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Vince Fumo reports to prison today to serve his light sentence for ripping off taxpayers and two non profits.  It also turns out the guy is a junkie.

Apparently Britain has adopted a new program where they swap terrorists for oil.  Isn’t it time we seriously eliminated our dependence on these repressive, rogue regimes which control us through petroleum?  Green energy is the answer.

Larry Frankel, ACLU lobbyist and long time proponent of civil rights for the LGBT community here in Pennsylvania, was found dead in Rock Creek park in Washington, DC Saturday.  Now I understand why Mark Cohen was so upset.  Frankel will be sorely missed.

So Afghanistan had widespread fraud and most women didn’t vote.  Is this what we’ve been fighting for for almost eight years?  If so it may time to seriously reconsider our mission there.

The people of Japan overwhelmingly rejected their conservative government and elected liberals.  I suppose now the nutjobs on the right wing fringe have to stop buying Japanese cars.  We cannot support socialism can we?

Speaking of socialism I haven’t seen the tea baggers protesting at any of these dozens of job sites being funded by the stimulus plan they hate.  Maybe those construction workers could pound some sense into their empty brains if they did.  The stimulus bill is working for Pennsylvania.  Every week I publish more information about funds being released for projects throughout the state.

Government officials seem quite worried about this winter’s flu outbreaks.  Several White House conference calls have centered around swine flu preparations.  Let’s hope all the planning and work results in the prevention of deaths.  Schools seem to be one of the areas of focus since children are vulnerable to this virus.  There’s a lot of good work being done.

Wednesday evening Pat Toomey and Joe Sestak square off in a health care town hall in Allentown.  I’ll be there to cover the event.

On other health care issues my ear infection is healing well.  I missed Friday’s state committee meetings due to the illness.  On the other hand the torn muscle in my right arm is not healing.  I keep reinjuring it and so I’m taking another week off from kayaking for rest.

Dick Cheney continues spreading misinformation about TortureGate.  After claiming for months that a secret CIA report would validate the usefulness of torture (it didn’t) now he’s claiming the AG’s investigation is political.  Someone needs to tell Dick the Attorney General in this Administration is NOT Alberto Gonzales and is NOT beholden to the White House political affairs desk (Karl Rove).  This about the rule of law a concept completely alien to Cheney.

Tomorrow is September 1st and Pennsylvania will be two months without a state budget.

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  1. ok, that ear joke works alot better in person.  hope ya feel better.

    I just saw this, and while the kennedy funeral didnt get to Paul wellstonian levels…it did reach a new all time low…

    what do the dems do better than anyone else? spend political capital when someone dies AND use kids in shameless plugs to forward their agenda…

    and we got both…and during the prayer of the faithful no less…   you gotta be kidding me

    have a great day :)

    p.s. wishing union goons would pound some sense into people who dont agree with you?  you do take your marching orders from barry hussein…

  2. I have been aware of your independence and rejection of Democratic Party “marching orders” well before participating in this political blog.

    At the same time, I have had little respect for those others who serve as mere sounding boards to the officially sanctioned Democratic Party positions…even at those times when I may agree with the Party on a particular issue.

    As to the too-frequent use by someone of this term “union goons”, I need to state that as a union member and former organizing director for my international on the East coast, I have never once been proven to have inflicted bodily harm on anyone.

    At the same time, as a young organizer, I knew what it was to be attacked by the real goons…sometimes hired by employers. I was also, more than once, threatened by gangsters, which included one very serious attempt to physically eliminate me.

    In line with this personal background, I should find the term “union goon” to be quite offensive.

    On the contrary, this cheap name-calling bothers very few of us in Organized Labor since this is a term most often used by a certain human species universally known as the “SCAB”.

    The more traditional scab may earn his universal contempt as a result of betraying his fellow workers by sneaking across their picket line, or in yet other cases, by way of ingratuating himself to his employer in the most repulsive ways, most often as a lap dog or as a groveling foot-kissing toady.

    Finally, there is the more contemporary scab who earns his own yellow stripes by way of a shameless and pervasive willingness to parrot the half-truths and outright lies of the Limbaughs and Hannities with little thought given to using his own thought processes, however limited these may be.

    Matt Thomas


  3. To tylerderbun,

    You should really take better care as to who may have access to your computer. Apparently, someone has been posting (under your user name) a series of rambling, disjointed and often incoherent nonsense.

    I suspect a juvenile since the content reveals a marked naïveté if not near infantile behavior.

    I am pleased to be of help here and sincerely wish you are able to get a handle on this, for should this problem continue, people may come to believe that it is yourself who is actually posting this drivel.

    Matt Thomas

  4. If you are forced to impress people by lifting tiny pieces of other people’s quotes (your use of the term “unwashed peasants”) at least credit the author, or failing this, write your own material.

    “I am not arguing here, of course, that the whole Confederate army was composed of gentlemen; on the contrary, it was chiefly made up, like the Federal army, of innocent and unwashed peasants…”              H.L. Mencken, American Mercury, Sept., 1930, pages 29-30

    Matt Thomas

  5. Kindly put a merciful end to this pathetic attempt to dodge a legitimate finding. You were caught lifting that phrase and you know it….have the integrity to own up…you will then feel much better and less like an unwashed peasant.

    If you wish to be taken seriously, you need to extend credit to the original phrase-maker…who, as you are well aware of, was Henry L. Mencken of the Baltimore Sun.

    It was no surprise to me that you are familiar with Mencken for he is a favorite of the contemporary right-wing nuts mostly due to his antipathy toward democratic political systems and income taxes.

    Actually, when Mencken was alive he generaly despised those who then shared today’s rightwing political opinions.

    On the plus side, I am forced to admit that in spite of your mostly dumb politics, you are not without a genrous amount of wit and an clear talent for very good writing.

    Too bad about the rest.

    “In this world of sin and sorrow there is always something to be thankful for. As for me, I rejoice that I am not a Republican.”– H.L. Mencken, (1880-1956)

    Matt Thomas

  6. Sorry tyler, it’s not at all “cleared up” and still doesn’t come out clean…the term “unwashed peasant/s” is far…very far from the clichés commonly found in your postings. But never mind, we can leave these many denials stand as I have no wish for you to suffer further discomfort and embarrassment.

    Your attempt at play writing…composing an implausible scenario based on a union meeting with this “Vinnie” character as your latest single word cliché is not your best writing effort and this is allowing you a pass on the obvious ethnic slur.

    Nevertheless, this same shabby effort clearly demonstrates that you know even less about organized labor than on the subject of politics or people’s lives in general.

    As to your inquiry as to my answering your question, forgive me but I have no idea in hell as to what question you need me to answer…are you sure you know?  

    On the subject of your playwriting, I will offer a much common cliché: Don’t quit your day job.

    Matt Thomas

  7. Neil Diamond was and remains an extremely talented person, both as a singer and composer, as well as being a long-time favorite of mine.

    Do you truly consider your own talents as being equally unappreciated as are those of a Neil Diamond?

    Perhaps you can explain that absurd analogy?

    To your question:

    Why do I think that everyone who disagrees with me politically is a dupe or parrot of the GOP, but when you dare suggest that I take marching orders, us leftys (sic) get all sorts of morally outraged?

    My answer:

    First of all, I never said you were a dupe or parrot of the GOP, rather I consider you a dupe and parrot of Rush Limbaugh and his wannabe Sean Hannity…or is that the same thing as your pathetically-challenged Republican Party?

    Secondo…on politics, I disagree with many people, including my own wife’s right-wing conservative brother who had his tuition paid through four years of college by way of dangerous back-breaking work done 1,000 feet below ground by his union member coalminer father…this same brother-in-law who now hates unions and derisively looks his nose down on working people…yes, working people like his own father.

    In spite of these social infirmities, my brother-in-law (unlike yourself) still manages to re-think his position when presented with a convincing argument. For instance, I had prevailed on him to stay home on election day of 2008, rather than cast his vote for a Republican ticket that included a total idiot running for Vice President.

    Conversely, this same hard-to-take relative may, from time to time, find me agreeing with him on certain issues, including that of Guantanamo (where I would leave these bastards to rot forever) and the recent stupid decision by Attorney General Eric Holder to pursue investigations of the CIA on its interrogations of terrorism suspects.

    No, I am not at all a “lefty”…in fact, I despise all of these loud-mouthed calamity-holler’in fanatics on both the left and the right of our political spectrum…they will, if left to themselves, drive this nation into a hate-driven anarchy similar to what we saw in the European Balkan states in the 1990s.

    From time to time I entertain my own pathetic vision where we might somehow provide the extreme left and right transport to a remote island where they may make war on each other and leave the rest of us in peace.

    Matt Thomas


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