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Sen. Chris Dodd is joining other Senators in rolling back the most nefarious aspects of the Bush years.  Russ Feingold and others have already introduced legislation regarding the PATRIOT Act and other evils and now Dodd is trying to roll back the awful FISA law allowing unconstitutional warrantless wiretapping of Americans.  His bill would revoke the immunity for the telecommunications companies which violated our Fourth Amendment rights.

Speaking of Senators I got a phone call from the DSCC this morning.  Boy did they get an earful.

With all the controversy over ACORN and the videos done and edited by an actor and a blogger what they haven’t told you is interesting.  First they have received considerable funding from very questionable sources in spite of their denials.  Secondly they didn’t tell you about the ACORN offices they visited where their conduct resulted in calls to the police.

State legislators return to Harrisburg to thrash out the final details on the budget.  Josh Shapiro posted on his Facebook page that he wants to eliminate WAM’s.  This is the “walking around money” which Reps and Senators dole out to their local favorites.  If there isn’t money for libraries and other important services there isn’t any for WAM’s either.  Kudos go to Josh once again.

The Senate Finance Committee is voting today on the public option.  Sen. Rockefeller called the Baucus bill The Insurance Industry Profit Protection and Enhancement Act.”  How true!

Today is election day in the 24th District.  This will fill the vacancy created by Rob Wonderling’s resignation.  Bob Mensch is running against Democrat Anne Scheuring.

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News & Notes

The Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission says the Valley Pool Association may have discriminated against African American day campers this summer.  The panel calls evidence of discrimination “credible” and calls on both parties to reach a settlement.  If they do not the pool association could face a hearing where it could be fined up to $50,000.  I think this puts to rest the argument floated by one of our commenters that this wasn’t a racial incident.

Paul Kirk has been named to replace Sen. Ted Kennedy pending a special election in Massachusetts.  He will serve temporarily.  This is a good solution.

Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke will be in Bethlehem tomorrow to announce an ARRA grant.  I’ll be there to cover the news.

Saturday I’ll be in State College for the Pennsylvania Equality Summit.

Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, like his colleague in arms Sen. John Eichelberger, is refusing to apologize for his homophobic and anti-women statements on the floor of the State House.  Metcalfe seems to be supporting domestic violence among women because he refuses to accept that violence occurs in all relationships.  Would someone send the Republicans back to their caves?

A special election for the 24th State Senate District is next Tuesday.  The GOP decided spending $400,000 on a special election was a higher priority than funding libraries.  Maybe if they could read Rep. Metcalfe might actually know something.

The G20 began today in Pittsburgh.  The city is getting another shining moment in the world spotlight.

If anyone still questions the racism of the Republicans go read the posts on various blogs and message boards.  The ones on YouTube are especially enlightening.

Some GOP whackjobs are saying watching porn makes you gay.  Soooooo, all those heterosexual men have never watched porn?  Does not compute….

President Obama called today for a UN resolution for nuclear disarmament.  It’s about time.  I think I still remember those Cold War drills from elementary school.   Let’s see, spread your legs, bend over at the knees, put your head between your knees and…kiss your ass good-bye.

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