Callahan to Hit $250K Mark

Charlie Dent has a serious opponent next year and John Callahan is proving to be the candidate the Lehigh Valley has needed.  With the end of the reporting quarter nearing Mayor Callahan is approaching $250,000 raised.  Since he wasn’t a candidate until about midway through the quarter this is a significant amount of money.  Heck, for the 15th CD this is a significant amount for an entire election cycle.  Charlie Dertinger ran a very competitive campaign against Dent with only $68,000.  John Callahan has already dwarfed that sum and is on pace to mount the most serious challenge to any Republican incumbent in the state.

It didn’t help Charlie Dent that Commerce Secretary Gary Locke was in Bethlehem singing Callahan’s praises while granting Ben Franklin Technology Partners with $6 million from a program Dent voted against.

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