NJ Gov: Christy’s Ethics Being Questioned

The Democratic Governor’s Association conducted a blogger conference call this afternoon where they itemized Republican Chris Christy’s numerous ethical lapses.  This is topical because the former U.S. Attorney called himself the ethics candidate when he announced his candidacy.  He forgot to mention he’d probably already violated the Hatch Act by discussing his possible run for the office with Karl Rove while in his prosecutor’s office.  Remember that the “loyal Bushie” U.S. Attorneys were run from the White House by Rove, Bush’s political director.

Chris Christy pretending to be ethical is laughable.  Just last week he used his name and position to escape getting a traffic ticket.  His successor as USA in New Jersey is also under investigation for violating the Hatch Act by seeking to assist Christy’s candidacy through the office.

Maybe most interestingly the GOP nominee gave a personal loan to the top assistant in his office.  The $36,000 makes her, literally, indebted to him.  Since Christy prosecuted others for the same ethics violation he needs to come clean on this issue.

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