I’m taking names…

…of state senators starting right now.  Specifically, those state senators in Pennsylvania, who do NOT go on record henceforth supporting an end to this ridiculous budgetary nightmare and fiasco that needs to end right now or else we’re all pretty much boned.  

So, I put a call out to everyone, in the news business and blogs, to see if you can find me the names of those state senators who will not go on record as supporting an immediate end to this budgetary nonsense.  I wanna know who the real bumps on the road are.  

For those who continue to be bumps on the road, if I end up jobless on account of your indifference, then I will use whatever financial or physical resources I have to campaign against each and every one of you, to the fullest extent I can and I don’t care if that means walking all 67 counties, pulling in every media outlet I can to put pressure on you clowns, or whatever other legal means I can employ to make you realize, if you can’t muster the character to do the right thing, then you don’t belong running this state’s affairs or directing its future.  It is that simple!  

What is more, I call on all people to boycott the businesses and groups that have sent or continue to send money to politically finance those state senators or representatives who are standing in the way of progress and our collective future in this state.  Let us examine those campaign finance reports and see who still has the nuts to bankroll these people, who don’t care about whether we can even continue to earn a living to bother to support their sorry behinds, if we’d still want to.  

If they have no problem cutting off needed funding, then I don’t think they’d mind a lack of funds for their needs either, right?  While I’d truly rather not have to resort to ratcheting up the whole situation, I wouldn’t have to, if people who ought to damn well know better, did the right thing already and made this whole thing a moot point.  

So, the members of the Pennsylvania State Senate better start speaking up and getting on record as being in support of an immediate solution to this budget crisis, or I will by default put those who do not into the “named list” of those who would rather put their own penchant for ideology and pettiness ahead of all of Pennsylvania’s future.  For in fact, it doesn’t matter what your political, religious, or cultural trappings and values are, right now, this log jam in the toilet is affecting all of us and will continue to do so, as long as they want it to do so.  

So, this is not so much about the party, as it is very much about the factual impending degradation and calamity that is about to befall most every Pennsylvanian, if we don’t get a budget soon.  However, it must not be a budget simply to shut up the controversy or to save political hides, in the name of solving the crisis.  No, deep cuts to vital programs, right now, when we are in the midst of economic decline is NOT prudent.  Planning for cuts and redistribution of spending priorities for future fiscal years is in order, but to try and do that now, with this year’s budget, has long since passed and you all in Harrisburg need to realize that fact.  The problem is, the way the General Assembly runs, you all are so worried about being reelected every 2 years that it only gives you folks 1 year to really try and get any real work done before it is time to make a good showing to the voters again and keep it nice and milquetoast.  

Oh, and unlike some of you who have no sense of urgency about this problem in the state house and senate, I have a definite sense of urgency about how long I am willing to wait and hear back about those who will and those who do NOT support an immediate and appropriate solution to the budget crisis.  You’ve got 2 weeks, tops!  I figure that’s what most people give as their notice to resign, so it ought to be good enough for you all.  

I’ll be like the political Santa Claus, if I have to and make the list and check it twice and go buy me some low grade anthracite to put in a lot of stockings, and I won’t wait until Xmas eve either.  Here’s hoping that most of you have more brains than the coal slag in the stripping holes around here.

4 thoughts on “I’m taking names…”

  1. ostensibly a Democrat, has voted repeatedly with the GOP on these budget matters.  The 3 time DUI continues drinking heavily according to numerous sources I have in the Lehigh Valley.  In fact it seems she cannot attend an event without getting falling down drunk including the Democratic National Convention last year.  She is an embarrassment to every Pennsylvanian and needs to resign before she kills someone driving to Harrisburg in one of our cars.

  2. to hear his name tied to the budget impasse.  

    I heard from another source today at a meeting I attended that approximately 9 state senators are to blame, mostly from the GOP, though I take note of Ms. Boscola’s opposition from the previous comment.  

    Yes, RACC did cut 3 programs, though they were not in the grand scheme of things really big, but they were important and were programs designed to help the disadvantaged and those looking to better their lives to be more personally responsible, as I hear the mantra of conservative republicans so often resound on the issues of being personally accountable and responsible and not leaning on others or the system.  

    I don’t actually work at RACC anymore.  I’m back at SAM, Inc.  and we’re also sweatin’ bullets, which is why I am so personally affronted by the collective stupidity and obstinate behavior of our “esteemed” leaders in Harrisburg.  

    Do the math guys, 1/2 of 1% spread around everywhere is more fair and equitable than trying to raise taxes on things that are tied to a level of consumption that as you raise the taxes, economic theory states you can expect an elastic decline in demand for those goods.

    At least I was given some glimmer of hope by the news that a conference committee is trying to at least hammer out some compromises to ways to solve the shortfall, but the solutions are not the ones that will work long term.

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