Hope Versus Hate

We’re seeing an epic struggle between the forces of Hope and the forces of Hate.  This began last year when Hope was the main message of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.  We witnessed the hatred unleashed against him as an African American seeking the highest office in the land.  Read any online board and you can see the thousands, nee, millions, of racist statements and threats being made against the President.  The tea baggers are so full of rage and hatred as to be very scary.  The culture of Hate and violence is having effects already as a census worker was hanged last week and the word “fed” was written on his chest.

These Hate mongers are making every little matter incendiary.  Obama cannot even urge school children to study without being demonized.  The census cannot be performed without extremists objecting to poor citizens being included.  Violent extremism always results in violence.  Ordinary whackos seem empowered when they hear leaders calling for violence and fuel Hate.  We see this every time gays and lesbians are used as political pawns and real people are victimized.  Every time a gay marriage amendment comes up and our community is targeted violence against gays and lesbians increases dramatically.  There are direct connections between levels of hate speech and violence.

The conspiracy theories abounding from the forces of Hate have already killed three police officers in Pittsburgh this year.  Gun nuts believe that the President is going to come and confiscate all their weapons.  They are stocking up on ammunition and guns like mad.  They are mad.  They are angry, insane and off their medication.  Of course the corporate manufacturers of these products love the upswing in business and will perpetuate these myths as long as possible.

As we see gun nuts fortified by the forces of Hate appear outside presidential events openly carrying rifles, hand guns and even semi automatic weapons the potential for violence increases.  I’ve been at these events and got fearful enough for the potential of violence that I left.  This was before the tea baggers decided these were opportunities to show off their gun collections.  The anti-government hate mongers don’t need more than a match to set them off.

Meanwhile we have the President continue trying to preach a message of Hope.  The positive statements coming from the positive side are being drowned out by the opposing forces.  It is important for the forces of Hope to be at all these events with messages of Hope, Unity, and Progress.  The progressive community needs to take lessons from the gay community about dealing with the forces of Hate.  Silent Witness is an organization which isolates and ignores the forces of Hate which always appear at GLBT events.  Rather than confront them Silent Witnesses hold hands around these hate mongers and sometimes hold angel wings or shrouds so they cannot be seen.  Acknowledging the Hate mongers gives them power.  Ignoring them emasculates them.

The forces of Hope can win.  People want Hope rather than Hate.  The vast majority of people are positive rather than negative.  Messages, images and acts of Hate grow old quickly and the inevitable violence, murder and even assassination, as we witnessed in 1968, is transformational.  America cannot afford another 1968.  We know how to win over the forces of Hate and we must.

3 thoughts on “Hope Versus Hate”

  1. I hope we dont repeat 1968 where we lose a nationally recognized politician at the hands of another radical Muslim the way we lost Bobby Kennedy.

    I think we may dodge the bullet (no pun intended) on this one because Siran shot Bobby because of his (bobby’s) support of Israel and THERE IS NO WAY anyone would ever think Barry Hussein is pro-israeli.  

    then again…these are radical Muslims we are talking about and ANYONE to them is fair game…fellow muslims who arent radical enough, children, women, civilians, themselves…

    have a great day :)

    p.s.  Or is my comment considered ‘hateful’?

    p.p.s.  Epic struggle between Hope and Hate?  I little bit grandiose, dont you think?  Is everyone who disagrees with your side full of hate?  really?  and why cant i say that everyone who disagrees with my side full of hate?  

  2. John Morgan, your finding is rather out in left field since, if anything, the current Israeli goverment headed by Prime Minister Netanyahu and his Likud Party is more than a little unhappy with President Obama’s pressure on him to begin meaningful negotiations with the Palestinians while at the same time refusing any discussion of the present West Bank settlements.

    Netanyahu is between a rock wall and the abyss since the only way he and his government can stay in power is by sustaining the support of Israel’s wacko right-wingers who allowed him to form his coalition government.

    It should be of interest to you that Israel’s Kibbutzniks (nearly all members of the peacenik Labor Party) while only a small fraction of Israel’s population, have seen their sons and daughters go to war (and fight and die) in numbers far in excess of the general Israeli population.

    I should also note that one cannot join the labor-oriented kubbutzem UNLESS YOU CARRY A UNION CARD and are in good standing.

    It may be of further interest for you to know that members of certain right-wing Israeli religious parties (including supporters of Mr. Netanyahu) are among those who will not allow their own sons to serve in Israel’s armed forces – even while they themselves frequently holler and scream for Palestinian blood.

    In the days leading up to the first Gulf war I was in Israel at a time when one found few Americans or any other tourists.

    At the same time, there were thousands of sealed-off shelters in every Israeli village, town and city…in nearly every home, in all hotels and even within those kibbutzim where I spent most of my own sleepless nights.

    This wartime senario was occasioned by Saddam Hussein’s daily threats to bombard this tiny nation with Scud missiles laden with poison gas.

    Back in the London bombimg blitz during WWII the British were free to strike back at their Nazi tormentors as well they did.

    Do you recall that the George Herbert Walker Bush Administration placed major pressure on the Israelis to do nothing…to take no action…to sit and take it while its citizens were subject to rocket-laden poison gas attacks?

    Do you further recall that while the Israeli military stayed it’s own hand and as the rockets came raining down on their people, the Palestinians flooded into the streets to cheer on every rocket strike, wildly celebrating Saddam Hussein while dancing in those same streets and on the roof tops?

    You would seriously suggest that “Until they (the Palestinians)see us (the U.S.) as an honest broker we’ll never again gain their trust enough to negotiate a settlement.”

    I am sorry John Morgan, but you need to take time off the blog and sit down and do some serious reading…learn the history of Palestine these last 60 plus years and the role played by both Jews and Arabs.

    The United States has pressured Israel into concessions to the Palestinians that had, at times, compromised her very safety.

    The Oslo Accords bargained by President Clinton in in 1993…an agreement that the coward (and crook) Yasser Arafat walked away from and one that cost the life of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, assassinated by an Israeli right-wing nut.

    On the frustrating issue of peace between Israel and the Palestinians (and to avoid a too long a bill), I shall simply leave you with a quote by Abba Eben, the late ambassador and deputy prime minister of Israel and former British Army Major:

    “The Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.”

    Matt Thomas


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