend my own money going out covering all these events and campaigns.  The meeting in Pittsburgh last June cost me $400 to attend.  The Party does nothing to support us bloggers then they throw us out of their meetings when we’re trying to help their candidates.  Why bother?  Jack Hanna apologized but his goon didn’t.

Facebook is being hit with a viral marketing effort to support health care reform.  To date thousands of Facebook users have copied and pasted this simple status update:  ” No one should die because they cannot afford health care, and no one should go broke because they get sick. If you agree, please post this as your status for the rest of the day.”  It’s such a simple statement of support.

Glenn Beck keeps losing sponsors to his hate filled, racist show on Fox News.  Rush Limbaugh now needs the same treatment.  You don’t need to fill a radio show with hate filled tirades and racist attacks.  I know being a radio talk show host.  Of course I don’t make millions (or even cents) doing ours so maybe that’s their motivation.  Taking away their money (sponsors) is getting their attention.

The right wing noise machine is now upset that President Obama is going to speak to school children next week about studying and staying in school.  They are calling this a recruiting strategy for his Hitler Youth operation.  Yes, just like Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush did when they did the same thing.  What new craziness will these wing nuts dream up next?  Hint:  your extremism and craziness are turning people off to your Party.

People are being laid off now across the state because of the budget impasse in Harrisburg.  Repercussions always strike back at the legislators and they tend to be ugly.  The Senate needs to be reminded how angry voters got after the midnight pay raises.  Losing their jobs because you can’t do yours might make that look like a walk in the park.  Lisa Boscola might be the recipient of a very nasty surprise for voting with the Republicans.  I explain it by telling people she was probably drunk each time.

It is almost a year since the collapse of Lehman Brothers and real regulation of the financial markets has yet to be passed by Congress.  What are they waiting for?

Health insurance companies in California reject 21% of all claims.  That is one in five!  The California Nurses Association did the study and the finding is shocking.  They do this to deny coverage to people when they come down with catastrophic illness and so they can make money on their money instead of allowing their clients their contracted benefits.  Patients are routinely denied things like chemotherapy by hospitals when these insurers refuse to pay claims.  The only solution is outlawing health insurance companies and end this rationing of health care.

Jason Altmire held a phone town hall on health care this week and had 17,000 constituents call in.  He still won’t support health care reform though because he is owned, lock, stock and barrel, by the industry.  One more corporate owned Democrat.  He’s still an improvement over Melissa Hart but that doesn’t say much.

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